Sammohanam Review

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Sammohanam Review
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Director: Indraganti Mohana Kr
Producer: Sivalenka Krishna Prasad
Release Date: Fri 15th Jun 2018
Actors: Sudheer Babu
Sammohanam Rating: 2.75 / 5
Sammohanam Punchline: Mesmerizing In Parts

Sammohanam Review, What’s Behind:

Sudheer Babu and Indraganti Mohana Krishna are like-minded people to experiment with unique subjects. Aditi Rao Hydari is making Tollywood debut with this Sammohanam which is a first time association for all three... hero, heroine and director. Will they mesmerize audience as promised with the title (Sammohanam)? Let’s go into the actual review part.


Sammohanam Story Review:

Ajay Kumar (Sudheer Babu) is a cartoon artist waiting for his first book to be published. He leads a blissful life with simple family. His dad (Naresh), a wannabe actor gives permission to a film unit to shoot scenes in his house for few days with demand for a role though his wife (Pavithra Lokesh) opposes while his daughter is excited to see favorite actress Sameera Rathod (Aditi Rao Hydari) part of the unit. Like many of us, Ajay too has a very bad on heroines.

Ajay with request from Sameera accepts to teach her Telugu to spell the dialogues perfectly. In the process, they come close to each other developing a chemistry qnd one fine day Ajay proposes to Sameera. Shockingly, Sameera rejects his love. Why Sameera did that? Is there a reason behind... Whether did they unite?


Sammohanam Artists, Technicians Review:

Sammohanam is all about romance between a guy-next-door and a female super star. The film discusses about problems of female artists, common public's opinion on film industry, real goods and bads in glamour field and few other worthy subjects. Director Indraganti Mohana Krishna has never stuck himself to one particular genre as he always tried to surprise us by coming up with different, concept-based films. Sammohanam too is not a regular cinema, though it has shades of few Hollywood flicks.

First of all, the story penned by Indraganti is intriguing, wherein there are ups and downs in his screenplay. There were amazing magical moments evenly placed and there were also some unexciting elements to kill the essence. While the first half stood so captivating and realistic with beautiful, cool romance between the lead pair, movie turned sluggish in second half with unrealistic and uncalled-for drama.

Vivek Sagar added a lot of strength through his mesmerizing music. Songs are purely situational wherein BGM gave good boost to visuals. PG Vinda’s colorful visuals and Marthand K Venkatesh’s skillful cuts stood on top. Production standards from Sridevi Movies are too good for a medium range film.

About artists, Sudheer Babu stood right choice for the role of a youngster who has his own prospects and ethics in life. You should will be left wondered watching him performing on screen because so far he was seen in few note worthy roles in previous films. He makes you emotional in couple of key sequences. Coming to Aditi Rao, she is one of the biggest assets. Aditi is not just a gorgeous looking lady; she scored more with realistic performance as a film actress. Naresh’s acts as a passionate wannabe actor brought laughs initially. But, he irritates later with with some over-acting. Rahul Ramakrishna entertained whenever he’s seen. Nandu was decent and Pavithra Lokesh played her part efficiently. Hari Teja and others did their part. 


Sammohanam Review Advantages:

1. First Half

2. Lead Actors Performances

3. Music

4. Cinematography

5. Writing


Sammohanam Review Drawbacks:

1. Second Half

2. Flashback

3. Leisure Paced Narrative


Sammohanam Review Rating Analysis:

Usually, we common audience have many doubts regarding film industry. And gossipmongers cook up fake stories on film industry only to please their super-ego. Trulu speaking, none will speak about good in industry and everyone enjoys only to underline th bad in industry. Director Indraganti Mohana Krishna who is a thoroughly knowledgeable person questioned these gossipmongers through his dialogues penned on various characters. Besides speaking optimistically, he also criticized pessimism in the industry. Cinema world indeed is colorful from outside but it also has black shades.

Indraganti didn’t waste any time to enter into the actual subject from the first half beginning. Unlike regular formulaic films, Sudheer Babu is seen in very first frame. The way he convinces head of a publication house to bag an acceptance to prepare a story with cartoons to generate interest or inspire children has got substantially Indraganti mark. Then, Naresh expressing his passion to become a film artist at the late age tickles your funny bone. Indraganti exposed how other language heroines and villains with no idea on Telugu language exterminate it with their indecorous dialogue delivery and odd slang.

Movie turns more interesting from the time when Sudheer Babu joins as Aditi’s Telugu tutor. Nandu’s character represents how few heroes with influential background treat heroines as sex-dolls with their wicked minds. When a friend asks Rahul Ramakrishna who’s the hero of the film, he replies, “Ade Mana Tollywood Audience Meeda Vaadu Hero Ani Ruddadaniki Prayathnisthunnadu Kadaa Vaadu” which questions caliber of few young heroes who get offers only with their background and financial status.

Super market scene from where Sudheer starts adoring Aditi is exceptional. The other episode of Sudheer impressing Aditi with his real character and narrating his grandparents love story stands out as best part. Movie leads to interval with Aditi rejecting Sudheer’s love proposal.

Into the latter part, the theater scene of Naresh and family shocked to see his part got edited from the film bring us mixed emotions. Sudheer Babu shouts on his sister for moving close to a crew member of the film and this describe how males are divergent in love matter when it comes to their female sibling. Indraganti proved how good writer he is in many sequences and one amongst them is the dialogues uttered by Sudheer Babu when his friend offers him drink after his love is rejected. “Failures Mathrame Edo Kolpoyinattu Mandu Thagutharu. Naku Thagalanipinchinappudu Okati Leda Lendu Theesukuntanu. Ippudu Mathram Vaddu.”

The entire flashback episode narrated by Hari Teja was unpersuasive. In fact, movie turns slow from here on. Sudheer Babu using his dad Naresh’s acting talent to frighten Aditi’s former boyfriend too was ridiculous. Tanikella Bharani’s narration of Sudheer Babu’s story of his first children book was non affecting and gives a lead for union of the lead couple in climax.

All in all, Sammohanam despite having few downslides in second half stood firm on its spine for refreshing pair Sudheer Babu, Aditi and remarkable technicalities from writer-director Indraganti Mohana Krishna, colorful cinematography by PG Vinda and mesmerizing music from Vivek Sagar. 

Sammohanam surely is a good choice from Sudheer Babu and CJ goes for 2.75 stars recommending all the audience for some cool breezy romance on screen.

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