Seetimaarr Review

Seetimaarr Review
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Director: Sampath Nandi
Producer: Srinivasa Chitturi
Release Date: Fri 10th Sep 2021
Actors: Gopichand
Seetimaarr Rating: 2.75 / 5
Seetimaarr Punchline: Makes 'Seeti Marr'. missed firepower

What's Behind

Macho hero Gopichand who is reeling under a string of flops for many years is testing his luck with Seeti Marr directed by Sampath Nandi. Expectations are soaring on this project after Mega Star Chiranjeevi showered the trailer and heaped praises on Sampath Nandi's screenplay. Let us see whether Gopichand makes movie lovers Seeti Marr.

Story Review

Karthik (Gopichand), Assistant Manager in Andhra Bank, who gets a job under sports quota, trains his village girls in Andhra Pradesh in Kabaddi so that they have a bright future. His dream is to make them win the nationals to resolve all their problems. The entire story of Seeti Marr revolves around whether Karthik emerged successful in his attempts, what problems he faced during his mission, how his sister (Bhumika), her husband, DCP Arvind (Rahman), Telangana women's coach Jwala Reddy (Tamannaah), Andhra team captain Shailu (Preeti Asrani), her father Swetha (Posani Krishna Murali) village head (Rao Ramesh), his daughter Akruti (Diganana Suryavanshi) and dreaded criminal Makhan Singh (Tarun Arora)are connected with.

Artists, Technicians Review

Sampath Nandi who is known for his commercial entertainers this time tried to send a strong message to society through Gopichand with sports-based flick with commercial elements. Sampath Nandi emerged successful in blending all of them for most of the first half. He included a message on women's empowerment, elevated the heroism of Gopichand, and also added humor through Annapurna and Pragati. The first half passes off in an interesting and entertaining manner and ends with a good interval bang. When many expected the narration to take off in the second half, it turns out to be extremely routine testing the patience of the viewers. There are many illogical scenes but one would have ignored them had it not turned monotonous. Intensity levels went missing in the second half.The conflict point did not reach the ultimate level and it could have been elevated in a better manner. The story is ok and the screenplay worked for most of the first half but it went awry in the second half. The narration turned out to be predictable much to the disappointment of the viewers.

Gopichand slipped into the role tailormade for him. He performed well as a youngster who loves his sister and brother-in-law and works for the upliftment of women through sports. He showed good emotions and expressions and made his presence felt on screen. His dialogue delivery is good. However, at times he looked jaded. Milky Beauty Tamannaah performed her role as a confident woman showing her power as a coach. She oozed with glamor and her chemistry with Gopichand is a treat to watch especially in the Jwala Reddy song where the duo delighted viewers with their mass movements.

Digangana Suryavanshi did not get much screen presence. Bhumika passed through the motions as Gopichand's sister. Rao Ramesh is at his best with his trademark dialogues. Rahman is ok in his role as DCP. Posani Krishna Murali looked like a caricature but in the pre-climax he made his presence felt with powerful dialogues. Preeti Asrani as Kabaddi captain performed well. Annapurna and Pragati along with others entertained with their comedy though it was overboard. Tarun Aroa as the antagonists looked menacing. He just passed through the motions flaunting his macho looks and did not do much.

Mani Sharma's music is ok. His Seeti Marr song is good but the hit song happens to be Jwala Reddy. The song was well shot and is a treat to watch on screen. The dance movements of Tamannaah and Gopichand are good. Anketa Maharana sizzled redhot in the Pepsi Baby song. Tammi Raju's editing is ok but could have been better in the second half. Production values are good.


Gopichand's performance

Tamannaah's glamor


Women empowerment

Music, BGM

Few hilarious scenes


Routine elements

Missing thrills


Extreme violence

Second Half

Rating Analysis

Sampath Nandi with Seeti Marr showed Gopichand in a powerful manner elevating his heroism perfectly on screen. Masses will like Gopichand's power-packed performance and the message embedded in it. But with better narration, script work and screenplay, Seeti Marr would have exploded with more firepower. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2.75 rating for Seeti Marr.


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