Tanu Nenu Review

Tanu Nenu Review
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Tanu Nenu Review, What’s Behind: As a film maker Ram Mohan P’s taste to offer decent family entertainers is pretty much acknowledged with ‘Ashta Chemma, Golconda High School’ and ‘Uyyala Jampala.’ Now, he is here introducing director Sobhan’s son Santosh Sobhan as hero with Avika Gor as heroine. Ram Mohan also turned a director with this romantic film. Let us see, are there any surprises in this ‘Tanu Nenu’ review.

Tanu Nenu Story: Kiran (Santosh Sobhan) working for a BPO develops hatred towards the USA and life style of NRIs living there. He falls in love with Keerthi (Avika Gor) through a common friend and they two gel well to express their love for each other. As times go happily, Kiran knows that Keerthi’s father Sarveshwara Rao (Ravi Babu) is interested to get her daughter married only to an NRI and that too from the USA. Meanwhile, Kiran’s friend from the USA also eyes on Keerthi. How Kiran tackled the entire scenario? What is his pitiful flashback with parents living in America? 

Tanu Nenu Artists and Technicians: As a producer Ram Mohan is known for his peculiar family and clean entertainment flavor. So, he might have selected Sai Sukumar’s story and script because of simplicity and sweetness in it. There is nothing like highs and lows in this screenplay. Story moves at its own pace without big conflicts in narration. Dialogues written by Sai Sukumar are of realistic sense. Into direction, Ram Mohan being a debutant handled the overall theme not so bad. However, he failed to bring the strong emotional connectivity between characters which made the show artificial at times. His best comes in the form of extracting wonderful output from young artists. Cinematography is fine presenting the scenes in a bright focus. Marthand K Venkatesh’s editing should have been little more effective in chopping those unnecessary portions in second half. Sunny MR’s music is a cool cucumber. He even does a wonderful job in background score. Production values from Suresh Babu in association with Viacom 18, Sunshine Cinema are just ok.

On to performances, Santosh Sobhan is the real life and soul. Debuting as a hero, there will be some sort of pressure on young hearts but Santosh impressed one and all with lot of openness. His body language stood over-excited and Santosh appeared like imitating Avasarala Srinivas, Nani and Mahesh Babu contextually. Still, he had a free flowing dialogue delivery with nice voice modulations which helped to show his ease in comic timing. A proper planning can affirm his position as a hero for sure. Avika Gor as usual done her part effortlessly and her characterization is not as athletic as Santosh for sure. Both of together oozed freshness in chemistry. Ravi Babu’s role is so very brief and lines written on him are funny. Santosh friends’ batch and Kireeti as BPO head along with Sathya Krishnan as hero’s mother well managed. 

Tanu Nenu Rating Analysis: At a time when young generation is running to find a better life in the USA, the core point in story revolving around struggle of a young guy between love and his aversion for the USA really sounds logical. Santosh Sobhan’s histrionics matched well with the basic concept which actually resulted in appetizing first half. Episodes between Santosh, Avika and friend from the USA or romantic situations between lead pair or restaurant, office scenes were entertaining. Second half lets down all our commotion with mindless scenes like hero writing Sai Koti leading to Ravi Babu death and the clash later on is so immaturely handled. Second half seriously lacks seriousness and sensibility. Well, the final content again finds some rationality by the time we reach pre-climax and drama, sentiment filled with feel good factor leading to a happy ending is acceptable. Those directors who can balance the energy and passion in Santosh, he is all eligible as a promising prospect.  

All in all, ‘Tanu Nenu’ is not as entreating as Ram Mohan’s earlier films yet the movie is worth-a-watch for Santosh Sobhan’s debut as a hero and for bits-n-pieces good writing, sensible comedy from Sai Sukumar and above all, clean and neat youthful, family entertainment offered. Finally, Cinejosh rates ‘Tanu Nenu’ with 2.75 stars.

Tanu Nenu Cinejosh Verdict: Watch It For Santosh Sobhan.                 

                                                        Tanu Nenu Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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