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Simha Movie Review First on Net
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Behind the Movie Simha: Nandamuri Balakrishna is away from films from a long time and his fans were eagerly waiting for a block buster from their box office bonanza. Boyapati Srinu proved himself with Bhadra, Tulasi and is a worthy man to deliver first hat trick. With Nayanathara, Namitha and Sneha Ullal teamed up to romance with Lion; Chakri’s music was already connected well with the audience. Let us see, how and why did this Simha roared?

In the Movie Simha: Srimannarayana (Balakrishna) is a Professor in Engineering College living with old grand mother (Vijaya). It is his quality to fight against bad and help those who are in need, which pulls him into trouble with Adikeshavudu (Sai Kumar, Malayalam Actor) when his son Gopi (Ravi) forcibly wants to marry Janaki (Sneha Ullal), daughter of Jagadish Prasad (Raghu). Janaki is a student of Srimannarayana and of course in love with his Professor too. Srimannarayana takes the responsibility to save her from Gopi and Adikeshavudu. When these goons attack on Janaki to kidnap her, Srimannarayana beats them black and blue but during this action scene his grand mother is injured in the hands of Jagadish Prasad who is none other than father-in-law to Srimannarayana.

Now, this old grand mother narrates an explosive flash back episode which has its roots in Bobbili area. Dr. Narasimha (Balakrishna) and his wife Bhavani (Nayanathara) are UK returns who belong to Maharaja Clan in Bobbili area. Narasimha’s sister (Sana) and brother-in-law Jagadish Prasad (Raghu) live in the same area by doing illegal business with the family of Adikeshavudu, a cruel man. Narasimha is a man with social responsibility not only to treat the patients but he is all powerful and fights to erase anti social elements from the society. Obviously hero enters into a direct battle with Adikeshavudu and his father (Kota). During this fierce battle, Narasimha and Bhavani loose their lives while Adikeshavudu goes into coma.

Now Adikeshavudu is well back from coma by the punch of Srimannarayana and wants his son Gopi to marry Janaki. But, Srimannarayana is more like his father and completes the unfinished task of killing Adikeshavudu and his family.

Values of the Movie Simha: Nandamuri Balakrishna during recent times never looked this ravishing and dazzling. He is simply awesome. Both the roles (Srimannarayana and Dr. Narasimha) are tailor made for his body language. As Srimannarayana, he romanced with Namitha (College lecturer), Sneha Ullal dancing to the peppy numbers in full swing. There was not even single instance where in Balayya looked to be a tired man. Audience experienced a new feel with the change in style of costumes and oozing of confidence levels in Balakrishna. It was a feast to watch him in the mind blowing get up of Narasimha with fiery and firing looks in second half. His powerful dialogue delivery, unique body language and energetic stunts made the audience to go into whistles once in every five minutes with Narasimha. In total, you see a new and rejuvenated Balakrishna who impressed in every department. Nayanathara as Bhavani showed the difference away from regular glamorous roles. Nayanathara’s performance during conversation with Police Officer was praiseworthy. Namitha was just for the name sake showing her thunder thighs and wonder body. In comparison Sneha Ullal got good role to perform and she was neat and traditional. Sai Kumar, the villain artist offered a difference while remaining cast like Vijaya, Brahmanandam, Ali, Krishna Bhagawan, Dharmavarapu, Kota, Jhansi and others looked just okay.
Story is based on an age old action formula which was tested numerously. Difference for ‘Simha’ lies in the way of narration and the hard work kept in preparing a powerful script. Boyapati Srinu has once again proved that he is best among contemporary directors and script writers. The action punch in the movie was sustained from first scene till climax. More than director and script writer is a better dialogue writer in Boayapti Srinu who penned high voltage dialogues for Balayya as per the demand of situation. Three cheers to Boyapati for his work in three departments (Fourth one is the story). Art work by AS Prakash was innovative. Background Music by Chinna was an excellent work which lifted the spirits of movie. Music for songs by Chakri was peppy and traditional. ‘Janakai Janaki and Bangaru Konda’ stand highlighted. Action sequences by Ram Laxman made the movie to come alive and lived to the situation which eased Balakrishna’s tensions. Camera work by Wilson was very good especially in action scenes and songs. Editing by Kotagiri was regular. Production standards of Paruchuri Kireeti and United Movies are most impressive.

Out of the Movie Simha: 100% sure that ‘Simha’ is a new life for Balakrishna. One can wonder why this Nandamuri Lion has taken a long time in delivering this kind of powerful movie after ‘Narasimha Naidu’. Hardwork put in by Balakrishna was visible on the screen. First half of the movie is a mix of action and comedy with a powerful interval bang while second half gives the life with graceful Narasimha character leading to a regular climax.

One thing which I feel is that, Balayya rendered powerful dialogues in all his last flop releases but those dialogues were with out a demand of situation in the movie. ‘Simha’ is a genuine movie where in Boyapati Srinu has created instances only to elevate Balakrishna’s heroism and thus his powerful dialogues were made to look further more powerful. Even Balakrishna lived up to the situation with his changed style. Surely this will be a trademark movie for two Big B’s (Balakrishna and Boyapati).

If Balakrishna, Boyapati Srinu, action episodes, two to three songs, Nayanathara, Sneha Ullal served as positives for the movie; over violence, less comedy, missing of more family elements were treated negative points for ‘Simha.’

Confident that ‘Simha’ will open to a unique positive talk everywhere with unanimous verdict of a hit movie, but the range of hit much depends upon how family audience embraces the movie. All in all for Balakrishna Fans…you are back with a bang.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Simha: Nandamuri’s ferocious Lion roared to the fullest after a long time.

                                                                                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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