The Story of a Beautiful Girl Review

The Story of a Beautiful Girl Review
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Director: Ravi Prakash Bodapat
Producer: Prasad Tiruvalluri, Pushyami Dowleswarapu
Release Date: Fri 12th May 2023
Actors: Nihal Kodhaty, Drishika Chander, Madhunandan, Bhargava Poludasu, Bhavana Durgam, Samarth Yug, Devi Nagavalli etc
The Story of a Beautiful Girl Movie Rating: 1.5 / 5
Punchline: The Story of a Beautiful Girl - Little Thrill

The Story of a Beautiful Girl (2023) - Movie: What's Behind

The Story of a Beautiful Girl directed by Ravi Prakash Bodapati is attracting the attention of all. The film's teaser and trailer got a good response from the viewers. The film is releasing on 12 May 2023 and let us see what the film offered to viewers. The film's OTT rights are yet to be acquired and the streaming will be done after the end of its theatrical run.

The Story of a Beautiful Girl Movie: Story Review

The Story of a Beautiful Girl is all about a young girl who goes missing and the investigation reveals. Beautiful girl Chaitra (Drishika Chander), a popular voice artist goes missing at the outskirts and it creates a sensation in the city. Aditya (Bhargava Poludasu) , Rapid Investigation Force from Mumbai joins hands with CI Basha (Madhunandan), Crime and Homicide Investigation team, Telangana, to investigate the mystery behind it.

Where this leads to, what are the shocking developments, how Chaitra's ex-boyfriend Ravi (Nihal Kodhaty), Vikram Tyagi (Samarth Yug) CEO of Antra, Vyjayanthi (Devi Nagavalli), reporter TV19 are connected to it, should be unraveled on the big screen.

The Story of a Beautiful Girl Movie: Artists Review

Nihal Kodhaty slipped into the role quite effortlessly. He showed youthful innocence and exuberance when in love with a beautiful girl and then showed pain when she starts ignoring him. He at the same time, showed his feelings and concern by showing expressions and variations in emotions in the right earnest.

Drishika Chander who played the female lead looked gorgeous and beautiful on screen. She looked lively and bubbly and stole hearts with her killer smile. She showed good expressions and emotions to make an impact. Madhunandan is good as the CI while Bhargava Poludasu showed good emotions and feelings as to how a cop feels when a criminal gets away after he nabs him due to a thorough investigation due to lack of evidence in court.

Samarth Yug is good and looked stylish as the CEO while Devi  Nagavalli is ok in the role of the anchor. Others performed according to their roles.

The Story of a Beautiful Girl: Technicians Review

The story of a Beautiful Girl, selected by Ravi Prakash Bodapati is inspired by real-life incidents and he starts the narration in an interesting manner. The investigation increases the curiosity levels but the intensity dips once the focus shifts to the romantic track. But Ravi Prakash got the optimum out of the lead pair and this maintained the tempo. The first half ends on a decent note with Ravi Prakash with his screenplay and direction balancing the investigation and love angle in an apt way.

The second half results in a dip in pace due to the flashback episode and also with the entry of a TV reporter. But the investigation picks up pace within no time and finally the film ends with an unexpected twist in the pre-climax. The pre-climax for all the drama ends on a predictable note. Dialogues are ok and decent.

Arviz scored the music and BGM for the film. A couple of songs are melodious and had youthful beats and are shot beautifully in the backdrop of exotic locations. He elevated the scenes with his background music. The cinematography of Amardeep Guttala is good and beautified the film. He gave a realistic feel with his camera angles during the investigation and showed his romantic side while elevating the love track. Prawin Pudi's editing is ok and could have been far better in the second half as there are many unnecessary scenes that dragged the pace of the films. Production values of Gen neXT movies are decent.

The Story of a Beautiful Girl: Advantages

  • Premise
  • BGM

The Story of a Beautiful Girl: Disadvantages

  • Editing
  • Few Illogical Scenes
  • Slow Pace

The Story of a Beautiful Girl Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Life of a Beautiful Girl is a romantic crime thriller. Ravi Prakash Bodapati planned to deliver a powerful message to society that all need emotional support or else they will become soft targets for criminals. The film is based on real-life incidents and this increases curiosity levels. But with the point, though importance is very small and couldn't be stretched for over two hours, he sugarcoated with the romantic angle. One gets a feeling that he gave more importance to the romantic track than the investigation process and this diluted the message and intent of the makers. The story premise an interesting and with a little bit of fine-tuning of the script and screenplay, it would have made an even better impact. Considering all these points, Cinejosh goes with a 1.5 Rating for The Story of a Beautiful Girl.

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