Son of Sathya Murthy Review

Son of Sathya Murthy Review
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Behind the Movie S/O Sathya Murthy: The combination of Allu Arjun and Trivikram Srinivas has got a magic by itself. With a stellar star cast and applauded music from DSP, the film has graced in theaters today. Let us see, what is this father and son story all about?

In the Movie S/O Sathya Murthy: Story begins with introduction of Viraaj Anand aka Nandu (Allu Arjun) struck in a do-or-die situation facing the goons of Deva Raj (Upendra) in some remote area of Tamil Nadu. Here Nandu begins to narrate his flashback. Nandu is the younger son of business tycoon Sathya Murthy (Prakashraj), a principled humanitarian who promotes good values. Sudden death of Sathya Murthy in an accident leaves his family (wife Pavithra Lokesh, elder son Vennela Kishore, daughter-in-law Sindhu Tolani, younger son Allu Arjun) in a financially disturbed situation leaving many debts for re-payment. To preserve the name and fame of father, Nandu follows the values preached by his father to leave entire property for clearing the debts.

Nandu joins an event management company. He falls in love with Sameera aka Subba Lakshmi (Samanta), daughter of greedy businessman Samba Siva Rao (Rajendra Prasad). In order to agree for the marriage, Samba Siva Rao who believes of being cheated by Sathya Murthy in a land deal throws a challenge before Nandu to get the fake documents of same land encroached by cruel man Deva Raj inhabited in a remote village of Tamil Nadu. Here on, Nandu is on a mission. How is Deva Raj linked to Sathya Murthy? How Nandu rekindled the faith of Sathya Murthy in the eyes of Samba Siva Rao and won his love Sameera forms the rest.

Values of the Movie S/O Sathya Murthy: These days Trivikram Srinivas is seen more as a teacher preaching the dogmas of faith.  He does it in ‘Aththarintiki Daaredi’ and now extended the same morals to Sathya Murthy with lots of illustrations hand-picked from Sanskrit epics of Ramayana and Mahabharatha etc. It’s bothersome to see these overdosed sermons dominating the actual feel and emotion. Story of Trivikram isn’t anything great, novel and screenplay wasn’t hypnotizing. His dialogue writing and plot execution being key forces to drive, story motions at snail pace passing on milder boredom into narration. Unlike Trivikram earlier films, Sathya Murthy fell short of comedy stuff. Direction wise, Trivikram showed his mark only in couple of scenes while the rest were out of his comfort zone. Prasad Murella camera work is decent capturing Barcelona beauties in songs and rugged topography of Tamil Nadu equally good. Praveen Pudi’s editing is a drawback. Although flow of story is convincing yet the length of many scenes need to be urgently truncated. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is classic example of customary baggage. Songs offered a repetitive flavor and BGM was a better job. Stunt composition was competent. Production values of Haarika Hassine Creations are just dazzling.

On performance front, this is altogether a different characterization for Allu Arjun who well controlled the energy levels. His styling, dances were as usual trendy and dialogues were spelt in lower intensity. Emotionally, he lived apt to the situation. Samanta hasn’t got much to perform. She was glamorous with liberal show of assets. Upendra comes alive only in second half. However, his confusing characterization and lapse in scene elevation crippled the whole second half. In fact, he is the best misfit of film for steering Trivikram’s basic theme on to a wrong track. Rajendra Prasad does complete justice. Nithya Menon is also a wrong selection for a pointless character. Adah Sharma is wasted. Rao Ramesh, Late MS Narayana have emotionally bonded. Prakashraj has little to do. Ali, Brahmanandam oozed some life into second half. Vennela Kishore, Pavithra Lokesh, Sindhu Tolani, Kota, Sneha have absolutely nothing to engage us.  

Out of the Movie S/O Sathya Murthy: First doubt to strike with the film is, whether Trivikram directed it or some other? Except the flavor in dialogues, Trivikram’s punch missed in aggregate. What so ever the theme of morals, faith, belief and philosophical underlining there of stood true to his genius standards. As a director, Trivikram was successful in giving a neat take off to the story narration till the time Samanta enters to begin the deceleration. Interval block was unconvincing and from there on Trivikram wasn’t comfortable till the pre-climax where the twist is intelligently weaved. Despite these drawbacks, Sathya Murthy is a clean family film with no filthiness. 

Basically, Trivikram seems to have found it difficult shifting the second half premise to Tamil Nadu with a weak challenge. There is a sense of unbelievability crept into the whole drama with Upendra and Nithya Menon roles simply wasted. For a man like Trivikram, it’s hard to rehash or compare these silly portions with someone like Srinu Vytla’s second halves. Reason may be the lame script work and this film does not need such magnanimous casting too.

Commercially, Sathya Murthy is sure to dazzle in openings. Being summer vacation, collections would be on par with top records. How far masses and family audience would grasp the plot in total is to be wait and seen.   

Cinejosh Verdict of S/O Sathya Murthy: An Uncomfortable Trivikram Offering.

                                               Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                              Reviewed By Srivaas

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