Spyder Review

Spyder Review
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Director: AR Murugadoss
Producer: NV Prasad, Tagore Madhu
Release Date: Wed 27th Sep 2017
Actors: Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, SJ Suryah
Spyder Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: Spyder - Strives To Fly

Spyder Review, What’s Behind:

Mahesh Babu and AR Murugadoss is sensationally an exciting combination. Spyder made as bi-lingual with Rakul Preet Singh, SJ Suryah in top leads has hit screens amid high expectations. Let us see, what the film has in it in the following review?

Spyder Story Review: 

Shiva (Mahesh Babu), working in Intelligence Department as phone call data tapper and analyst finds lot of professional satisfaction in his job despite a meager salary saving the lives of people those in threat preventing the tragedies. Truthful to his job, Shiva meets medico Charlie (Rakul Preet Singh) and romance blossoms. 

On an ill-fated day, Shiva traces a mysterious call leading in twin deaths. On lookout for the culprit, a series of mysterious killings unfold and Shiva realizes that there is lot more to the tale than just these deaths and psycho killer Bhairavudu (SJ Suryah) is the man behind? Who is Bhairavudu? What’s his childhood? What’s his motto? How extremely cruel and brainy the conflict between Shiva and Bhairavudu turned out is rest.

Spyder Artists, Technicians Review:

The basic idea of super hero taking on a psycho villain sounds good as storyline. On to execution part, AR Murugadoss leaves us far behind with lot many things went missing. Rather the film lacks on engaging narration without any entertainment. Screenplay went on lethargic lines with few highs of typical AR Murugadoss mark and more lows testing the patience. Thrillers of this sort sustain in interest and excitement only with hand full edge of seat moments. But, Muruga took to a relaxed approach in unveiling mystery which also lacked in emotional connectivity and missed nativity. 

However, there is couple of humanity describing episodes that touch viewers at heart. Then, Muruagdoss wonderfully established Bhairavudu’s character right from childhood justifying his psychic disorder and how it influenced his brother Bharath are one of the finest portions in film. As a director, we have seen too many bests from Muruga and obviously Spyder demands much more gripping narrative having a star hero like Mahesh Babu on hand. Though one satisfies with few episodes sprinkled at times, as a whole package this isn’t enough.    

Santosh Sivan camerawork is top notch and songs looked more colorful, pleasant. VFX department has done a weak job. Sreekar Prasad editing is just passable. Music by Harris Jayaraj sounded good for three songs well picturized and RR is also appreciable. NVR Cinema production standards are high.

Onto artists, Mahesh Babu has restricted scope to perform sticking himself to technological brilliance. He is too much handsome and costumes enhanced him looks wise. Rakul Preet Singh hardly got any importance but was gorgeous in well designed attires. Spyder belongs to SJ Suryah’s robust characterization inspired by the iconic Joker of Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight. His styling, smiling and body language were a rip off synced to Indian nativity. Priyadarshi and RJ Balaji are under-utilized like Jayaprakash and rest of the artists did their job.

Spyder Review Positives:


Mahesh Babu

SJ Suryah Characterization

Spyder Review Negatives:

Tepid Narration

Hero-Villain Episodes

Rakul Preet Singh

Missing Nativity

Lack Of Emotional Connect

Weak Climax

Spyder Review Rating Analysis:

Spyder is definitely not a run-of-the-mill story. There’s a novelty factor which may be though unmatched to Mahesh’s super stardom but one has to appreciate both Mahesh and Murugadoss for trying something new backed by big production banner. Unlike lot of research and believability Muruga showed in his blockbusters like Ghajini, Kathi, Ramana wasn’t the same here. Hero’s technology usage went overboard and so are key action episodes found no proper relevance. 

Taking off the story on a plain note introducing us to hero Mahesh Babu’s characterization with Boom Boom song, Muruga wasted time with pale romance on Rakul and unused comedians in Intelligence Wing. In fact, Mahesh’s family members also go unregistered. Once the mysterious call hero takes on, Muruga accelerated the proceedings. Hiding SJ Suryah in the disguise of Bharat and Mahesh reaching Bharat at Wonderla followed by rollercoaster action block is finely dealt. In this part, SJ Suryah’s childhood flashback is genius work though missed in Telugu nativity with lot many killings. The way psycho in Suryah grew up with time, age is cent-percent rationally explained with science behind. As we move towards interval, dead bodies in metro pillars is another Murugadoss touch. 

Into second half, first few minutes screenplay picks up to culminate in a beaten track of psycho attacking hero’s family. After recuperating in hospital romancing Rakul and dancing on a duet, when Mahesh takes up two hour challenge to trace Suryah, entire Varudhini Kalyanam episode blended with technological advancement went futile with an illogical Arava Athi on women. There’s not much of time left because Mahesh-Suryah are now face to face. Blame it on creative liberty and Suryah escaping from cops is half witted and unexpected. Lanco Hills boulder block is filled with bad CG. Hospital blast though had a heartwarming moment detailed on humanity and helping nature only to close the film on a predictable note.

All in all, Spyder is an average to above average show shared promisingly by Mahesh Babu and SJ Suryah on an interesting thriller storyline. AR Muruagdoss’s half baked screenplay and uninspiring treatment failed to meet the sky high expectations. In Box Office terms, Spyder will zoom high till first weekend, from there on it can be a tough ride. CJ rates Spyder with 2.75 stars for all the hard work, efforts and novelty put in by the team.

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