Siva Thandavam Review

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Siva Thandavam Review
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Behind the Movie Siva Thandavam: Versatile Vikram has good market in Telugu and Anushka joined him for this flick directed by talented man Vijay. With Jagapathi Babu, Amy Jackson and Lakshmi Rai in key roles, let us what is this movie all about?

In the Movie Siva Thandavam: Movie opens with London Bomb Lasts on January 1, 2011 followed by a blind orphan Kenny (Vikram) who is on a killing spree selectively. Every time Kenny goes on these killings, innocent Taxi Driver Sathyam (Santhanam) gets into the Police trap. London Police officer Veera Gati (Naazar) is given this case to crack. On the other side, Miss London Sara Vinayagam (Amy Jackson) preparing for Miss England pageant gets attracted towards the blind Kenny. Very quickly Veera Gati and Sara find the clue about the actual identity of Kenny who is none other than Indian RAW Agent IPS Officer Siva Prasad who is branded as key man behind the London Blasts. 

Into the second half and some parts of first half, we are revealed with flashback Siva Prasad living in New Delhi is married to Eye Specialist Doctor Meenakshi (Anushka) and here comes colleague Police Officer Sarath (Jagapathi Babu). When both of them are investigating the murder of a Scientist known for Mass Destructive Weapons, they find a Flow Chart missing for which Siva Prasad will be sent as a Spy to London. What happened to Siva there? Who is the actual man behind a pre-planned sketch to sell this Flow Chart to Terrorists? How are Meenakshi and an innocent Kenny killed in London Blast? Why did Siva become Kenny? How did Siva solve the mystery behind? All these form the rest.

Values of the Movie Siva Thandavam: Basic strength of this stylish flick is the espionage concept (forget loopholes and missing of logics) of Vijay and extraordinary camera work of Nirav Shah. Spy thrillers need to be exciting throughout and Vijay took maximum care to keep the audience glued to screens. However narration goes on pretty slow with sudden momentum in fewer episodes. Dialogues by Sri Rama Krishna are okay. Editing by Anthony could have been little crispier. Yet, Nirav Shah’s cinematography will be a feast for eyes. Production values of C. Kalyan and UTV Motion Pictures are rich and praise worthy.

Performance wise Vikram is the lifeline for the movie. He excelled primarily in those Human Echolocation based action sequences. After a long time Anushka re-appearing on screen is so pleasant for Telugu audience. She is as usual gorgeous in the character of a Doctor with socially responsible goals. Jagapathi Babu will surprise you in second half. Santhanam’s comedy is a relief. Naasar was elegant with a good sense of humor. Lakshmi Rai is seen in a short role while Amy Jackson is glamorous.       

Out of the Movie Siva Thandavam: This flick is an odd pick out of present days ruling romantic and comedy concepts. Entire cast and crew has well supported the director’s visualization. Despite having its own good side, there are enough disadvantages to keep the movie just for an average rating. Basically, it’s the dreary scripting which restricted the pace in narration. 

Romantic chemistry between Vikram and Anushka is beautifully presented with a flavor similar to ‘Roja.’ Although it is again a bit slow but definitely artistic. Musical sense of Vijay and the way GV scored to match his standards was really aesthetic. Instead of plenty of action sequences and killings in the revenge saga, director hasn’t gone for blood and gore.

The major disappointing findings from ‘Siva Thandavam’ are the ageing factors visible on Vikram’s skin and the way Anushka has added extra pounds of flesh to appear like an Aunty. Commercially, ‘Siva Thandavam’ may not attract the B & C class audiences but among the A centre public, this could find some grace. Let us wait for the final commercial verdict. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Siva Thandavam: Definitely Worth a Watch.

                                                                                     Reviewed by Srivaas

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