Sri Rama Rajyam Movie Review

Sri Rama Rajyam Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Sri Rama Rajyam: The legendary duo of Bapu-Ramana combined with the passion of Balakrishna to bring out the mythological film Sri Rama Rajyam has naturally raised the expectations on the film. Let us see how far the talented team has succeeded in their mission.

In the Movie Sri Rama Rajyam: The film starts with lord Sri Rama and Sita coming back to Ayodhya after killing Ravanasurudu. Rama is anointed the king of Ayodhya. Rama Rajyam is restored and the people are happy and contented. There is also joy in royal household with the news of Sita on the way of motherhood. Sita’s parents come to take her to their place but she refuses as she wants to stay with her husband. 

But the happiness is short lived as Rama asks Lakshmana to leave the pregnant Sita in the forest as a washer man has cast some aspersions on her character. Sage Valmiki then gives her shelter in her ashram and keeps her identity a secret. Sita gives birth to twins – Lava and Kusa. The kids learn all the Vedas as well as Ramayana from sage Valmiki. Valmiki then sends the two kids to preach Ramayana in Ayodhya. Valmiki also teaches them the divine artha sasthra. 

They reach Ayodhya and impress Rama with their narration of Ramayana. Lava and Kusa are blessed with the darshan of lord Rama. They also want to see Sita but are aghast to learn that Rama has sent her away to forest. They are angry and upset and return to Valmiki ashram.

Rama conducts Aswamedha yagam for the welfare of the people in Ayodhya. The rest of the story is how Lava and Kusa halt the march of the horse and how Rama himself comes to the ashram and finally is united with his sons. Sita devi asks her mother Boomatha to take her back inside her as she has accomplished her mission of uniting her children with their father. . With this the film comes to an end.

Values of the movie Sri Rama Rajyam: We all know the story of Ramayana and so the curiosity factor is not about the story of Sri Rama Rajyam but how director Bapu has molded the film. With superb star cast of Balakrishna, Nayanatara and Akkineni Nageswara Rao Bapu has succeeded in churning out a good output. The late Mullapudi has also given a good story with simple dialogues that also add a lot of value to the film in a silent but effective way. 

Ilayaraja has also given excellent music and the background score is also good. The production values are of vey high standard. The sets are very natural and realistic. Cinematography is also commendable. With so many aspects falling in place in harmony, the overall output is naturally wonderful. 

Balakrishna has done a very good job as lord Rama. His costume, getup and dialogue delver, mannerism are all ver apt and in some scenes he reminds up of his father NT Rama Rao. Nayanatara has also given excellent performance as Sita. She has conveyed a lot with her expressive eyes. She was graceful and divine. Akkineni Nageswara Rao has essayed the important role of sage Valmiki. He has done full justice to the role. His poise and dignity have come through very well. Srikanth is apt as Lakshmana. The two kids who played Lava and Kusa have also done a good job. KR Vijaya, Brahmanandam, Roja, Murali Mohan and others have added their bit to the film.

Out of the Movie Sri Rama Rajyam: In this age of love stories and action packed film, thinking of a mythological film may seem suicidal. One must salute producer Yelamanchali Sai Baba for his guts to do dare to do such a film. Sri Rama Rajyam. The story is known to everyone so it is a big challenge to bring it out again on the silver screen. Bapu has succeeded 100 percent in doing a perfect job. The entire cast and crew deserve appreciation for their hard work in bringing out a rich visual and musical feast in the form of Sri Rama Rajyam. The camera angles, the sets, costumes, graphics all add to make the film a rich visual treat. 

It is no mean feat to make the audience to sit for close to 2 hours 45 minutes without feeling bored even once. That itself is proof of the success of the film.In this growingly materialistic world there is need for such films. It is our duty to follow our rich heritage and tradition and pass it on to the next generation. Parents should take their kids to watch the film. There is a lot to learn from in the film – human values, human relationships, duty of husband/father, duty of sons etc. The film is titeld as Sri Rama Rajyam but it is basically the story of Lava and Kusa.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Sri Rama Rajyam: Sri Rama Rajyam is a film rich in values and shows the heritage and traditions. The film has a lot to offer and it is a must watch not just for kids but for everyone. Watch the film. It is really an enriching experience.


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