Terror Movie Review

Terror Movie Review
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Terror Review, What’s Behind: Srikanth is a forgotten hero with no hits to credit in recent times. ‘Terror’ comes amidst very low expectations and meager publicity with audience left uninformed. Directed by Satish Kasetty, let us see how far this flick helped Srikanth to make a comeback?

Terror Movie Story: Vijay (Srikanth) is a sincere suspended police officer living with lovely wife (Nikitha). On a misunderstood reason, Vijay distances from his family (Naazar, Sudha) and is also suspended. During the process of his proving innocence before committee, Vijay and his team finds a clue regarding an impending terror plot sketched in Hyderabad. Who are the politicians involved in this terror attack? What are the spots in Hyderabad, they have targeted at? How Vijay and his team cracks the terror plan is rest of movie.

Terror Artists and Technicians: Hero Srikanth is familiar for rugged cop characters and a special mention is needed here for ‘Khadgam.’ After ‘Khadgam,’ it’s ‘Terror’ which suited him aptly. He shined impeccably in a perfect author backed role. As a police officer in civil costume, his body language and mannerisms elevated the strength. After long time, this is honest performance and audience would surely love him. In one scene where Srikanth delivers a powerful dialogue relating religion and nation reminded us of ‘Khadgam.’ All in all Srikanth was intense, emotional, sincere and intelligent in the role. Nikitha hasn’t got much to perform. Kota Srinivas Rao dialogue rendering re-memorizes ‘Gayam’ times. Nasser excels as a responsible father. Ravi Varma as newly appointed SI lived into it. Uttej got a key role too. 30 years industry Prudhvi was hilarious. Artists who have done terrorists left an authentic impact. Rest of the team has done their jobs very well.  

On to technicalities, Satish Kasetty comes out a clear winner with his gripping narration. His writing skills have engrossed audience. He had a clear vision on what’s the central point he is dealing with. Giving no space for commercial elements like forcible insertion of songs and over the rope fights made the film realistic. Most importantly, all the Hyderabad local locations gave execution a strong nativity too. In designing the terror plot, terms like ‘Booby Trap’ used by Kasetty come out only with thorough knowledge and research. Direction wise, he was so professional confining in the given budget. Sai Kartheek background score is one more high spot. Shyam Prasad’s camera work is decent for a film of this budget. Basava Paidireddy editing is one more area film scored brightly. Production values from Shaikk Mastan are worth appreciative.

Terror Rating Analysis: A terrorist backdrop film should mandatory have sensitive elements like Indo-Pak or Indo-Bangla relations to lead from front. In contrast, Kasetty kept his subject’s range so wide discussing on current political influences in India and how police forces are made puppets in the hands of politicians. Though screenplay was sluggish at times especially when dealing with family drama, final portions make it edge of the seat thriller. While untangling the terror thread in pre climax area, Kasetty took us through surprising twists. Apparently, climax could have been far more better yet this is acceptable. Final encounter between Kota and Srikanth is first rate treatment.

All in all, ‘Terror’ had a promising premise and Kasetty’s intelligence made it far more racy, engrossing. His genuine approach went diluted at times when Srikanth showed unnecessary heroism or it could have been curtailed in final editing. Commercially, the film might pay in all the centers if producers promote it accordingly. Taking the advantages and disadvantages into consideration, Cinejosh rates ‘Terror’ with 2.75 stars and the attempt is really worthwhile.

Terror Cinejosh Verdict: Sincere, Honest Film.

                                                                     Terror Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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