Teen Maar Movie Review

Teen Maar Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Teen Maar: Anything about Pawan Kalyan and his movies is a sensation. This film also stand on same sentiment and hype around is very high. Glamorous Trisha, director Jayant C Paranji, Trivikram and Mani Sharma teaming up together made the flick most awaited. Let us see, how far Pawan made his Fans dance for ‘Teen Maar’?

In the Movie Teen Maar: Michael Velayudham (Pawan Kalyan), chef in Cape Town is a playboyish kind of character, never cares on long term relations with girls. He is just a crazy, logical guy meets Meera (Trisha). Both become good friends and hang out romantically but don’t realize that they are in love. Time when Meera has to leave India for a Monumental restoration assignment, Michael who won’t believe in long distance relationship proposes for a break up. To see Michael happy, Meera agrees and both of them are separated as good friends with a break up party.

Here comes Sir Jee (Paresh Rawal), the restaurant owner observing Michael from close. He narrates love story of his friend Arjun Palvai (Pawan Kalyan), a student leader in Varanasi who falls in love at first with Vasumathi (Kriti). The sincere lover in Arjun Palvai fights against the odds of family barriers to win Vasumathi. As if Arjun Palvai represented the meaning of Love 30 years ago, it is confused Michael representing the present generation’s meaning of Love. 

How Arjun Palvai’s pure love story influenced the life of Michael? How Michael patches up with Meera, even after her marriage with Sudhir (Sonu Sood)? How Michael realizes the meaning of love even after his bed relation with foreign girl Mitchell (Donna)? How these two love stories of Michael and Arjun unravel forms the climax.

Values of the Movie Teen Maar: Basically this is a movie of two layered love tale interweaved tightly with superb screen play. Although a remake to ‘Love Aaj Kal,’ we find many alterations made to make this a packed Pawan Kalyan film. Jayant well directed the key episodes without leaving the flavor at any moment. He needs all appreciations. Script work from Trivikram hasn’t left any untouched element in Pawan Kalyan and truly he is a genius. Dialogues from this man are funny, meaningful and light hearted with heavy meaning carried. On the music front Mani Sharma’s background was awesome while ‘Vayyarala …,’ ‘Barbie Bommaki…’ and ‘Gelpu Thalupule...’ are picturized wonderfully. Songs are better visually than in just audio form. Cinematography by Jayanan Vincent is top notch catching the locales from Varanasi to Cape Town and Editing by MR Varma is defective in few lengthy scenes. Production values maintained by Ganesh Babu are ‘A’ class.

Performance wise, it is all the way a show of Pawan Kalyan. Character of Michael Velayudham is his regular best while Arjun Palvai is fabulous with settled expressions and strong substance. Michael gave Pawan to show his regular mannerisms which are overdosed many a times. No complaints, Pawan Kalyan after a long time showed his strength in acting with characters of two different shades.  He is just amazing. Next one to talk about is Trisha. She reinvented the new sexy look and I swear she is red hot to handle. The kind of costumes selected for Pawan and Trisha’s romantic adventures will blow our minds. Trisha got a correct role and she well managed the chemistry with Pawan. If Kriti was cool, Paresh Rawal made a good come back. Ali’s comedy was good to some extent and bad man Sonu Sood looked soft. Of the remaining Kasi Vishwanath, Mukesh Rishi and others are good.

Out of the Movie Teen Maar: If die hard Pawan Fans are waiting for a single love story based characterization for Pawan Kalyan, here is your double dhamaka. Although film has few boring moments with weak take off and sinking first half an hour, Teen Maar suddenly catches the momentum with arrival of Arjun Palvai. Apparently story is simple, predictable yet it blows fresh air and you constantly fall in love with intensity. Can’t be called an outsmart show, Jayant managed to come out with a neat, clean and decent output for Pawan Kalyan in recent times. Teen Maar is a film with feel and soul. Especially romantic episodes and lip kisses between Pawan and Trisha stood highlighted. 

The way Pawan made a transition from Michael to Arjun is simply superb. It looked as if all the pretty blunders played with Michael’s character are desperately done by Jayant and Trivikram to elevate the strength in Arjun. Thanks that Arjun became the central character in entire drama. 

For general public, surely ‘Teen Maar’ is an above average product. When it comes to Power Star Fans, here is your most awaited after ‘Khushi’ and ‘Jalsa.’ Comparisons between ‘Love Aaj Kal’ and ‘Teen Maar’ are an out of scope subject because earlier was thoroughly a director’s show and later is perfectly a show of Pawan Kalyan. 

Box Office wise A, B class centers and family audiences will lead from front to create new records. In C centers quite doubtful on how they would absorb this typical modern content. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Teen Maar: Celebrate the ‘LOVE’ of Pawan Kalyan after ‘Khushi.’ 


                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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