Sasanasabha Review

Sasanasabha Review
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Director: Venu Madikanti
Producer: Thulasi Ram Sappani & Shanmugam Sappani
Release Date: Fri 16th Dec 2022
Actors: Indrasena
Sasanasabha Movie Rating: 1.5 / 5
Punchline: Sasanasabha - Poor Politics

Sasana Sabha Movie: What's Behind

Sasanasabha directed by Venu Madikanti is attracting the attention of all as the makers came up with power packed and intense political trailers and teasers and announced that the film would be released at pan India level. The presence of Rajendra Prasad in an intense role is increasing the curiosity levels. The film is releasing on December 16 in a grand manner. Sasanasabha OTT partner is yet to be finalised and it's streaming will be done after the end of its theatrical run. Let us see what impact Sasana Sabha made on movie lovers.

Sasanasabha: Story Review

Sasanasabha story is about the political struggle between the ruling and opposition party to come to power. Keeping in sync with the exit polls, CM Ram Mohan Rao (Anish Kuruvilla) of Sakshyam Party and opposition leader Shyamala Bharat (Sonia Agarwal)'s Praja Chaitanyam party got 48 and 52 seats respectively and from then on the political fight for power starts. This brings into the picture a political broker, extremely dangerous Durga (Amit Tiwari), and Surya (Indrasena) who are languishing in jail. What is the connection between Rammohan Rao, Shyamala Bharat and the inmates in jail, Durga and Surya, and where this leads, how are politician Narayana Swamy (Dr.Rajendra Prasad),  Bhavana (Aishwaryaa Raj) is connected to it, should be found out on the screen.

Sasanasabha Movie: Artists, Technicians Review

Sasanasabha story and dialogues written by Raghavendra Reddy is a political thriller and highlighted how politicians are making people scapegoats and how people are getting fooled and getting impacted by short-term gains. Director Venu Madikanti started the narration in an interesting manner by reminding people of the great freedom fighters and politicians of the nation. He then concentrated on highlighting the heroism of the protagonist. More than trying to tease and thrill viewers with interesting elements, director Venu Madikanti concentrated on coming up with commercial elements like high-octane action scenes and powerful political dialogues in the backdrop of hung assembly and how political parties indulge in wooing the MLAs with their strategies. The first half ends on a serious but decent note. This sets the stage for a gripping second half. However, Venu Madikanti's narration nose-dived, and from then on, even more sillier scenes and preachy dialogues crop up and this turns the film into a yawn fest. The film's story is nothing new and even the screenplay and direction though intact in a few scenes, went haywire later. By the time Rajendra Prasad is introduced, people get put off by the developments and look expectantly toward exit doors.

Indra Sena perfectly played the role of a youngster with a good ideology with tremendous intensity. His macho looks and physique elevated the scene. However, he looked odd at times and he should pay attention to his physique and expressions to reach the next level of stardom. Rajendra Prasad played the role of a righteous good samaritan who enters politics in an emotional manner. He exhibited good emotions and played with his expressions. Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni got limited scope to perform and in one song she oozed with glamor.

Hebah Patel sizzled in a special song. She is ok with her looks. Anish Kuruvilla, Sonia Agarwal and Prithvi Raj played the roles of the politicians in a routine way. Their expressions and body languages are in sync with politics. Others like Mayank Parakh, Naga Mahesh, Amith Tiwari, Jabardast Apparao, Jabardast Naveen, Jabardast Dorababu, Jabardast Sunny, Jabardast Sattipandu, Jabardast Rajamouli, Lirisha, Sattanna, Aabid Bhushan, Shaurya Arjun, Dil Ramesh, Jayavani, Sammeta Gandhi, Unni Krishna, Narsingh, Busstop Koteswara Rao, Shekar Alavalapati performers accordingly.

Ravi Basrur of KGF fame came up with thumping background music. His background music created a powerful impact on the viewers. A couple of songs are foot-tapping but all of them acted as speed breakers and slowed the pace of the film. Krishna Murali's cinematography is ok. Gowtham Raju's editing could have been far better, especially in the second half. Production values are good.

Sasanasabha Movie: Advantages

  • BGM
  • Few political dialogues

Sasanasabha Movie: Disadvantages

  • Story, Screenplay, Direction
  • Silly and Illogical Scenes
  • Routine Elements

Sasanasabha Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Sasanasabha turns out to be the silliest and most illogical political entertainer. Venu Madikanti and Raghavendra Reddy's Sasanasabha take off in an interesting and intense manner. But after promising much in a routine flick, they failed to take it to the next level. Screenplay and direction are conveniently written so as not to trouble the intelligence of the viewers. The story, the screenplay and the direction turned out to be mediocre. Had Venu and Raghavendra concentrated on fine-tuning the story and screenplay, things would have been better. Finally Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh gives a 1.5 rating for Sasanasabha.

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