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Size Zero Review
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Size Zero Review, What’s Behind: Off late, Anushka is branded only for heroine centric films with huge success rate. ‘Size Zero’ comes at a point of time when ‘Rudramadevi, Bahubali’ mania is still hanging with Anushka factor. Directed by Prakash Kovelamudi, the movie is produced by PVP Cinema. Let us get into the review portion to know more details.

Size Zero Story: All it begins with Soundarya aka Sweety (Anushka) childhood days as she is the most loved daughter for father (Rao Ramesh). A food junkie Soundarya grows in over-weight but loves to lead life on her own terms happily working in a local Chinese restaurant. With none of the matrimonial matches succeeding due to Sweety’s obese physique, her mother (Urvasi) is so worried. Meanwhile Abhi (Arya), a documentary film maker enters into Sweety’s life and things change. Later comes in slimmer and sexy beauty Simran (Sonal Chauhan) to join Abhi’s Clean India documentary which germinates insecurity feeling in Sweety for Abhi. However, tragedy strikes when Sweety’s friend, wannabe model Jyothi (Pavani) falls into the trap of Size Zero Express Weight Reduction program from Sathyanand (Prakash Raj) which leads to impairment of her kidney and liver due to excessive usage of fat burning steroids and drugs. Here Abhi, Sweety takes it as a challenge to educate people on abnormal side effects caused by these Obesity Clinical programs and also to prove Sathyanand’s guilt. In the process, Abhi and Sweety realize about their true love.

Size Zero Artists and Technicians: As a concept, the thought of Kanika Dhillon to discuss on mental stigma faced by overweight women or those girls waiting for marriage is practically appreciative. However, her screenplay wanders without a proper orientation. Story meanders within an indefinite loop reiterating the same lines and same issues without any particular purpose. The real kick and comic sense needed to deal this kind of subjects as we have seen in EVV and SV Krishna Reddy films goes missing in Kanika. Same applies even for Prakash’s direction which failed to provide worthwhile moments. Unbalanced shifting of focus from one point to other, lack of quality comedy and imprudent character designs are few areas highlighted the flaws in Prakash direction. Dialogues written by Kiran were really good in parts. Nirav Shah’s camera work is just awesome as he made the entire show really eye appealing. Prawin Pudi failed to show his maverick editing skills which also failed to generate any sort of excitement. MM Keeravani’s musical score is also mediocre with none of the songs registered. BGM is far better. Into the production standards, PVP Cinema showed their high quality mark in each frame. 

Performance wise, this is completely Anushka’s film and no cross objections on this. One can surely be sympathized with her over weight looks (with heavily exposed defects in makeup) which marginally sidelined the brilliance in her acting. Anushka emoted superbly in almost all scenes. She is very much into the skin of characterization making ‘Size Zero’ a special underlining in her career. There is also an uglier side to her role divulging very often in songs and dances. Arya is truly in a feeble characterization which can no way find acceptability. As a documentary film maker working on Clean India, his journey into toilets in slum areas is totally ludicrous. So is Sonal Chauhan who really had no space, purpose in story but is forcibly added. Brahmanandam and Ali’s comedy is a dud. Urvashi over-reacts on simple situations and Prakash Raj, fine into his basics. Master Bharath, Gollapudi showed their presence. Pavani, Adivi Sesh were in meaningful roles. Cameos by Rana, Nagarjuna, Tamanna, Hansika, Lakshmi Prasanna Machu, Jiiva and Bobby Simha were fine.

Size Zero Rating Analysis: This film is a clear case of how a good concept can go completely wrong with mishandled screenplay and direction. Despite Anushka’s incredible performance took the major burden, the way basic idea is treated makes it overall a weak show. If the objective of movie is to discuss on mental condition and internal beauty of overweighed woman, how can a sudden attack on weight reduction clinics in second half can serve the deal?

In fact, Kanika Dhillon’s characters never connected well with viewers. The way Arya is introduced with toilet episode and his role pivoting around toilets in slum areas in the name of Clean India isn’t convincing. After not so great happenings in first half, except the charm of Anushka helped to run the show, in the second half our director takes us on a new ride bringing Prakash Raj conflict as main point. The cycling episodes in collaboration with PVP Sports, putting an end to Prakash Raj character in pre climax and climax have still degraded the overall feel.

Wherever the triangular love between Anushka, Arya and Sonal Chauhan should take the lead, the track is almost forgotten by Prakash Kovelamudi diluting their romantic presence by diverting the attention onto medical complications with Size zero treatment. Despite wonderful making values, rich visuals and superb portrayal of central character from Anushka, we at Cinejosh rate ‘Size Zero’ with 2.5 stars for a very feeble, disoriented narration.

Size Zero Cinejosh Verdict: Just For Anushka and PVP Making Values.     

                                                     Size Zero Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                Reviewed by Srivaas

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