Suryakantham Review

Suryakantham Review
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Director: Pranith Bramandapall
Producer: Srujan Yarabolu, Sundeep Yerramreddy
Release Date: Fri 29th Mar 2019
Actors: Niharika Konidela
Suryakantham Rating: 1.75 / 5
Suryakantham Punchline: Boring Tale

Suryakantham Review, What’s Behind?

Waiting to score her first hit, Mega daughter Niharika Konidela has come up with a female centric film Suryakantham directed by web-series fame Pranith Bramandapally. Niharika’s star brother Varun Tej is acting as presenter for the film. Will this be a game changer for Niharika?

Suryakantham Story Review:

Abhi (Rahul Vijay) is a decent and easy going guy falls for a bubbly, bemused and impulsive girl Suryakantham (Niharika). She is a commitment phobic who runs away from situations instead of facing them. All of a sudden, when Suryakantham is needed to take a decision on Abhi’s love proposal, she disappears. So, with parents’ insistence, Abhi agrees to marry another girl Pooja (Perlene Bhesania). When Abhi is getting close to Pooja, Suryakantham makes re-entry. Whom Abhi chooses among Suryakantham and Pooja forms the rest.

Suryakantham Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Pranith Bramandapally is popular for his work on various short films and also web-series. Apparently, his mind is stuck to web-series making as the plotline of Suryakantham is wafer-thin and screenplay is as sluggish as a documentary. In fact, filmmakers of late are making sure their short films or web-series are racy and engaging enough. But, the very popular Pranith has botched to adopt the style of modern day of filmmaking. De facto, the story is not even worth making of a web-series. Mark K Robin’s BGM is the only saving grace, wherein songs are just ok. Cinematography is poor and editing is jerky. Writing is the other facet that works in parts. Production values however are high in standard.

Onto Performances, Showing improvement in acting, Niharika Konidela has done a decent job. The role she played was challenging, but she took it with both the hands. However, she went overboard sometimes. Rahul Vijay looked apt for the role of Abhi. He has come up with a settled performance. Perlene Bhesania as second female lead is all right. Sathya was funny at times and other actors played their parts convincingly.

Suryakantham Review Advantages:


Very Few Comedy Bits

Suryakantham Review Drawbacks:

Age Old Story

Sluggish Narration




Too Predictable

Suryakantham Review, Rating Analysis:

The film’s plot reminds us of numerous successful Telugu, Hindi and other language films. There’s no way you will get to see novelty in any aspect of the filmmaking. There indeed is nothing in this movie to make audience stick to the screen. Pranith has written a daily soup sort of story as a full movie script. Now and then, it looks like short film made for silver screen, though it is made of a rich budget. Even short time time looks lengthy because of his mind-numbing narration.

First half takes its own sweet time to introduce lead roles and their characteristics. Abhi is an easy-going guy, wherein Pooja with whom his marriage is fixed is straightforward and last but not the least Suryakantham is a confused and unpredictable girl who is commitment phobic. The interval bang promises for more to come. However, things really begin to go downward in latter part filled with pointless escapades, conversations, dragged on scenes and intolerable songs. As story reaches climax, you really don’t seem to bother where this is going and who Abhi ends up with.

All in all, Suryakantham is an easily avoidable film with no much entertainment and freshness. Predictable story, routine proceedings and weak execution make the watching experience excruciating. CJ goes with 1.75 star rating and the film will end up as another dud this year.


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