Sodara Sodarimanulara Review

Sodara Sodarimanulara Review
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Director: Raghupathi Reddy
Producer: Vijay Paindla
Release Date: Fri 15th Sep 2023
Actors: Kamal Kamaraju, Aparna Devi, Prabhakar, Prithviraj and others
Sodara Sodarimanulara Movie Rating: 1 / 5
Punchline: Sodara Sodarimanulara - Anyone There?

Sodara Sodarimanulara (2023) Movie: What's Behind

Kamal Kamaraju, acclaimed for his noteworthy performances, made his last appearance in the dance-oriented film "Natyam" and subsequently took on a significant role in "Virupaksha." Now, he is gearing up to captivate audiences once more with the intriguingly titled movie "Sodara Sodarimanulara," directed by debutant Raghupathi Reddy Gunda. The film is set to hit the screens on September 15th, and it's a highly anticipated release that has piqued the curiosity of movie enthusiasts. Let's delve into whether this film lives up to its promise and manages to enthrall the audience.

Sodara Sodarimanulara Movie: Story Review

Raju ( Kamal Kamaraju), is an honest cab driver who constantly grapples with the challenges of making ends meet. He tirelessly strives to repay the loan he took out to acquire his taxi.

Raju's life takes an unexpected turn when he picks up a passenger named Sunny and takes him to the luxurious Zoom Zoom resort. Little does Raju know that this ride will lead to a series of shocking developments that will alter the course of his life forever.

To unravel the gripping and unforeseen twists in Raju's journey, witness how his wife Shrawani (Aparna Devi) reacts to these life-altering events. Discover the intriguing connection between Raju and CI Bhaskar (Kalakeya Prabhakar), and the involvement of the influential Minister ( Prithviraj). To experience this captivating story on the big screen, don't miss this film.

Sodara Sodarimanulara Movie: Artists Review

Kamal Kamaraju delivered a captivating performance as the taxi driver, demonstrating his exceptional ability to convey emotions that perfectly captured the innocence and vulnerability of his character. His expressive portrayal added depth to the role, and he truly excelled in it. However, to elevate his stardom further, he could explore ways to bring more variety to his expressions.

Aparna Devi, portraying the role of Kamal Kamaraju's wife, brought a charming presence to the screen. Her adeptness in displaying a range of emotions and expressions in various scenes was commendable, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Nonetheless, like Kamal, she too could benefit from working on diversifying her expressions to reach the pinnacle of her career.

Kalakeya Prabhakar left a lasting impact as the police officer, striking fear into the hearts of viewers with his intense expressions. His ability to convey seriousness was truly impressive and added depth to his character.

Prithviraj, in his role as the Minister, delivered an adequate performance, fitting well into the character's requirements. Other supporting actors also played their respective roles competently.

In summary, the cast, including Kamal Kamaraju, Aparna Devi, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Prithviraj, and others, delivered solid performances in their respective roles. However, to truly shine and reach the next level of stardom, they could work on diversifying their expressions and honing their craft even further.

Sodara Sodarimanulara Movie: Technicians Review

"Sodara Sodarimanulara," penned by Raghpathi Reddy Gunda, aimed to shed light on the everyday occurrences within society. The narrative centered on the life of a cab driver and attempted to pique the audience's interest by highlighting the impact of the intricate web of politics and law enforcement on a cab driver's life.

The storytelling begins by providing a glimpse into the cab driver's domestic life, introducing his wife and daughter, with a deliberate pacing that takes its time to delve into the core plot. Only at the interval does the narrative truly delve into the central storyline, setting the stage for an engaging second half.

While the second half manages to generate excitement among viewers, it eventually loses its momentum by predominantly focusing on the emotions of the cab driver's wife rather than delving into the captivating investigation. Throughout the film, Raghupathi Reddy leaves numerous loose ends and takes creative liberties in proving the innocence of the cab driver, ultimately culminating in a lackluster climax. Despite his sincere effort, Raghupathi's inexperience hindered the execution of the project on the big screen.

Vishnu Vardhan's background music stands out as a strong point, effectively enhancing the emotional resonance of the scenes on screen. Mohan Chary's cinematography is commendable, though he could have utilized his camera work to elevate the overall cinematic experience even further. The editing by Shekhar Pasupuleti, however, introduces unnecessary pacing issues, testing the patience of the audience.

Regarding production values, "Sodara Sodarimanulara" falls within the average range, with 9Em Entertainments and iR Movies contributing to the overall production.

In conclusion, while the film had the potential to address important societal issues, its execution left much to be desired. Despite some notable strengths in the music and cinematography departments, the narrative suffered from pacing issues and a lackluster conclusion, highlighting the director's inexperience in bringing this story to the big screen.

Sodara Sodarimanulara: Advantages

  • Kamal Kamaraju, Aparna Devi
  • Few Scenes

Sodara Sodarimanulara: Disadvantages

  • Routine Story
  • Screenplay, Direction
  • Testing Pace

Sodara Sodarimanulara Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Sodara Sodarimanulara turns out to be a silly emotional crime thriller. While Kamal Kamaraju and Aparna Devi deliver spirited performances, their talents are underutilized due to Raghupathi Reddy's inability to craft an engaging and fresh storyline. The narrative becomes predictable and falls into routine patterns, and the screenplay is riddled with numerous loopholes. The direction also suffers, failing to capitalize on the potential of the cast.

Had the filmmaker refined the story and addressed these issues, along with selecting a more appealing and relevant title, the outcome could have been vastly improved. The film's current title seems disconnected from the plot, leaving viewers questioning its relevance. Taking all these factors into account, Cinejosh assigns a Rating of 1 to "Sodara Sodarimanulara."

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