Srirasthu Shubhamasthu Review

Srirasthu Shubhamasthu Review
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Srirasthu Shubhamasthu Review, What’s Behind: Young hero Allu Sirish identified more as Allu Arjun’s younger brother and son of Allu Aravind is giving a next best shot taking two years gap from his last release ‘Kotha Janta.’ He teamed up with emotional specialist director Parasuram while Geetha Arts is the banner. Let us see, how far Sirish showed an improvement and how far he succeeded to impress the audience?

Srirasthu Shubhamasthu Story: Happy going young guy Sirish (Allu Sirish) is the son of a billionaire father (Prakashraj) falls in love at first sight with sweet, cute looking Engineering student Ananya (Lavanya Tripathi), daughter of a middle class father (Rao Ramesh). Prakash Raj believes more in financial status and class living with hatred towards middle class. As time goes on, Ananya realizes Sirish can be his best life partner but time plays the game. Rao Ramesh finalizes Ananya’s marriage with his friend (Tanikella)’s son (Ranadhira). Bowing to the respect and responsbility for father, Ananya distances from Sirish agreeing for marriage. Unable to lose his love at any cost, Sirish joins Ananaya’s marriage preparations giving a last chance. How the true love triumphs? How Prakash Raj changes his perception towards middle class is rest of story.

Srirasthu Shubhamasthu Artists and Technicians: From the basic story angle, Parasuram picked a line which is age old, tested infintely by heroes and directors in all the range. May be, he wanted a safe film with null experimenation so as to deliver a secured product for Sirish. More than a regular screenplay, Parasuram’s treament was fresh and dialogues penetrated deep. Direction wise, he succeeded in showcasing Sirish in a better light relative to his past films. Dealing the family emotions between daughter-father or father-son needs a special mention to appreciate Parasuram. Camera work from Manikandan was sober and settled. Marthand K Venkatesh’s editing is a methodical slate work. SS Thaman composed a couple of good tunes and second song’s montages worked well. Production standards from Geetha Arts are unquestionably decent to good.

On to artists, Sirish appears to have done the much needed work in moulding his body and modifying the acting style. He was looking better in finely designed, fashionable customes. Dialogue delivery and expressions wise, further homework is needed but his transition into a tailor made role will surely impress the audience. Pre climax scene between Sirish-Prakash Raj stands the best in his career so far. Lavanya Tripathi is a subdued beauty who keeps you arrested to screen all the time. Her romantic track with Sirish is well designed and refreshingly presented. Middle class, caring and respectable father character is Kottina Pindi for Rao Ramesh. He spelt the lines with intense. Prakash Raj is also into a familiar cast and nothing exceptional. Tanikella Bharani’s role is poorly designed with inconsistency. Ranadhir is a misfit. Sumalatha is just ok. Ali’s comedy worked in bits and pieces. Subbaraju and Hamsa Nandini sparkled for few minutes. Rest may not need a big mention.

Srirasthu Shubhamasthu Rating Analysis: By any sorts, this movie projected Sirish as a promising talent to look for more in future. Parasuram took proper care in presenting Sirish with a new look despite there is a drawback in his premise selection and predictable screenplay. Romantic track on Sirish, Lavanya is too good of a design followed by portrayal of family emotions and forcibly inserted comedy track balanced the narration. However, there are lot of cinematic scenes which might not go well with all sections of audience. The instability in characterizations magnified more in closing scenes is hard to digest. How come Tanikella changes his colors before Prakash Raj with just one line isn’t really justifiable. Such character dilutions made the film to miss in completeness.

Beginning the first half establishing Prakash Raj’s psychological temperament is the first place where audience are left with loads of clues on what the rest of story is going to be. Rich class Vs Middle class conflict, the thread which could have become the biggest advantage is left untouched till the last hour. Neat romantic track added with good humor and excessive dramatization between father-daughter episodes take the film towards a mediocre interval block.

Second half is a routine, cliched fare. How Sirish spoils the marriage mood at Rao Ramesh house to get his love back is filled with plenty of inspirations drawn from hit and super hit films. However, what takes the movie to next level is the pre climax wherein Sirish stole the show. Bommarillu essence is clearly felt in these portions.
All in all, Srirasthu Shubhamasthu is a welcome film for Sirish and he achieved the result what he was anticipating. Parasuram followed a risk-less and invulnerable story telling format which inherently safe guarded the interests of Sirish. Commercially, movie might fare from average to above average at Box Office. Cineosh happily rates it ith 2.75 stars for Lavanya and Sirish.

Cinejosh Srirasthu Shubhamasthu Verdict: Old Formula On A New Hero.

                                       Cinejosh Srirasthu Shubhamasthu Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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