Seema Tapakai Movie Review

Seema Tapakai Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Seema Tapakai: Comedy star ‘Allari’ Naresh joined specialist comedy director Nageshwar Reddy for this flick which has music from Vandemataram Srinivas. While debutant Poorna is looking hot, let us see how good is this blast of ‘Seema Tapakai’?

In the Movie Seema Tapakai: Sri Krishna (Allari Naresh) is the younger son of multi millionaire businessman (Sayaji Shinde) who falls instantly in love with Satya (Poorna). The girl is more inclined towards radical philosophies of uplifting the poor sections in society. In the process she develops hatred towards rich people. To impress Satya, here is Sri Krishna and his friend (Vennela Kishore) act like poor and finally Krishna wins her love. 

In order to marry her, Krishna even makes his entire family to behave impoverished making them live in a slum basti. Finally when Krishna’s family accepts the girl, then comes a twist revealing that Satya is the only daughter of Rayalaseema factionist Nagineedu (Nagineedu) whose arch rival is Venkatappayya (Jayaprakash Reddy). 

Now, Krishna makes his entire family to continue the drama to lay a sentimental trap around Nagineedu and Venkatappayya. Did this plan work out? How Krishna changed the faction atmosphere in Seema? forms the climax. 

Values of the Movie Seema Tapakai: Story of the film could have been a regular one but it is Nageshwar Reddy’s addition of social concepts like removing of poverty, erasing of factionism which have made it little more interesting. Direction wise Nageshwar Reddy scored marks for comedy only in second half. Dialogues by Marudhuri Raja detonated in few scenes. Music by Vandemataram Srinivas is good both in songs and background. Vijay’s cinematography and Kotagiri’s editing are fine. Production values of Wellfare creations are very good.

Performance wise more than Allari Naresh, it is the remaining casting in the film that dominated. Of course Naresh was at his regular best in leading the show but each and every character has got sufficient screen time to perform. Poorna is little stout yet she will get the recognition for dances and good acting skills. Nagineedu excelled in sentiment scenes while Sayaji Shinde is at routine. Vennela Kishore got few punches right. Brahmanandam although had less number of scenes, he is worth generating the laughs. Among the remaining Sudha, Surekha Vani, MS Narayana, LB Sriram and we have a big bunch of comedy artist community getting their due portions. 

Out of the Movie Seema Tapakai: Basic flaw for the film is weak first half. Reason being many scenes that are capable of bursting the smiles failed. The extra doses of serious scenes on ‘Poverty’ were repeatedly boring the audience. Sincerely speaking, Tapakai is bombed with high sound only in pre-climax Seema scenes on Jayaprakash Reddy followed by parody song (highlight is ‘Om Namo Venkatappayya,’ a spoof to ‘Khaleja’ song). Certain that audience will come out of theatre with laughing faces, thanks to last half an hour rib tickling episodes well treated by Nageshwar Reddy (which is his actual strength). More than this, we have loads and loads of sentimental scenes which are actual key as per storyline of the film. Surprise, even you have a simple lip kiss between main leads. I surely doubt on success of this film which may not be on par with ‘Allari’ Naresh’s earlier hits. This could be just a mild explosion at BO.

Cinejosh Verdict of Seema Tapakai: First Half Waste & Second Half Blast!

                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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