Saradaga Kasepu Movie Review

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Saradaga Kasepu Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Saradaga Kasepu: Vamsy, the Director known for Telugu nativity has once again come with this new movie. Allari Naresh and Srinivas Avasarala (of Ashta Chemma fame) along with Bengali beauty Madhurima, the entire comedy crew of Vamsy and Music Director Chakri arrived today to entertain us for some time. Let us see, how successful was this Vamsy’s attempt?

In the Movie Saradaga Kasepu: Ranga Babu (Allari Naresh) is a car driver working for businessman (Jeeva). Jeeva’s son Srinivas (Srinivas Avasarala) is MBA and a US return arrived in India to marry a beautiful Telugu girl. As per his father’s advice, Srinivas along with driver Ranga Babu start their journey to see Mani Mala (Madhurima), daughter of Retired Army Man Raja Rao & Chandrakala (Ahuthi Prasad & Jayalalitha).

For a change, to know about Mani Mala’s tastes and interests; Ranga Babu and Srinivas exchange their roles but fortunately this news is leaked to Raja Rao’s family and they are fixed that Car Driver is the real groom. With a small accident in their journey, Ranga Babu and Srinivas get back to their original roles.

Now, Raja Rao who is communicated about Car Driver being the original groom start showing their hospitality on Ranga Babu and insult Srinivas. Soon, Ranga Babu and Mani Mala fall in love as Srinivas is house arrested by Raja Rao. 

On the other side, Neelakantam (MS Narayana) is separated from his brother Raja Rao by cheap techniques of his legal adviser Chitti Babu (Krishan Bhagawan) who eyes on the total property of these brothers. What happened to Ranga Babu and Srinivas? Did Raja Rao accept the love his daughter? How did Ranga Babu teach Chitti Babu a lesson? form rest of the story.                       

Values of the Movie Saradaga Kasepu: Nothing new in the story and the way Vamsy narrated it is the only difference. Movie lacks logic and common sense in each and every frame. Weak Screenplay made the movie uninteresting while Direction by Vamsy also missed the spark, especially in second half. Music from Chakri hasn’t created impact, both in songs and background. Cinematography was dull and Editing looked to be an incomplete work. Dialogues were humorous and of Vamsy’s mark in first half but second half, it was despairing. Production values of Sree Keerthi Combines were low class and not up to the mark.

Performance wise Allari Naresh has shown ease while Srinivas Avasarala evoked laughter with his comic timing but was entirely wasted in second half. Madhurima looked beautiful in Vamsy’s style of costumes but performance wise nothing significant. If Ahuthi Prasad was at his regular best; Krishna Bhagawan stole few of major scenes with his impeccable dialogue delivery. MS Narayana, Jayalalitha, Jeeva, Sana, Mohan and others were just okay.

Out of the Movie Saradaga Kasepu: All those who expect Vamsy’s trademark entertainment will be only partially satisfied. The spark that we have earlier enjoyed from Vamsy is a miss in this movie. Vamsy’s flavor of characterizations and his style of dealing the comedy scenes aren’t elevated in the movie. As story is a damp squib; characterizations and narration from Vamsy could have been the life but failed. Entire movie runs on expected lines and there is not even a bit of enthusiasm created among audience to know about the next scene. Lacking of logics in comedy movie is not a sin but lacking of basics and missing of common sense surely matters. Even Music from Chakri couldn’t save the zeal of patrons and the old style of picturizing the songs in Konaseema coast seen from 1980’s is still followed by Vamsy in this 2010. Although, there are few good moments in first half but the momentum isn't continued by Vamsy throughout.  

First half has something to save the movie, apt to its title including the Jeep journey song, comedy episodes between Ahuthi Prasad, Srinivas and Madhurima’s beauty. Interval bang was also punch less and second half is totally a dud including the different gets ups of Allari Naresh, satires on modern art and a weak climax.      

With no comedy movie released for the season, ‘Saradaga Kasepu’ may serve a section of audience for one or two weeks but a long run as seen with genuine Vamsy’s trademark movies is not a possible case with this 'Saradaga Kasepu.'

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Saradaga Kasepu: Duradaga Kasepu…Thala Noppiga Chaala Sepu.

                                                                                                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas

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