Stand Up Rahul Review

Stand Up Rahul Review
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Director: Santo Mohan Veeranki
Producer: Nandkumar Abbineni, Bharath Maguluri
Release Date: Fri 18th Mar 2022
Actors: Raj Tharun
Stand Up Rahul Movie Rating: 1.25 / 5
Punchline: Stand Up Rahul - Disastrous downfall.

What's Behind

Raj Tharan decided to test his luck with his upcoming entertainer Stand Up Rahul. The film directed by Santo Mohan Veranki released today on March 18, 2022. Let us see what impact Stand Up Rahul made on movie lovers.

Story Review

Indumathi (Indraja), a single mother who works as an air hostess wishes her son Rahul Dandapani (Raj Tharun) to do a well-settled job much against his wishes of making a career as a StandUp comedian. Indumanthi fears her son Rahul may get influenced by his dad Prakash (Murali Sharma), who ended up as a failure pursuing his career in the film industry. Rahul takes up a job in a company headed by Satyanarayana Jalagam (Vennela Kishore) where he meets Sherya Rao (Varsha Bollamma).  Rahul tries to become a standup comedian after entering into live-in relationship with Shreya. Where this will lead to and whether Rahul emerged successful in pursuing his passion as a standup Rahul should be enjoyed on-screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Santo Mohan Verenki on debut tried to attract movie lovers by coming up with a romantic entertainer choosing an interesting premise. But after selecting the premise he failed to come up with the right story and the script to do justice to the premise. Everything turns out to be routine and monotonous and even the so-called comedy scenes in the name of standup comedy failed to liven up the atmosphere. Right from the start till the finish none of the scenes generate interest and even the emotional scenes fail to touch the viewers. Dialogues failed to power the film and the weak narration with a lack of real twists and turns impacted the film in a bad manner.

Raj Tharun underwent a transformation to do the Genex youngster role completely different from his roles with mass touch. He is ok with his appearance. The only transformation in his mannerism is using headphones for most of the story. Except for this part of his physical appearance, there are no real drastic changes. He failed to do justice to his role as a standup comedian. He failed to lightup the screens with his hilarious acts. He should work a lot on his dialogue delivery.

Varsha Bollamma is ok in her role. She tries her best as a youngster who has no courage to speak up to her parents. She looked quite average on-screen and performance-wise also she is just ok. Murali Sharma and Indraja performed their roles well. Vennela Kishore and others irritated with their comedy.

Sweekar Agasthi's music failed to make an impression. None of the songs connected chords with the viewers. His background score is ok. Editing of Raviteja Girijala left a lot to be desired. He cannot be faulted since there is no story in the film. Sreeraj Raveendran with his cinematography beautified the film. Production values are good.





Story, Screenplay, Direction


Cliched narration

Missing emotions

Outdated comedy

Music, BGM, Cinematography

Rating Analysis

Raj Tharun believed in debutante Santo Mohan Veranki. But he failed within no time failing to generate interest in any aspect. He failed to showcase the emotions and expressions, highlight romantic feelings, and even failed to execute the core point the hilarious and entertainment angle and ended up giving immense torture to viewers. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 1.25 rating for StandUp Rahul.

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