Sneha Geetam Movie Review

Sneha Geetam Movie Review
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Director: Madhura Sreedhar Red
Producer: Sridhar Lagadapati
Release Date: Fri 16th Jul 2010
Actors: Sundeep Kishan ; Chaitanya Krishna ; Suhani ; Vyjayanthi ; Shreya Dhanwanthary.
Sneha Geetam Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: Sneha Geetam - Clean and Neat but low in Grip.

Behind the Movie Sneha Geetam: After too many postponements of release, this youthful story with a bunch of fresh faces has atlast arrived in theatres today. Except the names of Larsco & Lagadapati, there are nothing special and significant elements that can pull audience to theatres on their own ofcourse quite a bit of publicity not to be forgotten. With debutant director ‘Madhura’ Sreedhar leading this team of friends, let us see what is their song actually about?

In the Movie Sneha Geetam: Movie takes off from Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College where a group of friends Arjun (Sandeep of ‘Prasthanam’ fame), Ravi (Venky), Krishna (Chaitanya) along with Shailu (Shreya Dhanwanthary) and Pooja (Riya) graduate out from the college and start their journey to fulfill their dreams.

Arjun aspires to become a film director with no support from his father who desires to see his son get settled in USA. Arjun falls in love with junior Maha Lakshmi (Suhani) and his father offers him a period of one year to prove himself as a director else fly to USA obeying his word.

Ravi, an orphan dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in life and his sweet heart Shailu is already placed in software company. Now, Shailu’s parents start their search for her life partner while Ravi’s plan of starting his own company is halted by economic recession. Though Ravi impresses the parents of Shailu, yet he is to reach his goal.

Lastly Krishna is a typical middle calss attitude guy who has a simple plan for his life that is to get settled with his lover Pooja, a poor academician. Luckily both of them get jobs in campus selections yet there develops a gap between them by the sake of Pooja’s perverted Team Leader.

To join these three pairs is Pitamaha (Krishnudu), senior most student in the college who is continuously failing from last ten batches enjoying his college life. Rest of the story is, how did all of them succeed in their lives by helping each other?

Values of the Movie Sneha Geetam:  Movie is a simple pack of three stories with enough content added from all other sides. Director Madhura Sreedhar has surely picked up a story line that every fresh Engineering graduate identifies himself with but the required depth of narration lacked consistency. Screenplay was found to have some loopholes while it excelled in few parts. Dialogues from Madhura Sreedhar and Mohan Bharadwaj were light in weight, casual yet most elaborative when looked from story perspective. Cinematography by PG Vinda was awesome only in picturization of songs. Music by Sunil Kashyap was impressive in songs like ‘Sarigamapadani’ and ‘Oka Snehame’ while background wise, he scored marks. Editing by Lokesh Chenna was not upto the mark as many scenes ended abrupt. Production values of Larsco and Lagadapati Sirisha Sreedhar were good.

Performance wise, Sandeep was good with resounding base in his voice and teenage looks more convincing to his role. Venky has unique face features which instantly attract college girls. Lastly Chaitanya seems only to be a good dancer. Next to speak about is Krishnudu who performed to his standard in a role filled with full of pathos.

Among the girls, Suhani has got unimportant role with no purpose while Shreya Dhanwanthary looked peculiar and Riya was pretty normal. Remaining Venu Madhav spilled laughs as a lecturer turned software engineer turned as  spiritual baba, Lohith Kumar’s concept as a perverted Team Leader was good. Others were just normal to their roles.

Out of the Movie Sneha Geetam: Real flavor of this movie is its youthful and freshness in the subject which gets easily connected to college students. Real life begins from the day when College life ends, Sneha Geetam’s core theme excatly starts from the point where Happy Days ends, Madhura Sreedhar begins his friendship song from the point where Sekhar Kammula ends. Yet, Sneha Geetam is not Happy days. This movie exclusively deal with passion and confusing stage in fresh graduates along with fear and responsibility in their parents. A better balance between both of them is what Sneha Geetam talks about.

Strictly speaking, Sneha Geetam title is a misnomer as movie speaks most of the time about struggle in their phases of life and ofcourse friends are there to share and spat your shoulder when the need arises. Unfortunately in this movie, it’s most of the time done by lovers. Many scenes in the movie were dealt amateurish and few resemble exactly that of a Television serial.

If first half was more focussed on entertainment with a package of comedy bits and story revolving around three pairs. Exact story takes a shape only in second half. Special appearances by Lagadapati Sreedhar and Sirasi along with voice over by VV Vinayak needs a special mention. Larsco who always come with a message oriented entertainer has picked the right youthful subject this time too and they need a round of applause.

With fresh and many unknown, unseen faces in the lead, Sneha Geetam may not be able to have a sustainable run. Given the right publicity, it might stay along for few weeks in ‘A’ class centres. Much depends upon ‘Em Pillo Em Pillado’ which is releasing today.  

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Sneha Geetam: Youthful Message delivered Clean and Neat but low in Grip.

                                                                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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