Shekar Review

Shekar Review
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Director: Jeevitha Rajasekhar
Producer: Beeram Sudhakara Reddy, Shivani Rajashekar, Shivat
Release Date: Fri 20th May 2022
Actors: Rajasekhar
Shekar Rating: 2 / 5
Shekar Punchline: Lacks investigation intensity

What's Behind

Angry Star Rajasekhar after scoring a hit with PSV Garuda Vega, entertained with a decent hit Kalki. Rajasekhar after a long time is coming with Shekar directed by his better-half Jeevitha. The film hit the screens today and let us see what impact Rajasekhar made on movie lovers.

Story Review

Shekar (Rajasekhar) resigns from his job as a cop and leads a secluded life along with his daughter Geetha (Shivani). He is addicted to alcohol but helps the department in solving cases. In the midst of all this, he gets a double personal shock and upon investigation, he unearths startling secrets. To find out more about the shocking secrets and developments in his personal and professional life and how they are connected to his wife Indu (Aathmeeya Rajendran), lover Keerthana( Muskaan Kubchandhani), and others, watch Shekar on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Jeevitha Rajasekhar on her debut as the director started off on an interesting note quickly going into the narration. Though the film kickstarts in a fast-paced manner, the narration from there on goes at a snail's pace. The entire first half is loaded with father-daughter sentiment, a father's love story, and also the strained relationship between the hero and his wife. The pace picks up ahead of the interval and a couple of twists. The entire story unfolds in the second half but even before one gets interested in the pace of the film, the pace dips much to their disappointment. The interesting twists and turns in between increase curiosity and the pre-climax and climax are well shot. However, despite all the efforts, the film turned out to be a routine entertainer as the makers though did not officially reveal that it is the remake of the Malayalam film Joseph, copy-pasted the film scene by scene except for including a couple of romantic scenes for the hero. Lakshmi Bhupala who made changes to the story included a few interesting ones but otherwise turned monotonous. Jeevitha's screenplay and direction are ok and followed the same pattern as that of the original.

Rajasekhar lived in the role of a cop who suffers from personal problems. He showed good expressions and emotions. He showed variations in body language and carried himself well on the screen. Dialogues of Rajasekhar made a powerful impact with intensity. Aathmeeya Rajan is good as the wife of Rajasekhar. Shivani, the daughter of Rajasekhar got limited scope to perform and the scenes involving Rajasekhar and Shivani are good. Muskaan Kubchandhani is confined to a song and few scenes and she indulged in glamor treats. Prakash Raj made his presence felt in a cameo as lawyer Balram. Abhinav Gomatam performed well in his role and others like Kannada Kishore, Sameer, Bharani, Ravi Varma, and Shravan Raghavendra performed according to their roles.

Anup Rubens' tunes for the songs are emotional, touching, and as per the situation. His BGM is fine. The cinematography of Mallikarjun Naragani is good but could have been better. The editing is just average and could have been far better as there are many drags throughout the film. Production values are good.





Slow pace

Routine narration

Rating Analysis

Rajasekhar tried to highlight the shocking scams in his film Shekar. However, Jeevitha's screenplay and direction diluted the investigation stressing more on highlighting the emotions in the personal life just like in the original. Had Jeevitha paid more importance to the investigation by including twists and turns and exposing of the shocking scam that comes only in the pre-climax by working on the story, screenplay, and direction, the result would have been powerful. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Shekar.

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