The American Dream Review

The American Dream Review
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Director: Dr Vignesh Kaushik
Producer: Pradeep Reddy
Release Date: Fri 14th Jan 2022
Actors: Prince Cecil
The American Dream Rating: 2.5 / 5
The American Dream Punchline: The American Dream falls short of the success crea

What's Behind

AHA Original movie, The American Dream, the first Indo-American original captured the imagination of all. The film is streaming on AHA Prime from January 14. Let us find out what The American Dream offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

A youngster, Rahul (Prince Cecil) aspires of dollar dreams flying to the US and he leaves no stone unturned to go to his dream nation. Finally, he lands in the US and he gets double delight when he comes across a beautiful rich, and affluent doctor Riya Varma (Neha Krishna). However, he gets a rude shock when fate has other plans for him. To find out more about it and whether Rahul realized his dream of making big bucks and where Rahul and Riya's relationship lead to, enjoy The American Dream in AHA Prime.

Artists, Technicians Review

Dr Vighnesh Kaushik came with a story to highlight how reality bites US aspirants in real life and he directed the same. The narration starts in a predictable fashion highlighting the breakup and lack of support. These scenes are pretty ordinary and it gives a feeling that the entire cast and crew are passing through the motions. However as the narration progressed, Vignesh Kaushik generated immense interest with interesting screenplay and direction.

As it turned out, Vignesh lost precious time before taking off to another level and from then on there was no stopping him. Thus he turned the film into an average grosser rather than a colossal failure. But the missing cohesion and connection and lack of connectivity undid all the good work. Had Vignesh worked on the screenplay and turned it a bit tighter and followed it up with good direction and execution, he would have got a different result. Dialogues are bold and the usage of cuss words puts off viewers.

Prince Cecil performed well as a youngster who dreams of making big bucks in the US and who gets a huge reality shock once he goes there. He showed good expressions and emotions and slipped into the role effortlessly. However, at times he failed to come with the right kind of expressions. Prince got a good role to perform and the role is far better than the roles he used to get on the big screen.

Subhalekha Sudhakar played the role of Prince's father quite well. Neha Krishna as the female lead performed well but she failed to come with powerful emotions when it mattered the most. Other cast are unknown faces and they tried to do justice to their roles.

Abhinav TJ came with tunes that appeal to youngsters. They are in sync with the likes of the Genex movie lovers. His background score is good and elevated the scenes to an extent. However, at times, the background score turned a bit loud. Abhiraj Nair and Adam Chapman cranked the camera and they have done a decent job. However, at times, due to budget constraints, one gets a feeling that it is a short film. Sasank Vupputuri's editing could have been far better. There are many scenes that slowed the pace of the film. Production values are ok.


Prince Cecil and Neha to some extent

Main plot

Second half


Slow pace


Routine narration

Repetitive scenes

Rating Analysis

Prince Cecil's The American Dream directed by Vignesh Kaushik is a realistic take on many people who land in the US and end up doing petty jobs. Vignesh came with an interesting plot but with routineness creeping in for the entire half of the film and the story going nowhere except for the last hour or so, viewers will find it extremely tedious to watch. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2.5 rating for The American Dreams.


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