Sarai Veerraju Movie Review First on Net

Sarai Veerraju Movie Review First on Net
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Director: D S Kannan
Producer: Visalakshi Creations
Release Date: Fri 04th Dec 2009
Actors: Ajay
Sarai Veerraju Movie Rating: 1.75 / 5
Punchline: Sarai Veerraju - Over Violence

Behind the Movie Sarai Veerraju: Only two important points which raised interest among this movie are Ajay and Director DS Kannan. Ajay has his long run in Tollywood as character artist since “Khushi.” Ajay tried his hand as a hero earlier but misfired. Coming to Director DS Kannan, a protégé of Rajamouli is claimed as a well trained technician in every department as his guru and the combination of these two along with long period of time that took in Production combined with variety of Publicity has generated expectations on this “Sarai Veerraju.”

In the Movie Sarai Veerraju:
Veerraju (Ajay) is an awara tapori in Narsipatnam village who is trying to go all the way to Dubai by saving each pie. His motive of reaching Dubai is susceptive because as soon as he lands in Dubai, Veerraju kills Vishnu (Bhupathi of ‘Chakravakam’ serial fame) and takes the addresses of four other people who are to be killed and lands back in Hyderabad. In the mean time of his journey, he falls in love with Preethi (Madhulika), the air hostess and enters her house in Hyderabad as a lover.
Very soon, Ajay is struck to the task of killing the four villains Tambi Dorai, Ramanath, Narayana and Raghupathi. Veerraju unable to overcome the love of Preethi narrates his entire flash back.

Veerraju known as Sarai Veeraju is an orphan who makes his living with other orphan Dhana Lakshmi and both of them grow together. The grown up Dhana Lakshmi (Ramya Nambushan) will always be unable to express her love to Ajay, but Ajay treats Dhana Lakshmi as a goddess. Dhana Lakshmi always remains helpful to the whole village, while Ajay just enjoys his life by preparing and selling Saara (cheap liquor).

With pressure from Dhana Lakshmi, Veerraju wants to get settled in life and join hands with chit fund type of company owners Vishnu, Tambi Dorai, Ramanath, Narayana and Raghupathi. Soon, Veeraju gets cheated by them and they leave the village by raping and killing Dhana Lakshmi. How did Veerraju take his revenge by killing them? What happened to Preethi? form the climax.          

Values of the Movie Sarai Veerraju:
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction part of  Sarai Veerraju are handled by debutant DS Kannan. DS Kannan in direction and dialogues part has all those magic which his guru Rajamouli had. Story looks to be a rotten one which is mainly the revenge drama seen many a times on Telugu screens. Even DS Kannan looked confused in handling the entire first half. Cinematography by Vishwa is ‘A’ class and scores in distinction when it comes to second half on picturization of flashback episode. Music by Sree Sai is just average, most of the time ears reverberated with heavy action episodes. Action sequences by Ram Laxman are hair rising. Whole of the movie is based on action. The blood shed well exceeded the limits and make audience mentally disturbed. Art work by Satya stands taller than all other departments. Entire second half credit should be left to Satya. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao looked average as this kind of over action movies can never be stretched beyond two and half hours. Choreography of the mime song was good.

Ajay as Sarai Veerraju looked better in second half. Expressions never emoted in his face to the desired level in first half, while second half makes something merry for him. Ajay is used well in action episodes and he proved that he can deliver few more action movies if given a chance. Ajay needs to develop a lot in dialogue delivery and mannerisms. Much of the time he tried to get into the groove of Ravi Teja and Prabhas.
First heroine Ramya is sure to be looked after in future projects. Remaining all the starcast were never seen earlier on Tollywood screens. Production values by Vishalakshi Creations looked perfect.

Out of the Movie Sarai Veerraju: The biggest flaw of the movie is that, “Sarai Veerraju” is publicized as the movie with no commercial formula and an off beat subject. Aggravating the illusions are the kind of posters and costumes of artists on these posters. Surprisingly, this is not even 1% art movie. This is the movie with pucca commercial formula combined with heavy bloodshed. First half has gone bizarre with fast narration and odd editing. None in the theatre has time to recapture and faces turn blank. Here and there dialogues give some relief which looks to be of Puri Jagannath’s touch, but not too impressive when spelled by Ajay. Second half is a little bit prolonged but Ramya’s role and songs give some relief. Nearing the climax, violence again exceeded all the limits. Producer could have fetched good openings if publicity made as an action movie.

Cinejosh Verdict Sarai Veerraju:
Just an average movie with over violence and badly treated first half.

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