Shikaru Review

Shikaru Review
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Director: Hari Kolagani
Producer: PSR Kumar (Babji)
Release Date: Fri 01st Jul 2022
Actors: Sai Dhansika
Shikaru Rating: 1 / 5
Shikaru Punchline: Just Bekaaru

What's Behind

Talented actress Sai Dhansika's Shikaru directed by Hari Kolagani released today. Let us findout what impression it made on the viewers.

Story Review

Young beautiful and married girl Devika (Sai Dhansika) finds in a peculiar situation along with youngster Bobby (Abhinav) in her house. She is scared what would be the implications if her suspicious husband Narasimha, finds it out. In the meantime, Bobby's friends Siddhu, Ram and others try to save him. To find out whether they are successful in their attempts or not, enjoy Shikaru on the screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Hari Kolagani tried to score a hit with a youthful entertainer. However, within a few minutes viewers come to know that the makers promoted an adult comedy into a youthful entertainer. More than 3/4's film is loaded with double meaning and adult dialogues and only a few among the youth relish such dialogues. Even they too will be put off when there is no story and the makers try to score a hit by playing on their weakness with just adult dialogues.

Hari Kolagani tried to highlight the problems faced by the youngsters if they try to reach out to married women. He may claim that he has a lot of respect for women, but the way he penned the scenes and dialogues show that he doesn't have a semblance of respect for them. There are many cheap scenes and reverted dialogues and especially the entire track of Chammak Chandra shows his perverted mindset. There is nothing to talk about in the story, screenplay, and direction. The story is weak and there are no sparks of screenplay and direction. The entire narration is dragged in the name of adult comedy scaring those in theatres. When the film ended everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Hari Kolagani who made his debut used his Jabardasth experience and turned the film into a Jabardasth show and one gets a feeling that Jabardasth episodes are better than Shikaru.

Sai Dhansika for all her talent showcased good expressions and emoted well. She could have chosen a better film and character for her Tollywood debut. Posani Krishna Murali acted as a police officer and through him, the director tried to attract Balakrishna's fans with powerful dialogues singing praises of Balakrishna. Kannada Kishore,Abhinav Medisetty,Tej kurapati, Dheeraj Aathreya, Navakanth,Annapurna,Surekha Vani and others performed according to their roles.

Shekar Chandra's music did not make any impact and BGM is just ok. Vasili Shayam Prasad's cinematography is ok and the editing of Venkateswara Rao Srungavarapu failed completely. But for that, the fault lies with the director. Production values are ok.






Adult comedy

Rating Analysis

Sai Dhansika hoped for a dream debut in Tollywood with Shikaru under Hari Kolagani's direction. However, all her hopes are dashed as Hari Kolagani came up with the so-called youthful entertainer loaded with double-meaning dialogues. He tried to cover it up with scenes singing praises of Balakrishna. Despite all this, he couldn't make up for the weak story, screenplay, and direction. He could have at least saved his honor by selecting a respectable story. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 1 rating for Shikaru.


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