Sarabha Review

Sarabha Review
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Director: N Narasimha Rao
Producer: Ashwani Kumar Sehdev
Release Date: Thu 22nd Nov 2018
Actors: Aakash Kumar
Sarabha Rating: 1.5 / 5
Sarabha Punchline: Devudaa...

Sarabha Review, What’s Behind?

Sarabha is a socio-fantasy entertainer made on lavish budget with high end graphics. The film boasts an ensemble cast and promotional videos were well received. Let’s see whether Sarabha is a worth-watching film?

Sarabha Story Review:

An evil force with the aim of ruling the universe by winning over god performs a total of 17 Kshudra pujas. One more puja, it is set to become a powerful force than god. At the last minute, Rayudu (Napoleon), his wife (Jayaprada) and villagers stop the evil force doing so. In the battle, Rayudu along with the evil force and many villagers die. After 25 years, son of this evil force takes up the task to fulfill his father’s wish. Can Rayudu’s son Sarabha (Aakash Kumar) able to stop it?

Sarabha Artists, Technicians Review:

Sarabha is an outdated story with few eye-catching visuals. There are quite a few attention-grabbing moments but graphics grab the driver’s seat. Inclusion of so many elements to engage the audience throughout went haywire. Uncalled for heroism through fights, songs and love track made the narrative excruciating. Editing was awful while cinematography adds to the positives. Songs by Koti are not that bad yet they look burden for a film of this genre. However, BGM was stirring. Production values are too high for a debut hero.

Onto performances, Aakash Kumar failed to emote and all he has is a single expression. His performance made this film look even bad. Mishti Chakraborty got cute looks. She is given good space to perform and utilized to an extent. Jayaprada was at her usual best and Napoleon too is a big add-on. Nasser tested patience with over-action. Puneet Issar and Charandeep were apt for negative roles. Others played their roles.

Sarabha Review Advantages:



Sarabha Review Drawbacks:




Romantic Track


Sarabha Review, Rating Analysis:

Socio-fantasies have no bar of age or class. But, it needs high budgets. Director N Narasimha Rao is served with all the resources required. Unfortunately he utterly botched to utilize them precisely.

First half begins interestingly with an evil force making efforts to perform Kshudra poojas to win the battle. Then we are introduced to the real pain ever since protagonist makes entry as a happy go lucky guy. Ridiculous emotions and over the top dramatic situations test patience levels. Love track is as boring as watching RGV films. Except very few episodes like captive of evil forces we can't find any engaging moment. Torture climbs next level in second half with flashback narration and then good-bad battle.

All in all, Sarabha is a badly made film with over the board emotions and pathetic narration, though VFX are reasonable. Except for few thrilling elements, the film offers nothing for any section of audience. Better to skip this movie, even though you love socio-fantasy genre. CJ goes with 1.5 stars rating and box office wise the film may not recover even print costs.

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