Savithri Review

Savithri Review
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Savithri Review, What’s Behind: Of late Nara Rohit is coming up with one film in each month. After ‘Thuntari,’ here is his new movie ‘Savithri’ arrived in theaters today from director Pawan Sadineni starring Nanditha as heroine supported by a big casting. Let’s see, how effective ‘Savithri’ is in our review.

Savithri Story: Savithri (Nanditha) is so mad about marriage from childhood. After elder sister Gayathri (Dhanya Balakrishnan)’s marriage against her wish and happiness, search begins for a perfect groom to Savithri. On trip to Shirdi, she bumps on to Dr. Rishi (Nara Rohit) and romance sparks instantly. Though Rishi opens his feelings, Savithri conceals them as matter of respect towards family members, father (Murali Sharma) and uncle (Ajay). In no time, Rishi reaches Savithri’s village to speak with her parents but finds out a problem in Nanna (Ravi Babu) and his henchmen (Jeeva, Fish Venkat and others). How Rishi clears all the decks and wins Savithri love is rest.      

Savithri Artists and Technicians: Film’s very start-off with marriage episodes, birth of Savithri and her characterization is so promisingly dealt. Pawan Sadineni’s unique storyline based on heroine characterization is refreshing with provisional space to add a whole lot of family entertaining stuff in it. However, screenplay hovers at dim pace with few unnecessary episodes diluting the original essence. As a director Pawan showed right visualization and proper command over proceedings in first few minutes. His ability to draw emotional bonding between family members is observed to be authentically a feel-good generator which loses track as it goes on. Dialogues by Krishna Chaitanya and Pawan have been philosophically touching at few instances and hilarious at times. Vasanth’s camera work is decent but editing from Goutham Nerusu suffered. Sravan’s music is good for couple of songs and so was BGM. Production values from VB Rajendra Prasad and Vision Film Makers are satisfactory.

On to performances, Nara Rohit did his best to get into skin of character. His dialogue delivery remained impressive and emoted well in drama scenes. Nanditha although played the central title role, she had limited scope in this underdeveloped characterization. Chemistry between Rohit and Nanditha was also ok. Murali Sharma is a natural actor and was looking similar to his role in ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy.’ Ajay does his job well. Dhanya Balakrishnan, Sreemukhi, Madhu Nandan have done their parts. Comedy from Vennela Kishore, Sathya, Sathyam Rajesh, Prabhas Srinu, Fish Venkat, Posani stood entertaining to an extent. Ravi Babu is a comic villain with Jeeva as his sidekick does most of the damage. 

Savithri Rating Analysis: To analyze on fore, ‘Savithri’ had a nice premise with scope for good family emotions. After a smooth entry into core plot introducing Savithri and Rishi, immediately the train episode supplies a fun ride. Later, the narration loses its track with unwanted happenings take the toll. Closing the first half on entertaining note opening the confrontation between Rohit, Murali Sharma; the substance needed for second half was hinted. Into second half, the runtime gets bored with dragged scenes giving re-entry for antagonist Ravi Babu and then Vennela Kishore chapter passes the time with clichéd scenes. Only by pre climax, Dhanya tried to bring emotional connect back on track followed by climax shot on Nanditha justified the title.

Overall, ‘Savithri’ could have been a better film from Rohit in recent times. However, a badly executed second half pulls the graph very low and down. If one can welcome formulaic commercial ingredients without any complaints, ‘Savithri’ can be passable. Box Office wise, the verdict has to be wait and seen. Cinejosh rates Savithri with 2.25 stars for old and run of the mill narration. 

Savithri Cinejosh Verdict: A Weak Entertainer.

                                                  Savithri Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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