SVSC Review

SVSC Review
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Behind the Movie SVSC: Combo of Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu is so big and audience expect more of family elements when Dil Raju and Srikant Addala are a team with Mickey J Meyer. Bring the Pongal season, let us see how far this multi star flick will break the new ground in Tollywood?

In the Movie SVSC: Story is set in the backdrop of Relangi, a village in West Godavari district where a good humanitarian Relangi Mavayya (Prakash Raj) and his sweet family is so close to each and everyone. His family consists of wife (Jayasudha), two sons Peddodu (Venkatesh) cum Chinnodu (Mahesh Babu), mother (Rohini Hettangadi), daughter-in-law Seetha (Anjali) and daughter (Abhinaya). While Peddodu is a straight forward person whose attitude does not bend for anybody, Chinnodu is peppery, humorous and an expert in handling babes. 

Peddodu resigns his job in Vizag and returns to live with family. Seetha has enormous liking towards Peddodu and is waiting for time to marry him while Chinnodu is making job trials in Hyderabad. They have a close relative family of wealthy man (Rao Ramesh), who cannot understand or like the middle class feel good philosphy of Mavayya and his family. Problems begin when Peddodu is insulted in his sister (Abhinaya)'s marriage while Chinnodu is already in love with Rao Ramesh's daughter Geeta (Samantha). Next level of story what kind of small, temporary ego misunderstandings creep between these Rama-Lakshmana like brothers? How and when story takes a happy turn with Lord Sri Rama and Seetha Devi blessings in Bhadrachalam to unite brothers with their lady counterparts. 

Values of the Movie SVSC: Undoubtedly the core essence of SVSC is pure Telugu nativity mixed with typical middle class family mentalities where sentiments and emotions dominate than artificial comforts. Srikant Addala seems to have designed each character in movie with day to day experiences in real life. As story is waferthin with no big substance to raise the drama, Srikant depended more on screenplay and treatment. Storytelling takes a positive organic route with no false imitations disturbing the flow. Dialogues were also well crafted with complete West Godavari slang which might be a bit difficult for audience of other regions. Direction is also on traditional format highlighting the strengths in pivotal characters. Background of Mani Sharma is once again the best part while Mickey's songs are well presented on screen. KV Guhan's camera has bought alive the creative originality in middle class family setup. Editing by MArthand K Venkatesh could have been little crispy in second half. Lyrically, there are two to three songs which hold great value. Production wise, Dil Raju made the movie colorful without compromise. 

Performance wise, no where do we see the star images of Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu. Both of them went deep into the skin of Peddodu and Chinnodu. While Venky dominated with natural body language, Mahesh shines in typical West Godavari one-liners. Chemistry between both of them is worked on heriditary traits. Prakashraj is the best man in entire show with a never missing smile on face was like a medicine for all. Jayasudha was customary. Anjali is at her smooth flow showing her superb acting skills. Samantha was regular in company of Mahesh. However Rao Ramesh, Kota and Tanikella Bharani played key roles in floating some story out of this subject. Remaining others like Venu Madhav, Ravi Babu, Rajitha, Ahuthi Prasad etc were very brief.

Out of the Movie SVSC: For general audience who have addicted to the format of commercial cinema, this one is an odd pick. There are no hero build ups, high voltage action scenes and exquisite cum spicy grooving numbers. SVSC is made out of a simple story with no big point in it. In fact, this is the grey area which hindered the emotional connectivity in few scenes. There is no big pain for viewers to experience at any point of time during the entire narration. Of course, when Srikant has such a big bunch of seasoned artists, audience will obviously go in tears even for slightest of the emotion displayed without a justified reason behind the drama. Director has also failed to provide a climax solution for the unemployment problem of heroes which was the crux of all problems. 

First half was pacy with enough comedy and other entertainment values introducing the characters one by one. Second half which required more of substantiation in drama was dragged too much. Even then best part was never did Mahesh and Venky came out of their character shades. Overall, SVSC is a feel good family entertainer with no great story. It was just a play of an ensemble of family emotions which run even without logics and reasoning. All credits fo Dil Raju and Srikant Addala.

For Pongal season, families will definitely queue up at theatres for SVSC due to magnificient starcast and a new projection of simple yet beautiful and quality emotions. While Overseas and Metros will lap up this kind of flicks (generally, this is the style of Sekhar Kammula), B & C centres might prefer more to 'Naayak.' Let us wait for final result in next two weeks.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie SVSC: A Clean & Neat Emotional Family Film.

                                             Cinejosh Rating:  3.25 / 5

                                                                                                   Reviewed by Srivaas

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