Second Hand Movie Review

Second Hand Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Second Hand: When other regional film industries and Bollywood are trending new concepts and innovative ideas, our Tollywood is struck into the same commercial formula with no usage of brain. Its time for change and a young and brand new team is here with a simple film. Let us see, how good is this?

In the Movie Second Hand: Plot begins with suicide attempt of Santosh (Sudheer Varma) and he narrates the failure love story to Dental Doctor Subba Rao (Kireeti). Santosh is a struggling Photographer falls in love with beautiful girl Deepu (Dhanya Balakrishna). First few days, they are happy but regular problems about career, future leads to breakup and Deepu cheats Santosh by marrying a rich guy Mounish. So, Santosh is in aversion with entire female community.

Subba Rao, the perfect gentleman has his own story. Dreaming to find a righteous girl for marriage, Subba Rao accepts Swetcha (Dhanya Balakrishna) who already had a sexual relation with boyfriend. Innocent Subba Rao accepts Swetcha for frankness but she is still more attracted towards physical relation with the same ex-lover. So, there is a reason for Subba Rao’s frustration.

Here enters the third story of Shruti (Dhanya Balakrishna) whose live-in relation with two boys Chaitu and Siddhu leads to pregnancy and abortion. While Chaitu is careless and insensitive, Siddhu is a settled and conscious guy. Shruti is in confusion on whom to select. All three stories reach a climax with counseling from Doctor (Posani Krishna Murali). How did he solve Santosh’s aversion, Subba Rao’s frustration and Shruti’s confusion is the rest.

Values of the Movie Second Hand: For any kind of story, it’s the script, dialogues and direction elevates the substance. Fresher Kishore Tirumala has got sufficient inventiveness and right stuff to excel in a new format of film making. Thumbs Us for his lively and entrancing dialogues stood as biggest advantage. Characterizations and style of narration was brand new. However, the solid stroke seen in Santosh and Subba Rao stories missed in Shruti. That is why entertainment quotient and pace in the film drastically drops down in second half. As major potion of movie was shot on 5D, Avanindra and Uma’s cinematography were unsupportive. SR Sekkhar’s editing was breaking new ground. Right placement of Ilayarajs’ songs in background was new-fangled from music director Ravi Chandra. Production values of Poorna Naidu, Sreeyas Chithra, Multi Dimension and BVS Ravi were low. 

Performance wise, we enjoy more of the characters in the film than the artists. Dhanya Balakrishna’s presence in all the three sub-stories might end up confusing the common audience. Sudheer Varma is more like a boy next door. Kireeti’s characteristic traits generated loud laughter. Then Vishnu was also good in Chaitu’s role. Rest others including Posani did justice.

Out of the Movie Second Hand: Although title of movie is ‘Second Hand,’ this is a First Hand attempt from Kishore Tirumala. This man has the proclivity to write contemporary and youth enticing dialogues. Lines penned for Sudheer Varma’s last conversation with Dhanya or Subba Rao’s talking to his inner self are dealt professionally by Kishore. The problem is regular with the second half. The point where Interval flashes left the audience excited. 

In simple, ‘Second Hand’ could have been a better product if attempted as a short film. They elastically pulled three stories like a rubber band. First two passed the test while the third broke up including the climax. Bottom line is, one should compliment and encourage the thoughts of skillful new comers. Commercially, ‘Second Hand’ might cater alone to the tastes of Metro audience. One more inference, there is definitely a healthy and clean way of dealing youth entertainers like ‘Second Hand’ rather than just relying on adult, double meaning ‘Boothu’ content. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Second Hand: First Hand Idea…Well Tried Subba Rao

                                                                 Cinejosh Rating: 2.75

                                        Reviewed by Srivaas

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