The Rose Villa Review

The Rose Villa Review
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Director: Hemanth
Producer: Achut Rama Rao P
Release Date: Fri 01st Oct 2021
Actors: Deekshith Shetty
The Rose Villa Rating: 2.75 / 5
The Rose Villa Punchline: Blushes with little thrills

What's Behind

Dia fame Dheekshith Shetty is set to make his debut with a crime thriller The Rose Villa. The film directed by Hemanth is a bilingual entertainer in Telugu and Kannada and is releasing on October 1st. Let us see what surprises The Rose Villa got for movie lovers.

Story Review

A young couple, Doctor Ravi (Dheekshith Shetty) and his wife Shwetha (Shwetha Varma), a novelist lose their way in Munnor after their car breaks down. When they are about to trespass into the dangerous Naxal zone, police escort them safely to a restaurant.

In the restaurant, Ravi saves retired army officer Solomon (Raja Ravindra), and he along with his wife Helen (Archana Kumar) invites them to their house 'The Rose Villa' for dinner as it happens to be their wedding anniversary.

Ravi and Swetha after the dinner are unable to come out of the house due to various reasons and things get murkier with the shocking developments in The Rose Villa. Worried mother of Ravi lodges a police complaint as she is unable to reach her son. Upon investigation inspector Shiva (Vennela Ramarao) find out shocking elements. Where all this leads to form the mystery of The Rose Villa.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Hemanth came with a simple and emotional story and tried to thrill viewers. The narration starts of on an interesting note and the dialogues are well loaded with emotions. Interest increases with the odd behavior of Archana and Raja Ravindra trying to justify it. But after some time, repetitive scenes creep in and this reduces the intensity. Hemanth's screenplay and direction are interesting up to a point but after some time loses steam. Dialogues are interesting and increase curiosity among movie lovers. A few more twists and turns could have taken the film to another level.

Deekshith Shetty performed well and came with good expressions and emotions to make an impact. Shewtha Varma as his lover did her role well. She got a limited screen presence. Raja Ravindra made a good impact with his serious performance. He elevated the scenes with his performance. Archana Kumar as his wife is ok. Her makeup at times looked odd. TNR also made his presence felt in the role of a doctor. Vennela Ramarao is good as a police officer.

Suresh Bobbili's music is good. The introduction song is good and his background score elevated the scenes. The cinematography of Anji is good and shot the scenes are in a natural and realistic manner. The natural locations are well shot. The editing of Shiva is crispy and could have been a little better. Short run time is the added advantage to the project. Production values are good.





Hollywood flavor


Simple plot

Lack of commercial elements

Rating Analysis

Hemanth with his Rose Villa tried to connect chords with the viewers with the emotional and thrilling elements. To some extent, he emerged successfully. However, the story turned out to be simple. Viewers who haven't seen Hollywood films will love it. The film has the Hollywood flavor of the 90s. Had he included more twists and turns and turned the script strong, the impact would have been more powerful. considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2.75 rating for the film.


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