Solo Brathuke So Better Review

Solo Brathuke So Better Review
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Director: Subbu
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Release Date: Fri 25th Dec 2020
Actors: Sai Tej
Solo Brathuke So Better Rating: 2.75 / 5
Solo Brathuke So Better Punchline: Second Half Syndrome

Solo Brathuke So Better Review, What’s Behind?

This Sai Tej and Nabha Natesh starrer is the first major film to release post lockdown and there’s lots of curiosity on the project with complete support from industry. Promotional content too was promising. Let’s see whether the film will live up to expectations and become last hit in 2020.

Solo Brathuke So Better Story Review:

Virat (Sai Tej) taking a cue from his married uncle (Rao Ramesh) decides to lead a single life as to avoid post-marriage and family commitments, thus founds an organization called Solo Brathuke So Better with his friends being part of it. But, as time passes, his friends change their mindset and say goodbye to Solo Life. One incident brings major change in Virat’s way of thinking. Sweet girl Amrutha (Nabha Natesh), a big follower of Virat’s ideology unexpectedly joins his life to blossom love.

Solo Brathuke So Better Artists, Technicians Review:

Giving philosophical sermons is different from following them till end. Few ideologies appear sensible but may not be practical in real life. What’s better… solo life or married life? Debut director Subbu took this thin plotline. He was successful in convincing us on how far solo life is right and was partially successful in explaining the meaning of married life.

But, the problem is he narrated potential stuff in first half and nothing much was left for him to make us sit in second half. The idea of playing melodrama with opposite side of same ideology doesn’t work much in second half and appears to be a poor extension of first half. After a point, it got repetitive. Dialogues are cool and best part in film. Particularly, Rao Ramesh’s thought-provoking lines elevated the emotions.

S Thaman’s music is backbone with refreshing songs and good background. Cinematography by Venkat C Dileep is fine while editing by Naveen Nooli missed the cohesiveness in second half. Production values of SVCC are as usually good in standard.

Sai Tej got enough maturity and came up with neat performance. He looked handsome and showed energy in dances, fights. Surely, this will be one his best looks so far. Pretty Nabha Natesh makes entry just before interval, then appears in most of second half scenes. Rao Ramesh made big difference with his stellar performance. He changed the mood whenever appears on screen. Vennela Kishore is other big asset with impeccable comic timing. Satya, Suadrshan and other comedy batch is okay. Naresh is good.

Solo Brathuke So Better Review Advantages:

Sai Tej

Couple of Songs

First Half Fun

Solo Brathuke So Better Review Drawbacks:

Second Half

Rushed Climax

Improperly Etched Nabha Character


Solo Brathuke So Better Review, Rating Analysis:

After a year long break, it is always a delight to watch movie on big screen. So, like me it is an emotional moment for all the movie lovers. Solo Brathuke So Better being the first big ticket film to hit marquee post the pandemic, obviously one gets a positive vibe about it. Thanks to director Subbu because neither he has comepletely let us down nor lifted the film to next level. Rather, SBSB is a safe watch for its own set of advantages.  

SBSB kickstarts on a decent note with philosophical quotes introducing us to the core plot elaborating the doctrine of protagonist Sai Tej that relationships are tedious and waste of time rather human beings live peacefully leading solo life. Title song, college scenes supported by fun from Satya, Sudarshan pass off the time. Rao Ramesh is a show stealer, couple of scenes were enough for him to underline the Solo Brathuke concept and is an inspiration for Sai Tej. Shifting the setup to Hyderabad, one by one in Sai Tej batch leave their bachelorhood and R Narayana Murthy's one interview changes Sai Tej. This is although dealt in lighter vein, Rao Ramesh's re-entry into the story solidifies the flaws in Solo Brathuke pushing Sai Tej to turn his attention for marriage. In between, Vennela Kishore's Kannada accent evoked good fun before Nabha Natesh joins the story for interval block. Actually, first half looked refreshing and is thoroughly enjoyable.

Flash back of Nabha and her fascination towards Sai Tej promulgated Solo Brathuke book in the college kickstarts second half on a slow note. But, Sai is on opposite pole now because he is in love with Nabha while Nabha blindly follows Sai Tej's Solo Brathuke philosophy. How Sai breaks this tricky situation hasn't really got enough meat in second half. Except few weighty scenes on Rao Ramesh, none of the characters showed logical behavior. Narrative too dipped down from a point due to weak writing. Then there was a definite sense of hurriedness towards climax with Nabha's transformation lacked in proper reasoning. Like all the rom-coms, SBSB too ends on a laughing chord.

In total, SBSB had a breezy and entertaining first half. Delicate storyline and waferthin screenplay did not allow the writer, director to add depth into second half proceedings making it just a fair watch. CJ goes for 2.75 stars and if you are hungry for big screen entertainment, no harm... SBSB is worth give a try.


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