Sarrainodu Review

Sarrainodu Review
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Sarrainodu Review, What’s Behind: Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s teaming up with action and mass loving director Boyapati Srinu is seen as an odd combination. However, Bunny’s home banner Geetha Arts produced ‘Sarrainodu’ projecting it as a complete oora mass action entertainer. SS Thaman composed music while Rakul Preet Singh, Catherine Tresa played female leads. Let’s get more into the review portion. 

Sarrainodu Story: Vairam Dhanush (Aadhi Pinisetty), son of Chief Minister is uncivilized and extremely brutal villain controlling the real mafia. Gana (Allu Arjun), young son of CM Chief Secretary Sripathi (Jaya Prakash) is an untamed military hero who cannot bear injustice. He goes to any extent for helping those in need. Gana is always supported by his Advocate Babai Umapathi (Srikanth). As the story proceeds on, Gana falls in love with local MLA Hanshitha Reddy (Catherine Tresa) and tries to woo her. Situations turn in typical favorite Telugu cinema formulae wherein Gana has to confront with Vairam Dhanush to save Jaanu (Rakul Preet Singh), daughter of humanitarian JP (Sai Kumar) and her village. What is the tragic flashback of Jaanu and how are Jaanu, Gana related? How Gana punishes Vairam Dhanush is rest.

Sarrainodu Artists and Technicians: From story perspective, Boyapati carefully and purposefully handpicked a regular commercial storyline with a disciplined, run-of-the-mill screenplay. For novelty loving audience, there is nothing to stimulate you. If lower order center common audiences are the ultimate target, Boyapati’s effort can be called as justified. Direction wise, he took extra concentration on portraying Bunny as action hero with excessive violence, over build up shots without missing the style of his hero. Nearly five to six trademark Boyapati episodes balancing emotion and action elements are sure to provide goose bumps. Apparently, Boyapati following 1980, 90s formula approach left a disappointing impact. Nevertheless, many such clichéd components are also received with warming response by crowds. 

Rathnam’s dialogues are hitting and sensible at times. Yet, little more effort was needed. Camera cranked by Rishi Punjabi has put the film in bright and colorful light. Especially, Rishi captured the stunts incredibly. Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao’s editing was inconsistent and is an inaccurate, incomplete work. Lot more trimming is mandatory. 

SS Thaman’s re-recording is breath taking while songs like Blockbuster, You Are My MLA registered quickly. 

Ram Lakshman’s stunt composition was over-the-top and Bunny has really bent his back. 

Finally, Geetha Arts have spent bomb of budget with excellent production values visible all over. 

Onto performances, Allu Arjun reshaped his physical attributes to live in this sturdy hero characterization. He is focused more as a muscleman with romance, drama and emotional traits downsized. On to comic timing, Bunny continued his ‘Race Gurram’ touch in certain portions. To be more specific, Allu Arjun’s emotional graph with Babai Srikanth requires an obvious mention. 

Catherine Tresa is little plump and spurious as MLA. Rakul Preet is liberal at skin show and looked glamorous. She was at ease while emoting in second half. 

Aadhi is established as barbaric villain with big buildup shots. His body language, costume selection and mannerisms have elevated wickedness to desired level. He is surely a right choice for antagonist and it’s good to see our Telugu talent rightly recognized. Definitely, Aadhi will get more offers from now on and he is new villain in ground. This helped Bunny’s heroism to go balanced in hero-villain confrontation scenes. 

Srikanth should be appreciated for supporting Allu Arjun in a plainly written character. Tamil artist Jaya Prakash was dignified and so were Sai Kumar, Chalapathi Rao. 

Adarsh Balakrishna and Rajiv Kanakala have done a superb job. Brahmanandam, Surekha Vani episodes are funnily written. Jaya Prakash Reddy, Pradeep Rawat, Suman, Vidyullekha Raman, Annapurna and others showed their presence. Anjali’s blockbuster item song is shot well.

Sarrainodu Rating Analysis: As an actor, Allu Arjun is progressing with a well balanced maturity showing first rate script selection. For reasons unknown, he depended more on a weak story with strong workmanship from director Boyapati. 

With mostly a predictable script, Bunny played to the galleries hanging on excessive, excruciating bloodshed, adrenaline rising fights. All in all, it’s the show of camaraderie from Boyapati and Bunny. 

Boyapati does not waste much of time traveling into story as he directly introduced Aadhi in very first frame. From there, getting into hero’s character with a deadly fight connected to family, romance with MLA has let an impression of a slow start. Real momentum drives in with Boyapati style when LB Sreeram and his daughter’s Nirbhaya thread nicely weaved in. Interval block was absorbingly conceived. 

Into second half, actual flashback lets the control to go feeble. Rakul stole the show here and story proceeds ritually towards pre climax, climax where Bunny, Srikanth outperformed.    

Overall, Boyapati mark action episodes establishing heroism with some rib tickling comedy, strong villain establishment made this an average fare. Bunny’s mass look is a big asset while regular story, weak emotional connections, wrong song placement, too much of violence stay on the flip side. 

If you just prefer to watch oora mass masala action entertainer with Bunny, Boyapati mark; then ‘Sarrainodu’ is safely watchable. Film may not appeal to family audience but youth, masses are sure to adore it. So, Cinejosh rates ‘Sarrainodu’ with 2.5 stars and waits for commercial verdict to speak the rest.

Sarrainodu Cinejosh Verdict: Dammu Ki Ekkuva - Legend Ki Thakkuva

                                                       Sarrainodu Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas


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