Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review
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Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review, What’s Behind: The wait from millions of Power Star Fans ended yesterday midnight when ‘Sardaar’ premiere shows are screened in selected locations. Bad luck, I’ve fortunately got the tickets for benefit show and entered into theater as my heart was fully loaded with only and only Pawan Kalyan. Watching a movie in between Fans and huge crowds is an unparalleled experience. Let us see, how far Fans supported ‘Sardaar’ in our review.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Story: Gabbar Singh, an orphan grows up under supervision of Police Officer (Tanikella Bharani). Yes, he becomes CI Sardaar Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) in Hyderabad transferred to Rattanpur Samsthan, an unmerciful kingdom ruled by the mining Mafia of unforgiving feudal lord Bhairav Singh (Sharad Kelkar). In the same kingdom, Princess Arshi Devi (Kajal Agarwal) and her caretakers Hari Narayana (Mukesh Rishi), Madhu (Urvashi) await for a right policeman to challenge Bhairav Singh’s atrocities. Thus Sardaar’s arrival lightens their hopes. How Sardaar wins his love from Arshi and how he keeps an end to Bhairav’s era is rest.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Artists and Technicians: To be seen as a story, Pawan Kalyan authored a line far thinner than wafer and sculpted it into a complete gaucherie script. This formula of a helpless princess holding back for a powerful hero to become the savior is as old as felsic rocks. Such an uninspired story cannot give a writer to lay back and draft the dialogues. Sai Madhav Burra’s pen is fenced in commercial ambit to play dangerously in periphery. Except a couple of philosophically high doing dialogues in bits and pieces, rest is a misapplication from such talented writer. With such predictable screenplay and debilitated story, director Bobby had nothing much to do. Lackadaisical direction made storytelling process go comatose as Bobby went immediately asleep on job. Rather than mounting on pointless heroism elevation slow motion shots, direction was utterly unproductive. In one word, it’s a deal good-for-nothing. Camera work from Arthur Wilson and I Andrew’s second unit is just alright. However, CG is pretty average. Goutham Raju’s editing is ungracious and kept the whole narration in non-sync. Devi Sri Prasad’s couple of energetic tunes helped to accelerate the pace. Except ‘Tauba Tauba;’ none of the songs are shot well. Title song is disappointment to nth degree. Brahma Kadali’s Rattanpur setting is nonrealistic nowhere corresponding to royalty in kingdom and people’s sufferings thereof. Production values from Sharat Marar, Pawan Kalyan and EROS are just fine.

On to performances, Pawan Kalyan is the only bright asset. Showing off regular histrionics, he stamped the film in his own style. Comic timing, powerful punches, adroit street smartness and well worked out stunts commanded his characterization. In contrast to these, dances and emotions went null. Pawan was so artificial at romance. Kajal Agarwal is an ageing beauty did not get along in underdeveloped Princess role. Her costume selection eventually surprised. For the first time, Pawan’s chemistry with a heroine looked romantically frail. Thanks to such dumbness, we are saved a bit from tiresomeness. Sharad Kelkar’s villainy never empathize us. His wicked character elevation wasn’t callous and atrocious. This made crucial confrontation between hero and villain go out with a hit and miss. Mukesh Rishi was bearable to an extent. Urvashi, Brahmanandam were intolerable. One more time, Brahmi baffled. Kabir Singh Duhan is a useless right hand to Sharad Kelkar. There’s nothing much to say about Posani, Krishna Bhagawan, Prudhvi. Then, Brahmaji was good while rest of police batch (Ali, Narra Sreenu and Jabardasth team) has got anything to do here. Rao Ramesh, Tanikella, Tisca Chopra, Kasi Vishwanath are wasted just like Antyakshari batch.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Rating Analysis: To start-off, Pawan Kalyan is one hero who hasn’t understood the potential in his stardom; miserably slipping down every time when we expect big. If sitting on a script like ‘Sardaar’ for two years is depressive to hear, releasing the final product half baked is suicidal. This isn’t Pawan Kalyan Fans are really waiting for because ‘Sardaar’ is nowhere near to its predecessor. This one moves on a single card timetable centralizing the hero with no able support from central plot. Inspired from time honored ‘Sholay’ success, this team hasn’t grasped the essence of back breaking work needed to create classics. Such out focused, negligent and unfitting tributes in the name of dedication to Fans can’t be acknowledged.

From the word go, Bobby and Pawan as a team appeared lazy. Sardaar entering into Rattanpur in first half was a bit shaky. Then romance with Kajal eats all the time. Following the commercial template, Pawan and Sharad Kelkar encounter comes late. In between, ‘Tauba Tauba’ song or school re-opening scene or peeping into Kajal’s childhood or Mukesh Rishi honesty or Brahmi-Urvashi confusion comedy… pick your space randomly and its insane all-over. The emotional connectivity needed to break Pawan Kalyan with Naka-Bandi as a lead to interval block was just ok. Then ‘Vaadevadanna Veedevadanna’ loudly gives interval bang.

Second half is wide open and totally predictable. Here Bobby and Pawan suffered with clear lack of content. Horse hypnotization, Brahmi-Pawan crap comedy on guns, Mukesh Rishi’s realization etc steering to Pawan-Kajal marriage proposal amalgamated with Pawan’s lecture on inequalities is outright miscomputing. Then the much hyped Veena step re-chanting the ‘Gabbar Singh’ Antyakshari episode is dismal. Climax fight is peaks of humiliation.

All in all, ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ is a powerless product incompatible with Pawan’s power and image. In the name of mass masala commercial package, Bobby apportioned a half baked product which even Fans are hard to connect with. This is a right time for Pawan Kalyan to rise on a given occasion but he never mends his ways. This is not the qualitative feature of a No 1 Super Star. Clearly, he is a man with out of focus and determination. His ideas aren’t really contemporary. ‘Sardaar’ is a straight-forward discouraging film forcing CJ to rate with 2.25 stars. Commercially, the film might go wayward in overall trade calculations with dramatic revenue drops anticipated from Monday.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Cinejosh Verdict: Lekka Thappina Thikka

                                          Sardaar Gabbar Singh Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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