Selfie Raja Review

Selfie Raja Review
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Selfie Raja Review, What’s Behind: Recently, Allari Naresh lost his minimum guarantee and sudden star tag with back to back failures. Attempting a full-fledged comedy, he came up with Selfie Raja hitting the screens today. Let us see, how far he succeeded in making us laugh with this catchy titled comic caper?

Selfie Raja Story: Selfie maniac Raja (Allari Naresh) leading a happy life falls in love with Police Commissioner (Nadineedu)’s daughter Swetha (Kamna Ranawat). On their first night, Swetha misunderstands Raja as a cheater and distances from him. Meanwhile, Police Commissioner’s enemies also target to disturb his family life by targeting his daughter and son-in-law. Frustrated to remain distant from wife Swetha, poor Raja decides to commit suicide but fails. To have an easy death, Raja hires a Professional Killer (Ravi Babu) to kill him. Twist in the tale is, this Professional Killer has some other extra plans using Raja’s look alike Biku (Allari Naresh). How all these confusions lead to a happy climax is rest.

Selfie Raja Artists and Technicians: Right from the very starting moment, ‘Selfie Raja’ suffers. Neither there is a concrete story not there is a screenplay. Director Eshwar Reddy stitched a film in bits and pieces of episodes without any coherence. Story wanders aimlessly. Characterization of Naresh as Raja is so feeble and so is the unnecessary second character comes as a dual role. Moreover, silly tracks and plenty of spoofs failed to generate any fun. Despite employing three to four so called best dialogue writers, the purpose isn’t served. Dialogue Rathna Babu and his team have done a paltry job. S Lokanathan camera work is outright disastrous. Nowhere audiences are served to a visual feast because production design is poverty stricken. MR Varma’s editing is also a handicapped job. Due to this bad editing, scene to scene transition was jerky and painful. On to music, Sai Karthik may come out with minimum pass marks and RR is also just average. All in all, ‘Selfie Raja’ is technically a second rate product. Thanks to absolutely awkward production standards from such a popular banner like AK Entertainments banner.

Performance wise, Naresh performed his task effortlessly. After trying various ways to generate comedy in his last films and failed, finally Naresh is back to square one relying on plenty of spoofs. Every scene was colored with an imitation of hit film or a star hero. As Selfie Raja, he was better and the second character coming just before interval is atrocious and wrongly written. Kamna Ranawat isn’t a heroine material at all. Sakshi Chowdary is just meant for skin show. Best man of the show is 30 years industry Prudhvi as SI Ankusham. His imitation of Balayya Babu and Bunny evoked laughs. Shakalaka Shankar’s lengthy snake episode is irritating. Sapthagiri failed loudly. Krishna Bhagawan and Ranjitha as deaf parents of hero are partly good. Tagubothu Ramesh’s Kattappa act is unnecessarily prolonged. Ravi Babu, Sathya, Rajya Lakshmi, Jabardasth Batch, Nagineedu and others are hopeless.

Selfie Raja Rating Analysis: To shoot the criticism directly from Allari Naresh, the basic flaw one can find out is, he appears to have lost the judgment in picking the scripts and directors. After ‘Sudigadu,’ there’s no way viewers are ready to laugh at the spoofs until and unless written effectively with punches. Without a proper content, Eshwar Reddy tried to run the movie only on scattered parodies places at unequal intervals. Tragically, ‘Selfie Raja’ is one more spineless attempt perfectly pulled Naresh’s craze down by one more step.

Coming to first half, Naresh actually begins the movie on a promising note with his routine timing. Introducing the heroine family and taking us into romantic track, Eshwar Reddy wasn’t free flowing. Later on, first night scene followed by Naresh suicide trials stood enjoyable to some extent. Before interval, introduction of one more Naresh isn’t really kicking. Into second half, Eshwar Reddy depended on outdated, irritating tracks operating with few more new characters. Towards pre climax, lengthy chases test our tolerance levels. Climax isn’t anything surprising. 

Overall, ‘Selfie Raja’ is a bad film magnifying the weaknesses in Naresh. Altogether, if you are looking for trademark Allari Naresh entertainment… this isn’t the movie of your choice, despite there are some laugh-out-loud moments. Rating wise, CJ feels that Selfie Raja is enough to go with 2 stars. Commercial verdict is always in audience hands.

Selfie Raja Cinejosh Verdict: Suicide Raja…

                                                   Selfie Raja Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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