Sankarabharanam Review

Sankarabharanam Review
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Sankarabharanam Review, What’s Behind: Brand Kona is losing the charm with each film. This film with story, screenplay, dialogues, direction supervision and also a part of production from Kona has become so prestigious. With Nikhil, Nanditha in leads, let us see whether there’s any surprise in for us with ‘Sankarabharanam Review?

Sankarabharanam Story: Movie takes off introducing Sampath (Sampath Raj), Bihar Home Minister as kingpin behind a major kidnap racket in Patna. Off to USA, hero Gautham (Nikhil) is the only son of billionaire family (Suman, Sithara) happily enjoying life. However, problem arises when Gautham’s family fell into financial bank debts and has no other way to recover rather than selling their Sankarabharanam palace in Bihar. Obviously, Gautham steps into Bihar the land of kidnapping crimes. Gautham and family friend (Sapthagiri) enter into Sankarabharanam palace currently occupied with his relatives (Rao Ramesh, Nanditha, Praveen, Viva Harsha etc, a big batch) who values more on family emotions, bonding than money. In parallel, three kidnapping groups sketch their plans to kidnap Gautham, assuming him to be a millionaire. How the entire story enters into Home Minister Sampath’s camp is rest.

Sankarabharanam Artists and Technicians: A complete remake of Bollywood hit ‘Phas Gaya Re Obama,’ it’s a great achievement for Kona Venkat team because none in the Telugu cinema history could have fouled up to this extent in remaking an entertaining concept. Right from screenplay, characterizations to overall direction (supervision); everything about this film is loathsome. Spoiling the overall original theme, Kona fabricated few characters ridiculously which are as it is accepted by director Uday Nandanavanam. For example, entire family tricking to kill family head Rao Ramesh to go USA or the way Sithara from USA showing damn no care attitude towards her own brother family in Bihar or Sapthagiri-Nanditha romantic episodes are designed etc showed the sunken standards in Kona team. All such fragile treatment with numerous loopholes made first half nothing less than a scrap. Direction wise, Uday appears to have just followed his superior’s supervision. Kona is nothing different in dialogue writing as alone 30 years industry Prudhvi character showed some substance in comic punches. Sai Sriram’s camera work and editing by Chota K Prasad are also far inferior in standards. Pravin Lakkarajau background score is just fine while songs can be easily neglected. Production wise, MVV Sathya Narayana and Kona haven’t showed anything marvelous.

On to performances, Nikhil is just ok as a NRI. The accent and body language aren’t effective. Even the mannerism of ‘What’s The Fish’ isn’t appealing. Emotionally, he was adequate in couple of scenes like receiving 10 Lakhs from heroine or stressful conversation with his mum and dad. Comically, he hasn’t got any scope. Nanditha is a total misfit as heroine. Neither she has glamorous looks nor is characterization good in material. Chemistry between hero and heroine is also awful. Sampath Rai is getting monotonous in notoriety. Rao Ramesh is so weak in company of big family members Praveen, Viva Harsha etc who were again pathetically designed. Anjali is nowhere near to Neha Dhupia as Munni Didi. The group of Sanjay Mishra, Sathyam Rajesh, Shakalaka Shankar were slightly acceptable. Sapthagiri is almost a failure and 30 Years Prudhvi is definitely a respite. He stood a major pillar in strengthening the hilarity in second half. Suman, Sithara are wasted. Rest may not need a mention.

Sankarabharanam Rating Analysis: For Bollywood version of ‘Phas Gaya Re Obama,’ the backdrop of Bihar made some sense because the Northern nativity is mandatory. What’s the necessity in picking the same backdrop for Telugu version is questionable on the part of Kona Venkat? If backdrop is accepted, where was the effort made to inject some authenticity in calling Sankarabharanam a palace and Rao Ramesh family a Telugu family? All these hindrances only helped audience to disconnect from whole of first half making it the poorest treatment in present times. Bad execution of a remake with irregular story flow, detrimental characterizations and sinful treatment made the film to suffer. Into the second half, the actual fun has to begin. Selling of Nikhil by one group to other blended with Prudhvi and Sapthagiri evoked a bit of laughter. In fact, Uday again fumbled in establishing the kidnap groups by taking silly liberties. Pre climax and climax are also not so enthralling.     

Absolute lack of new comedy tracks or missing of novelty in terms of story, character selection marred the promising skill showed by Kona during best of his times. Undoubtedly, the time has come for Kona to stop depending on confusing comedies. He just shifted the popular setting to in-between kidnap groups relying on the same confusion contexts. So, Cinejosh rates ‘Sankarabharanam’ 2.25 stars disrespecting Kona Venkat for dishonoring the old classic ‘Sankarabharanam’ with this utterly miserable film. Commercially, ‘Sankarabharanam’ might close its Box Office affair in less than one week.

Cinejosh Sankarabharanam Verdict: Phas Gaya Re Kona…!

                                        Cinejosh Sankarabharanam Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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