Tantiram Chapter 1 Tales of Shivakasi Review

Tantiram Chapter 1 Tales of Shivakasi Review
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Director: Muthyala Meher Deepa
Producer: Srikanth Kandragula
Release Date: Fri 13th Oct 2023
Actors: Srikanth Gurram, Priyanka Sharma, Avinash, Srinivas Murthy, Sukanya Gadavir, Steffi Lousie etc
Tantiram: Chapter 1: Tales of Shivakasi Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: Tantiram: Chapter 1: Tales of Shivakasi - Thrilling Mantram!

Tantiram: Chapter 1: Tales of Shivakasi (2023): What's Behind

Directed by the talented Muthyala Meher Deepak, "Tantiram" has ignited the curiosity and anticipation of audiences with its captivating teaser and trailer. Today, on October 13, 2023, the film finally graced the silver screen. Now, let's delve into the world of Tantiram and explore the thrills it brings to avid moviegoers.

Tantiram: Chapter 1: Tales of Shivakasi - Movie: Story Review

The core narrative of Tantiram revolves around a young man who, due to life's circumstances, lives a reserved existence until he undergoes a transformation after getting married. Balachandran (portrayed by Srikanth Gurram), the son of Adiban (played by Avinash), leads a solitary life, shaped by his past experiences. It's only after he ties the knot with Alagini (depicted by Priyanka Sharma) that he begins to open up and experience a new chapter in his life.

The turning point comes when a heated argument with his father about the management of their Adilakshmi Fire Crackers Factory in Alikapur takes place. In an unexpected twist of fate, the business starts flourishing in an unconventional manner. The film delves into the mystery behind Balachandran's solitude, the enigmatic source of the factory's success, the connection to a malevolent force named Jinn, and various other intriguing developments that form the heart of the story.

Tantiram: Chapter 1: Tales of Shivakasi: Artists Review

Srikanth Gurram portrays the role of a young man deeply affected by his childhood experiences, and his performance can be described as decent. He effectively conveys the character's emotions and expressions, bringing authenticity to the role.

Priyanka Sharma graces the screen with her striking presence and looks, exuding charm and elegance. Her performance is commendable, showcasing her capabilities as an actress.

Avinash delivers a solid performance as the father, effectively conveying the character's pain and grief through his expressions and acting.

Supporting actors like Srinivas Murthy, Sukanya Gadavir, Steffi Lousie, and the rest of the cast also play their respective roles competently, contributing to the overall portrayal of the story.

Tantiram: Chapter 1: Technicians Review

The story of Tantiram, penned by Muthyala Meher Deepak, holds promise with its intriguing plot. Inducing mythological elements and giving idea about genies instantly draws attention towards the film. The director seems to have done his homework regarding this angle and it reflects in the detailing of the story.

The film starts on an exciting note, grabbing the audience's curiosity. Aided by commendable performances from the lead actors, the film holds interest. The fantasy story with novel point has enough potential to engage viewers. But, its slow pace at times acts as obstacles.

The second half of the film unfolds the story but at time switch leisurely pace. The film's relatively short duration worked in favour of the film. The final 15 minutes or so engages and raises curiosity about the second part. The director hints that the main point will be revealed in a sequel.

Vamsi Srinivas Sirugudi's cinematography is commendable. His skillful capture of natural and scenic locations adds to the film's visual appeal, providing viewers with a pleasant experience. Ajay Arasada's background music enhances certain scenes, although Vamsi Srinivas falls short in the editing department.

While the dialogues are passable, the production values remain commendable. In the end, "Tantiram" showcases potential with its intriguing plot but it could have been in a whole new level of they took care about slow paced screenplay.

Tantiram (2023): Advantages

  • Interesting Concept
  • Performances
  • Technicalities
  • Production Values

Tantiram (2023): Disadvantages

  • Slow pace at times
  • Thin story leaving much to the later part

Tantiram: Chapter 1: Tales of Shivakasi: Rating Analysis

In summary, Tantiram offers a potential subject with promising start. Meher Deepak Muthyala's attempt to captivate the audience with supernatural and psychological elements works to an extent and the interesting climax leaves the audience waiting for second part. Barring the slow paced screenplay and thin story, Tantiram Chapter 1 Takes Of Shivakasi is a commendable attempt. After taking all these aspects into consideration, Cinejosh assigns Rating of 2.5 for Tantiram: Chapter 1: Tales of Shivakasi.

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