Savyasachi Review

Savyasachi Review
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Director: Chandoo Mondeti
Producer: Naveen Yerneni, CV Mohan and Y Ravi Shankar
Release Date: Fri 02nd Nov 2018
Actors: Naga Chaitanya, Madhavan, Nidhhi Agerwal, Bhumika Chawla, Vennela Kishore, Dishita Sehgal, Rao Ramesh, Thagubothu Ramesh, Bharath Reddy, Hyper Adhi
Savyasachi Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Savyasachi - Good At Thought, Weak At Execution

Savyasachi Review, What’s Behind:

Premam combo of Naga Chaitanya and Chandoo Mondeti are back with Savyasachi produced by prestigious, success struck banner Mythri Movie Makers. MM Keeravani joined them post Baahubali and the film also marks Telugu debut for Madhavan, actress Nidhi Agarwal. What kind of impact this crazy combination is going to create?

Savyasachi Story Review:

Vikram Aditya (Naga Chaitanya), an ad film maker by profession has unique Vanishing Twin Syndrome by which he loses control over left hand. His sister’s (Bhumika) love marriage brings personal miseries to Vikram both directly and indirectly. Then he meets girlfriend Chitra (Nidhi Agerwal) after six years and enjoys best phase but an unexpected guest arrives in his life to bring more troubles. Who is this anonymous person Arun (Madhavan)? What is his connection with Vikram? Who will win the game between good and bad?

Savyasachi Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Chandoo Mondeti has simply penned a revenge thriller subject from villain’s perspective and included Vanishing Twin Syndrome to beautify the script. Had he blended a proper concept into this disorder, Savyasachi would have shaped up as engaging thriller. Owing to weak narrative skills and aimless direction, this has become a half-baked outing. Chandoo couldn’t precisely take the best advantage of syndrome in his protagonist. Rather focusing on core subject, in the name of entertainment he wasted much of time in first half with college episodes and love track, none of them fascinating. Screenplay was predictable and the purpose of introducing villain before interval was wrong. The much publicized mind game between the protagonist and antagonist went haywire. Botched to elevate right emotions at right time, Chandoo’s plain narration did more damage. 

Cinematography by Yuvraj was acceptable though visuals appeared dim at times. MM Keeravani did justice to two songs and BGM was adequate. Editing was a dip with erroneous blending of shots. Production values of Mythri Movie Makers are really good.

Onto performances, Naga Chaitanya looked handsome and energetic in fights. His attempts to elevate emotionally are visible on screen. Hip-hop moments in Lagayathu remix song will satisfy Fans. Nidhi Agarwal is a cool beauty restricted to few scenes, songs unconnected to central theme. Versatile Madhavan is not used to his potential. Though he could deliver what the director expected, he is not a right choice. Rao Ramesh is regularly effective and Bhumika Chawla has got nothing to do. Vennela Kishore, Satya, Sudarshan provided some relief. Thagubothu Ramesh is a wrong cast. Hyper Adhi was as boring as Subhadra Parinayam episode. Bharath Reddy and other artists were okay.

Savyasachi Review Advantages:

First 15 Minutes

Naga Chaitanya


Vanishing Twin Syndrome Point

Savyasachi Review Drawbacks:



Frail Romance

Second Half

Aimless Narrative

Savyasachi Review, Rating Analysis:

Chandoo Mondeti made a profuse mark as writer, director with scientific rationale and modern day reasoning in super successful Karthikeya. In fact, the same touch has been exhibited in Premam. So, Savyasachi which too is made on Vanishing Twin Syndrome generated enough excitement and the success streak of Mythri Movie Makers further helped. Unfortunately, the absorbing idea of Vanishing Twin Syndrome went weak at execution. Despite there is an electrifying central element, Chandoo Mondeti was unsuccessful in weaving a complete plot around this point. Screenplay, direction went vague after a bright, riveting start.        

Savyasachi begins with mythological Bhasmasura story and morale to underline. Accident on Himachal Ghat road is thrilling enough to keep us on toes. Chaitu’s escape and opening of Vanishing Twin Syndrome made first 15 to 20 minutes really high. Exactly when viewers anticipate a product high above Karthikeya bar, Chandoo’s passion takes back seat. Shifting of story to the USA and love track with Chaitu, Nidhi Agarwal, Vennela Kishore or flashback college episodes diluted the excitement. Only by interval when they fly back India, story comes back on track with Chay’s niece missing after a gas cylinder blast. Confrontation of Chay, Madhavan on phone gives way for a lose interval.

Second half obviously asks for more mind game of Padma Vyuham between Chay, Maddy. Except a couple of puzzle solving hints, explanation on why so called genius brained Maddy wants to kill a selected few in his life is a logical hollow. Maddy’s half-baked characterization further slides down the overall impact. Placement of Subhadra Parinayam and Lagayathu remix song went terribly wrong. Couple of action blocks devoid of intelligent scene elevation pushed Savyasachi to a formulaic climax.        

All in all, Savyasachi is not a film expected from Chandoo Mondeti standards. Though Mythri’s production standards and Naga Chaitanya, Madhavan tried hard to save the film from sinking down, blame it on irresponsible writing and injudicious direction, there’s no escape. CJ goes for 2 star rating pointing the finger at Chandoo Mondeti. Box Office result, wait and see.

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