Shourya Review

Shourya Review
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Shourya Review, What’s Behind: Manchu Manoj’s never ending struggle for a commercial breakthrough is extended by one more film released today in theaters from director Dasarath starring Regina as heroine. Tagged as Thrilling Love Story, let us see how good are the thrills in ‘Shourya’ review?

Shourya Story: Shourya (Manchu Manoj), a highly educated personality returned from Harvard University falls in love with Nethra (Regina Cassandra), daughter of an MP (Nagineedu). As love blossoms between the two after a sequence of incidents showing Shourya’s helping attitude and noble heartedness, one night when Shourya and Nethra decide to spend Shiva Rathri night in Lord Shiva temple, tragedy strikes their lives. Nethra is found in blood with her throat deeply cut. Police Officer (Benarjee) arrest Shourya as prime suspect but there is one special officer (Prakash Raj) takes duty to solve the case. Is Nethra really dead? If not, what is Shourya’s sketch? Who are involved in this caste based political tangle?

Shourya Artists and Technicians: Starting it from writing team, Dasarath, Kishore, Gopu Hari and Gopi Mohan have chosen a thrilling storyline which needs a narration from three perspectives. The idea is really appreciative but what the film lacked is proper screenplay and engaging treatment to keep audience on toes. Dasarath was never in his comfort zone at any part of this project’s execution. Snail paced narration, half baked scenes, scrappy treatment and above all unconvincing characterizations, there’s not even one aspect which is worth to be called an advantage. Dialogues are one of the poorest qualities in recent times. Malhar Bhatt’s camera work is unpromising and subdued. SR Sekkhar’s editing is discouraging. Veda’s music is good for one song and rest including the BGM is dull. Production standards from Malkapuram Shivakumar are also of weakest standards.

On to performances, one could not find a justifying reason on why Manchu Manoj has put lot of extra weight for this kind of characterization. He tried his best to shoulder the twists and turns come in second half but with poor quality of making, every character looked dingy. Regina has no scope to perform and restricted to single smiling expression. Prakash Raj costume is atrocious and his voice lacked in power to generate a momentum. Nagineedu and Subba Raju are hard to believe as villains. And so are Sudha, Benarjee, Nandu, Sravan. On to comedy quotient, Brahmanandam is pure headache. Rest no need to mention.

Shourya Rating Analysis: For thrillers, it’s mandatory to have a gripping screenplay and riveting performances with proper focus in direction. Dasarath was half way trying to establish hero with his natural ‘Mr. Perfect, Santosham’ kind of treatment and on the other half, he was clearly struggling to precipitate on thrill element. Resultantly neither of them went established. 

Right from introduction of Manoj while helping his friend (Sravan) in a 300 Crore project deal to playing a game with heroine family, his character never got a purpose needed for establishment. Same applies even for Regina and blame should be taken on the part of Dasarath for such poor groundwork. A dull first half gets an impulse with shocking interval block keeps up for a promising second half to begin. Thank god, Dasarath is still struck to his drawbacks and pace drags on testing our patience. Pre climax and climax would also have been far better. Closing all the logical threads opened through Prakash Raj character are a part of little mind game yet nothing floats on top except our detachment from plot. 

Commercially, ‘Shourya’ is made on a trifling budget and profit-loss equation may not be applicable. So, Cinejosh rates ‘Shourya’ with 2 stars or say granting the grace pass marks for at least being called as a feature film. 

Shourya Cinejosh Verdict: When There Is No Point, There’s No View Point.

                                                           Shourya Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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