Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side B Review

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side B Review
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Director: Hemanth M. Rao
Producer: Rakshit Shetty
Release Date: Fri 17th Nov 2023
Actors: Rakshit Shetty, Rukmini Vasanth, Chaitra Achar, Avinash, Sharath Lohitashwa, Achyut Kumar, Pavithra Lokesh, Ramesh Indira, Gopal Deshpande etc
Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati - Tsunami of Emotions !

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati - Side B: What's Behind

Directed by Hemant M Rao, Rakshit Shetty's Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati - Side B, set to release on November 17, 2023, intensifies anticipation as the sequel to Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati - Side A. Movie enthusiasts eagerly await the cinematic journey that Side B promises to unfold.

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati (Side B): Story Review

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati - Side B seamlessly picks up where Side A concludes. After enduring over a decade of challenges and a release from jail, Manu (Rakshit Shetty) embarks on a quest to find his love, Priya (Rukmini Vasanth). The story unfolds with the anticipation of whether Manu and Priya will reunite, delving into the twists and turns of Manu's life, and unraveling the connection with Surabhi (Chaitra Achar) as the narrative unfolds.

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati (Side - B): Artists Review

Rakshit Shetty seamlessly picked up from where he left off in the first part, delivering a performance that truly immersed him in the character. As Manu, he skillfully portrayed a range of expressions and emotions, instantly forging a connection with the audience who remained engaged throughout the narration. His on-screen presence exuded power and left a lasting impact. His dialogues are intense and impactful.

Despite having a more limited role this time, Rukmini Vasanth made a significant impact by skillfully portraying the emotions of a married woman. Chaitra Achar, on the other hand, captured hearts with her vibrant screen presence, playful demeanor, and expressive eyes. The dynamic between Rakshit Shetty and Chaitra Achar provided ample entertainment, with scenes that resonated deeply with viewers. The dialogues exchanged between them were not only thought-provoking but also grounded in realism. The rest of the cast did justice to their roles, contributing to the overall success of the film.

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side B:  Technicians Review

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati - Side B, crafted by the talented Hemanth M Rao, seamlessly continues the story from its predecessor. Similar to the first part, this sequel delves deep into the emotional tapestry of Manu and Priya. Where the initial installment portrayed their love and the heartache when Manu faced incarceration, the second part unfolds their emotions a decade later, following Priya's marriage and Manu's release.

Director Hemanth, while navigating a somewhat predictable narrative, skillfully centers the plot on the profound emotions shared by the protagonists. Despite a familiar trajectory, he captivates the audience with a compelling screenplay and adept direction.

The first half intimately explores Manu's yearning for his beloved, while the latter half shifts focus to his relentless efforts to bring joy into his lady love's family post her marriage. The interval block is solid, and the climax brims with poignant emotion.

Charan Taj's music is a melodic journey, resonating with the soul and leaving a haunting impression. The songs, beautifully shot and situationally apt, enhance the cinematic experience. The background score, skillfully composed, seamlessly carries the emotional weight of the scenes.

Sunil Bharadwaj's editing, while proficient, introduces occasional drags that may test the patience of some viewers due to slow-paced sequences. The dialogues are emotionally charged and impactful, contributing to the film's realistic atmosphere. The production values stand commendable.

In essence, Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati - Side B, despite traversing a foreseeable path, shines through its emphasis on genuine emotions, enriched by memorable music and resonant performances.

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati (Side B): Advantages

  • Performances.
  • Emotional Highs
  • BGM, Music
  • Cinematography

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati (Side B): Disadvantages

  • Slow Narration
  • Predictable Plot 

Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side B: Rating Analysis

In its entirety, Saptha Saagaralu Dhaati Side B, under Hemanth's direction, emerges as a compelling emotional love saga. Hemanth skillfully extracts the best from Rakshit Shetty and the entire cast and crew, resulting in a powerful cinematic experience. The film artfully navigates the peaks and valleys of human emotion, particularly when entangled in the complexities of love. Viewers deeply immersed in the emotion of love will find a profound connection, while others may find the slower narrative pace a bit tedious. A nuanced refinement in pacing could have undoubtedly elevated the film's overall impact. Considering all these nuances, Cinejosh assigns a Rating of 2.5 to Sapta Saagaralu Dhaati Side B.

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