The Baker and The Beauty Review

The Baker and The Beauty Review
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Director: Johnathan Edwards
Producer: Annapurna Studios
Release Date: Sat 11th Sep 2021
Actors: Santosh Sobhan
The Baker and The Beauty Rating: 2.5 / 5
The Baker and The Beauty Punchline: Huffs and Puffs all the way

What's Behind

Santosh Sobhan who scored a hit with Ek Mini Katha is now set to entertain with a web series The Baker and The Beauty. The film directed by Johnathan Edwards is the adaptation of the Israeli romcom The Baker and The Beauty. Let us see whether The Baker and The Beauty bowled movie lovers or not.

Story Review

Middle-class youngster Vijay (Santosh Sobhan) runs his family bakery as well as a supermarket. He is in a live-in relation with Mahi (Vishnu Priya). But Vijay is unhappy with his relationship with Mahi and at the same time, he gets fascinated with popular film star Aira Vasi Reddy (Tina Shilparaj). Tina however suffers a breakup with her boyfriend. Where the relations between Vijay, Mahi, and Aira lead form Baker and The Beauty story.

Artists, Technicians review

Director Jonathan Edwards helmed the Telugu remake of the Israeli romcom The Baker and The Beauty. He tried to add Telugu flavor to the original version. While he tried his best to revolve the story around the bakery like in the original, he failed to do so much to the shock of all.

He just used the baker word to highlight that hero comes from the middle class while the beauty is a star actress. The original apart from the love story also highlighted the relationships between mother, sister, brother, and manager and this went missing in the Telugu version.

The story is simple and interesting and creates interest among viewers. However, Johnathan Edward's screenplay ends up confusing viewers with his narration. After introducing all the characters, the director creates confusion in relating each one and as it takes time, it ended up dragging the narration.

The love story turns repetitive and sister sentiment misfired. The same is the case with other characters. Finetuning the screenplay and precise direction would have got better results.

Santosh Sobhan performed well in the role of the middle-class youngster who gets attracted to a film star. He came with natural and realistic performances with ease. He slipped into the role of a youngster who has an inferiority complex and has a lack of self-confidence. Santosh Sobhan's role is similar to his role in his previous film Ek Mini Katha. He once again showcased his acting talent in the role bringing in various expressions and emotions in different scenes accordingly.

Tina Shilparaj as the film star Aira, performed well. She looked beautiful and at the same time showed her acting talent. She showed her wild attitude as per her character but at times failed to bring up the confusion. Her expressions after some time ended up testing the viewers' patience.

Sangeeth Sobhan did well and impresses all with his Telangana accent. Sangeeth happens to be Santosh's brother in real life and their real-life bromance got highlighted on the reel in a natural and realistic manner. Venkat got an important role after Sangeeth, but he failed to perform much to the disappointment of all.

Vishnu Priya performed well in her role but her character has limitations. With a poorly eked-out character, Vishnu Priya faded out. Sai Swetha did an okayish job in her role as the character did not fit in and looked forced for Telugu nativity. Jhansi and Srikanth Iyyengar did well in their roles.

Prashant R Vihari's music livened up the proceedings His music is soothing and with the background music he elevated the scenes taking it to another level. Suresh Ragutu's cinematography is good. Nageshwara Reddy Bonthala failed with his editing. There are many drags in the film which affected the pace of the narration. This impacted the pace and ended up irritating the viewers. 


Santosh Sobhan



Engaging storyline



Slow pace

Repetitive scenes


Confusing narration

Rating Analysis

Johnathan Edwards' The Bear and The Beauty Telugu version starts off in an interesting manner. But after some time, repetitive scenes dragged narration, uneven screenplay quickly evaporates the people's curiosity and ends up testing the patience of the viewers. Considering these points, CJ goes with a 2.5 rating for The Baker and The Beauty web series


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