Singham 3 Review

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Singham 3 Review
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Singham 3 Review, What’s Behind: Series of release postponements might have changed ‘Singham 3’ release date but craze for Suriya, Hari and ‘Singham’ series is still the same among South cinema loving audience. The high voltage action drama with Shruti Hasan as new addition has finally hit the screens. What is the problematic case before Narasihma to crack and where the story leads to?

Singham 3 Story: Narasimha (Suriya), the sincere and fierce police officer is deputed on a special case of Mangalore City Commissioner (Jayaprakash) murder. To transfer from AP to Karnataka, Narasimha is transferred and promoted through CBI channel. Once Narasimha steps in, investigation won’t be the same. Just before nabbing AS Reddy (Sharath Saxena) as the culprit behind Commissioner’s murder, the big chain of steel and mining mafia don Vittal Prasad (Anup Singh Thakur) from Australia and his Central Minister father Ram Prasad (Suman), their nexus with contract of dumping hazardous waste material in India leading to several deaths comes as a new challenge. Saving his wife Kavya (Anushka) from dreadful villains and the flattery romantic track involved with Vidhya (Shruti Hasan), how Narasimha solves the case in his action style is rest.

Singham 3 Artists and Technicians: Alone Hari and Suriya know how to run a movie for 150+ minutes without a solid story or to register a point. That’s the magic around Hari’s lightening speed screenplay alone Suriya fits in. Definitely, the story is wafer thin or some of us may not agree this as story but finally if the purpose of watching a movie is to get entertained then ‘Singham 3’ will never bore you. Scene after scene… episode after episode, Suriya’s tirade against bad and ugly villainy keeps you over and over engaged. Rather than going for useless hero elevation scenes (which we find in first two parts), Hari kept Suriya most of the time settled in first half. As a director, Hari re-told the same old text book lesson treating masses with full meals. Hari’s stamp is more prolifically felt in second half. Priyan’s camera work defies all the logics though it’s pretty conventional. God knows how VT Vijayan and TS Jay edited the raw footage Hari provided them. That’s what makes ‘Singham’ series the next level in South Indian filmy action. Devi Sri Prasad’s majestic feel in RR wasn’t felt in Harris Jayaraj. Nevertheless, you can’t complain about loudness. Production standards by Malkapuram Shiva Kumar and Studio Green are top notch.

Onto performances, Suriya cakewalks as Narasimha. The power punch in his dialogues, oora mass body language and street smart intelligence offers us an authentic super cop. After 1 and 2, definitely Suriya took ‘Singham’ franchise to next level with this 3. Shruti Hasan got a meaty role and made her presence felt. Anushka is restricted to few scenes and glamour wise, she scored negative. Anup Singh Thakur is stylish and looked good as villain. However, drawing comparisons between Prakash Raj and Danny Sapani in past two parts, Anup Singh Thakur is not a right match to Suriya. Soori’s comedy is atrocious. Radhika Sarath Kumar as widow boosted a rather dead emotional impact. Suman, Mano Rama, Yuvarani, Jayaprakash, Sharath Babu and others does their part.

Singham 3 Advantages:

- Suriya’s Electrifying Screen Presnece

- Hari’s Racy Screenplay

- Action Choreography

- Interval Block

- Second Half

Singham 3 Drawbacks:

- Weak Story

- Frail Emotions

- Shoddy Comedy

- No Freshness

- Loud Music

Singham 3 Rating Analysis: Keep your common sense, logical skills, reasoning ability or brain at home, if you want to enjoy ‘Singham.’ There are multiple flaws in story or disagreeable elements in screenplay or inconsistency in direction yet Suriya conquers all those unbelievable in Hari’s direction. For action movie lovers who enjoy goose bump chases and wild fist throws, ‘Singham 3’ serves your demands. But the drama or emotion ripened in Yamudu and Singham 2 found no traces in ‘Singham 3.’ 

Taking charge to solve an important murder case, Suriya bangs on right spot with his first introduction episode. Shruti Hasan and Soori’s combination scene are disgusting from here on. Sharad Saxena’s Mangalore network and Suriya’s investigation track is dealt cleverly. Then, Anup Thakur Singh’s stylish villainy from Australia is executed just averagely. Core story with regard to toxic waste containers and warning by villain to hero makes way for an average interval break. 

Into second half, momentum picks up immensely. Suriya’s travel to Australia, hacking villain’s server and warning speed up the proceedings. Australian airport scene is best in the movie. Back to India and there’s no lag as Hari drives us to high dosed regular climax.

Bottom line is simple. ‘Singham 3’ won’t disappoint its targeted audience. Suriya and Hari have delivered one more apt flick in the franchise. Barring the drawbacks inherent in story, ‘Singham 3’ can be a safe bet in B and C centers. CJ goes for 2.75 stars hoping for ‘Singham 4’ and many more to follow.

Cinejosh Singham 3 Verdict: Louder and Faster

                                              Cinejosh Singham 3 Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                        Reviewed by Srivaas

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