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Temper Review
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Behind the Movie Temper: Young tiger Junior NTR and Puri Jagannath are in failure tracks. They need a strong hit and so depended on the story provided by Vakkantham Vamsy. With Bandla Ganesh in for producing this high budget flick, let us see how great they have shown the temperament?

In the Movie Temper: Story takes-off with SI Daya (Junior NTR) narrating his own flashback. Daya is a corrupt police in Hyderabad transferred to Vizag for helping the local goon Valther Vasu (Prakashraj). In no time, Daya and Vasu gel well to loot the city. Here Daya falls in love with animal lover Sanvy (Kajal Agarwal). 

Vasu’s men mistakenly chase birthday girl Sanvy for a CD only to get rescued by Daya. Here begins the actual confrontation between Daya and Vasu. This one CD transforms Daya from a corrupt to sincere, honest police. 

What is this entire CD all about? How is it linked to Vasu’s brothers lives? How is Lakshmi (Madhurima), who bonds a sisterly relation with Daya connected to the CD story? Why Daya himself stood before justice for a death penalty? All these lead an interesting second half, well thought, well executed pre-climax and there by a regular ending. 

In the Movie Temper: Due credits to Junior NTR for accepting this kind of a story and script which actually may not suit his body language. When there is a strong message to convey and a subject dealing with contemporary social issue, NTR pegs up his performance and the same happened here. 

Director Puri Jagannath and story from Vakkantham Vamsy have well complimented each other to provide a second half feast for Nandamuri Fans. Basically, there seems to be a problem with screenplay and execution of first half which have let the film to fall down. Puri tried to control the damage by interlinking a few pathetically dealt first half scenes with praise-worthy message in second half. However, he succeeded only partially. Especially, the pre climax courtroom scene and self-sacrificing attitude of Daya lifted the whole plot to a new level. This is creatively best part from Puri and Vamsy. Dialogues by Puri with more of Vizag dialect did not suit NTR. Of course, there is heavy duty message which mattered in the final.

Shyam K Naidu camera work is a rehash of all the past Puri brandished frames. Editing by SR Sekhar enhanced the punch in second half. Music score of Anup Rubens was just average in songs and BGM from Mani Sharma was so louder. Stunt compositions are also pretty mediocre. Production values of Bandla Ganesh Babu are top notch.

Coming to performance, this is a new introduction for Junior NTR. He was bumping in new energy from starting to ending. However, energy doesn’t mean mere unnecessary and uncomfortable shouting. Intensity in NTR characterization was sensed only after his transformation. This made romantic track between NTR, Kajal Agarwal more lust oriented. There was no meaningful sensuality amalgamated into track. Anyways, NTR proves to be the best in all departments of showcasing heroism. Kajal looked no more like a heroine material with extra adipose. Prakash Raj character behaves inconsistently with improper ending. 

Of the whole lot, Posani Krishna Murali is best. As Constable Swamy, he stood as big lifeline in heightening NTR’s character. Every scene between NTR-Posani will get claps from front benchers. Madhurima efficiently played the key role. Jayaprakash Reddy wasn’t seen much. Ali, Sapthagiri are just puppets. Sonia Agarwal, Pavithra Lokesh, Surya, Kota, Benarjee etc did their portions.

Out of the Movie Temper: After ‘Rakhi,’ this is the best film from NTR if message matters. The atrocities on women are focused on a new angle. When dealing with a social message, it is hard for any writer or director to support the commercial heroism. Distinctively, Puri and Vamsy scripted the story by opening the movie first on a negative shaded hero character and then steered the film into lot of emotional depth with a crucial rape. This resulted in big variation between first and second halves.

In one line, entire first half looked like a scrap with no where Puri mark visible. May be for the first time, he could not add a full-fledged comedy track disappointing the humor lovers. Even the interval block was so feeble. From here on, field was set for a serious and high voltage second half. Puri managed to cover the consciously made first half loop holes with a cleverly brought in second half new track. Orientation of movie changes altogether bringing forward a durable message hitting hard as a nail. All in all, Puri is at fault for first half and NTR is at the best in driving second half.         

Although the film isn’t targeted mainly at family audience due to overtly dealt perverted ideas, ‘Temper’ can be a best watch for Nandamuri Fans. Commercially, there are high chances for the film to do good business at BO. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Temper: NTR Show All The Way.

                                                      Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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