Sher Movie Review

Sher Movie Review
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Sher Movie Review, What’s Behind: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram recently enjoyed a big hit ‘Pataas’ is now ready with display of heroism in the form of ‘Sher’ directed by Mallikarjun. Starring Sonal Chauhan, Rao Ramesh, Brahmanandam in other main leads, the movie has graced into theaters today. Let us see how great are these Lion roars in ‘Sher’ Review?

Sher Story: Movie introduces Hyderabad local don Puppy (Vikramjeet Virk)’s marriage plans disturbed by Gautham (Kalyan Ram). As Puppy decides to take revenge on Gautham, thus comes in heroine Nandini (Sonal Chauhan), daughter of ACP Sarath Chandra (Sayaji Shinde) falling in love with Gautham. In parallel, International Mafia headed by Kolkata Dada (Mukesh Rishi) is also introduced into story for having links with Puppy. To win ACP Sarath Chandra’s blessings for marrying Nandini, here begins Gautham’s mission of wiping out total Dada’s gang. Is Gautham on the task to massacre Dada and his teammates just for the sake of Nandini? If not, what is the personal family revenge drama behind?

Sher Artists and Technicians: From story point of view, Mallikarjun goofed up with an age old commercial storyline which had space for all the ingredients. However, his screenplay played the spoilsport dumping the overall essence. His direction also wandered here and there with worth a few engaging moments. Mallikarjun needs to be appreciated for very well tightening the loose ends in pre-climax thus adding solidarity to total film. There are many areas in the narration which could have handled far better. Dialogues from Diamond Rathna Babu are a garden variety with few comic punches evoked humor. Sarvesh Murari’s camera work is one of the drawbacks to mention. Major portions in the movie are observed to be half baked in post production. Kotagiri’s editing is also pretty ordinary with incoherent amalgamation of scenes. SS Thaman actually came up with a better musical score in songs and BGM is again quite noisy. Production values of Komara Venkatesh and Vijaya Lakshmi Pictures looked sensible.

On to artists, Kalyan Ram continued to take care about his looks. With a new hair-do, he does enough justice taking the overall burden on his shoulders. NKR improvised a lot on dances too. Action and emotional portions, he was more than satisfactory. Sonal Chauhan is gorgeous in some angles. However, she is strongly restricted only for songs and glamour quotient. Brahmanandam as Brahmi took the weighty first half comedy share in association with NKR. Rao Ramesh, Rohini were sympathetic in their characters. Mukesh Rishi, Shafi, Vikram Jeet Virk, Ashish Vidyarthi struck to regular villainy. Sayaji Shinde is insignificant while Ali, Prabhas Srinu, Fish Venkat and other comedian gang served a slighter deal. MS Narayan as Lungi Baba entertained well. Rest may not need a mention.

Sher Rating Analysis: From an overall commercial cinema perspective, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram has done whatever needed from his end to keep the film on toes. However, director Mallikarjun definitely mismanaged his skill because their last outing ‘Kaththi’ is a far better product than this in many terms. Most importantly, technical and making values made ‘Sher’ to create a feeble impact. A traditional and everyday overused storyline admixing humor, romance, action and a flashback connected to tragic family drama has lost the shine in Mallikarjun’s treatment. 

Total first half runs on establishing relations between key characters. Romantic track gets dragged at portions after joining into Vikram Jeet’s plot. Killing spree began by NKR turns out to be vague with Brahmi’s comedy dollops a respite. Interval hasn’t got a big bang theory because second half also starts off with no major thrill. By the time we complete a loud item song and story cruises towards pre-climax, comprehensively the narrative gets a purpose and blanket justification with flashback bonding an emotion.

Despite all advantages and drawbacks, ‘Sher’ is a menial project for Kalyan Ram and Mallikarjun made to stand on a baseborn story line. Addition of Balakrishna and legendary NTR scenes is sure to blow up the theater roofs. Finally, ‘Sher’ from Cinejosh standards is dignified with 2.25 stars. Commercial run can be restricted because the budget spent by producers appeared to be acceptably within the reasonable limits.

Sher Cinejosh Verdict: No Roars, This One Only Bores!

                                                         Sher Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas

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