The Warriorr Review

The Warriorr Review
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Director: Lingusamy
Producer: Srinivasa Chitturi
Release Date: Thu 14th Jul 2022
Actors: Ram Pothineni
The Warriorr Rating: 2.75 / 5
The Warriorr Punchline: Elevates Ram's Mass Power.

What's Behind

Energetic Star Ram's The Warriorr directed by Lingusamy is generating immense interest. Ram is making his entry into Kollywood with his mass action entertainer while Lingusamy is doing the same in Tollywood. The film is releasing on July 14,2022 amidst huge expectations. Let us see how Ram showed his power as The Warriorr at the box office.

Story Review

Satya (Ram Pothineni) goes to Kurnool to join as a House Surgeon in the Kurnool government hospital. As Satya endears himself to all as a doctor with a generous heart, stunning developments take place in his life. To find out those stunning developments and how his relationship with his mother Rajyalakshmi (Nadiya) and how his love life with Whistle Mahalakshmi (Kriti Shetty) progressed and what it has got to do with the hard core criminal and aspiring politician Guru (Aadi Pinisetty), what is the secret behind DSP Satya, enjoy The Warriorr on the screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Ram slipped into the role tailor-made for him. As he has done lover boy roles and mass roles in his career, doing the role with dual shades turned out to be a cakewalk. While as a doctor he looked soft and handsome and his chemistry with Kriti Shetty appealed to all. Then as a tough police officer, he looked mass and rugged and took on Aadi Pinisetty. His body language, expressions, and emotions are good in both roles. He showed variations in these things as a doctor and as a police officer.

Kriti Shetty looked cute and oozed with glamor in songs. She got a good screen presence and made the best use of it. She emoted well in a few of the scenes. The songs are well choreographed between both of them and it is a treat to watch both of them on screen. Nadiya performed well as a caring mother and at the same time showed her toughness when confronted by Aadi. Aadi Pinisetty looked menacing on screen. His looks and hairstyle are perfect and his mannerisms are good. However at times, one gets an impression that he imitated Allu Arjun's mannerisms and dialogue delivery in Pushpa. Brahmaji performed well as a cop showing dual shades. Akshara Gowda, Bharati Raja, Jayaprakash, Ajay, and others performed according to their roles.

Lingusamy is known for his mass action entertainers. When Ram teamed with Lingusamy, many expected breathtaking action sequences. Lingusamy tried to elevate Ram's mass image with intense action blocks. He started off the narration in a slow and normal manner and as the story progressed elevated Ram's heroism vis a vis Aadi Pinisetty. The narration went on a predictable note and as in Lingusamy's earlier films, the story lacks logic. He blended the first half with family elements, a few romantic scenes, and sentiment sequences in the Hospital to show Ram as a person who cares about everyone. Ram and Kriti Shetty's romance is shown in a realistic and appealing manner and with the entry of Aadi Pinisetty, the narration picks up pace. The entire first half talks about Ram as a caring doctor trying to bring justice to the people taking on the mighty and powerful Aadi Pinisetty. The Interval block introduces Ram as the DSP and this sets the stage for the clash between Ram and Aadi in the second half.

The second half is loaded with mass action elements between Ram and Aadi and though the intensity is there when movie lovers expected Lingusamy to take it to the next level, it comes down crashing. Few of the action blocks are shot in an interesting manner but the second half turned a bit predictable and routine and finally, the story comes to an end. Scenes involving Ram and Naditya elevated the mother-son bonding, Ram and Kriti Shetty, a beautiful romance, and Ram and Aadi, a clash of personalities. For all the highs, Lingusamy failed to power Warriorr to the next level with a weak story, screenplay, and direction.

Devi Sri Prasad's songs are foot tapping and Whistle and Bulletu songs stand out. His background music at times elevated the proceedings but at times failed to do so. Sujith Vasudevan's cinematography is good and could have been better. Naveen Nooli could have used his editing scissors more to do away with the routine elements both in the first and the second half. Production values are fine.


Ram's energetic performance

Kriti Shetty's cute looks

Aadi Pinisetty

A couple of songs


Story, Screenplay, Direction



Lack of elevations

Rating Analysis

Ram and Lingusamy's The Warriorr increased expectations with interesting promotions. The foot-tapping songs increased the hype and fans got excited about Ram's Kollywood debut. Lingusamy true to his forte elevated Ram's mass image to another level showing him as a caring doctor and then as a ruthless police officer. Though Ram's heroism is elevated with a few intense action sequences, foot tapping mass beats, the story turned out to be extremely routine and Lingusamy failed to power it to another level with his screenplay and direction. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2.75 for The Warriorr.


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