Senapathi Review

Senapathi Review
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Director: Pavan Sadineni
Producer: Sushmita Konidela and Vishnu Prasad
Release Date: Fri 31st Dec 2021
Actors: Rajendra Prasad
Senapathi Rating: 2.75 / 5
Senapathi Punchline: Fizzles with a rollercoaster ride.

What's Behind

Versatile actor Rajendra Prasad's upcoming entertainer Senapathi is generating immense interest as Rajendra Prasad is making his OTT debut with this film. Senapathi directed by Pavan Sadineni is streaming on AHA Video on December 31, 2021. Let us findout what Senapathi offers to movie lovers.

Story Review

Krishna (Naresh Agasthya), a juvenile who was against cops, is inspired to become one. Krishna joins as an inspector at Dabeerpura Police Station. However, he gets a huge shock when he loses his service revolver while trying to nab a criminal. He gets suspended and the job of finding the lost gun is handed over to Paramjyothy (Harshavardhan). To find out whether Krishna finds his revolver, what are the shocking twists and how SI Purushottam (Satya Prakash), journalist Satya (Gnaneswari Kandregula), and Krishna Murthy (Rajendra Prasad) are connected to it, watch Senapathi on the silver screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Pavan Sadineni tried to attract movie lovers with the thriller Senapathi. The film is a remake of the Tamil film 8 Thottakal which itself is inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Stray Dog. He made subtle changes in the story and the script but except for that, it is a scene-to-scene remake of the original. The makers have done away with the songs so as to increase the intensity of the film. The narration starts off in an interesting manner and viewers get glued once the service revolver goes missing.

The investigation is shown and narrated in an interesting manner and various characters and emotional angles are highlighted in a good and effective manner. However, with so many characters introduced the pace of the narration dips and so too the interest levels. But,the first half ends on an interesting note setting the tone for an exciting second half. The second half progresses intensely but the episodes involving Rajendra Prasad dragged completely and the heavily loaded emotional scenes deviated the film's narration completely. the pre-climax and climax though interesting is stretched so much that it makes people yawn. Motives for the killings and the robberies are depicted in a childish and amateurish manner. Dialogues of Rakendu Mouli are interesting and thought provoking. 

Naresh Agasthya performed his role in a perfect manner. He showed the right kind of expressions and emotions. However, he came with only one expression through out the film. His character one feels is bereft of other expressions. 

Harshavardhan carried himself well as a cop. He brought in different variations showcasing the seriousness and at the same time showed the hilarious angle. Satya Prakash as a corrupt cop is good. Gnaneshwari Kandregula is good as the TV anchor. 

Rajendra Prasad powered the film on his shoulders. He showed good body language and his mannerisms are ok. He showed good expressions and emotions required for his role. He sported a completely different look to take everyone by surprise. People get used to his look only after sometime. Infact, Rajendra Prasad lived in his role. 

Others like Josh Ravi, Jeevan Kumar and Rakendu Mouli performed according to their roles. 

Shravan Bharadwaj's background music is in sync with the story. His background music gave a new feel to the viewers. However at times it turned out to be loud. Vivek Kalepu's cinematography is good and the camera angles recreated the environment of an investigation by the cops and the chase sequences in an interesting manner. Cinematography and background music complimented each other and powered the film strengthening it perfectly. Gowtham Nerusu's editing could have been better as there are many drags in the film, especially in the second half. This slowed the pace of the film affecting the tempo. Production values are good.


Rajendra Prasad

Few twists and turns



Slow pace


Pre climax, climax

Rating Analysis

Pavan Sadineni's Senapathi featuring Naresh Agasthya and Rajendra Prasad in the lead roles, generated immense interest. Movie lovers waited eagerly as it happened to be Rajendra Prasad's OTT debut. The narration started off in an interesting manner with good twists and turns and the entry of Rajendra Prasad increased the excitement. Pavan Sadineni came with an interesting story and tried to generate interest with his screen play and direction. He emerged successful to some extent, but illogical scenes, predictable narration, slow pace, uneven screenplay played the spoil sport.  Considering all these elements, CJ goes with a 2.75 rating for Senapathi.


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