Tadakha Review

Tadakha Review
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Behind the Movie Tadakha: As we all know about Tamil movie ‘Vettai’ from Lingusamy is a decent hit, the same is remade now in Telugu with Naga Chaitanya, Sunil, Tamanna and Andrea Jeremiah by director Dolly for producer Bellamkonda Suresh. Let us see, how good they showed the same ‘Tadakha’?

In the Movie Tadakha: Shiva Rama Krishna (Sunil) and Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) are two sons of Police officer Venkat Rao (Naga Babu). On the death of Venkat Rao, Police department offers same Sub Inspector position to his elder son Shiva Rama Krishna who is timid and afraid of everything. On the force of courageous Karthik, finally Shiva Rama Krishna joins department to take charge of a coastal town which is ruled by barbarous rival smuggler batches of Bagga (Ashutosh Rana) and Kasi. In the same town live two beautiful sisters Nandu (Andrea Jeremiah), a street smart girl and Pallavi (Tamanna), most bubbly.

First duty assigned to coward Shiva Rama Krishna is to take on Kasi’s illegal activities. Aided by his dare devil brother Karthik, soon Shiva Rama Krishna wins the trust of department even taking on Bagga. As story proceeds on with Nandu getting married to Shiva Rama Krishna and Pallavi falling for Karthik, there are some funny romantic moments. Into the main plot, once Bagga gets aware of Karthik as the real strength behind dummy Shiva Rama Krishna, the game is changed. However, these two brothers clean the town by erasing Bagga and Kasi with witty mind games and high voltage action.

Values of the Movie Tadakha: Primary strength for this film is racy entertainment. Tollywood should feel envious of Lingusamy’s knack in adding small intelligence to simple episodes making them look extraordinary. It’s the strength in characterization and neatly written episodes made ‘Tadakha’ to flow smooth from start till end. Thanks to director Dolly (Kishore Kumar Pardasani) for just following Lingusamy’s story and narration flavor of ‘Vettai’ without experimenting in new. Arthur Wilson’s grand camera work mixed with superb and sharp editing cuts of Goutham Raju made this movie a definite treat. SS Thaman scored edge in background and main tracks are glamorously picturized. Production values of Bellamkonda and Sri Sai Ganesh Productions are quite high.

Performance wise, Chaitu spilled energy in electrifying action episodes and was equally challenging in romantic portions. Sunil perfectly fitted into the cowardice role. Andrea is more effective with her screen presence, body language in a purposeful character while Tamanna is restricted just for high dosed skin show. There is a dreadful villain in Ashutosh Rana. On the comic side Vennela Kishore as NRI Ganesh, Brahmi as neighbor Raja Rao, Rama Prabha as Granny to heroines, Srinivas Reddy as friend to Chaitu and Raghu Babu as Constable Hanumantha Rao did complete justice to their portions.

Out of the Movie Tadakha: All those ingredients like action, romance, glamour, humor, music, grandeur etc needed for a commercial entertainer are packaged well by Dolly in this ‘Tadakha.’ His approach in dealing a multi star flick with equal and effective screen space for Sunil and Chaitu is praiseworthy. Chemistry and on-screen rapport between the two offers audience a pleasant time in theatre. In fact, ‘Tadakha’ is a pure formula subject and Dolly re-worked on some portions of screenplay not to miss on nativity factor.

First half is qualitative with enough of engaging and innovative content. Into the second half, scenes become clichéd before pre-climax. If climax was dealt better, ‘Tadakha’ would have been a blockbuster but now it may settle with above average to hit judgment. For action movie lovers and front benchers, this will be a definite treat. 

Commercially, this project has all components needed to become the best commercial hit in Chaitu’s career so far showing his ‘Tadakha’ at BO.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Tadakha: A Paisa Vasool Entertainer.

                                       Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas

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