Sakuni Review

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Sakuni Review
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Behind the Movie Sakuni: Handsome Karthi teaming with beautiful Praneetha for this political satire had high expectations in Telugu audience. Despite a dubbing release, makers have taken enough care to offer a feel of direct Telugu release. Let us see, what is this Political Sakuni all about?

In the Movie Sakuni: Story begins with barbarous politician Bhupathi (Prakash Raj) getting into Chief Ministerial contender-ship with suicide of present CM Satya Murthy (Chandra Mohan). On the other side Kamal Krishna (Karthi), a clever young chap hailing from a prestigious family in Samarla Kota lands in Hyderabad to save his forefather’s house from Government’s land acquisition for a Railway Sub-Way. Kamal is helped by his auto driver cum friend Rajini (Santahanam). Mean while, Kamal also meets his beautiful Maradalu Sri Devi (Praneetha) and Aunty (Roja) living in Hyderabad. 

When time comes for Kamal to meet Bhupathi for help, he is insulted and thrown out of the house. So, Kamal decides to teach this Politician a fitting lesson. Using local powerful lady Ramanakka (Radhika) and opposition leader Perumal (Kota), how Kamal penned a sketch to defeat Bhupathi in Assembly Elections? Did Kamal save his house in Samrla Kota? What happened to Sri Devi? How Kamla became a ‘King Maker’ is the rest.

Values of the Movie Sakuni: This is a straight political drama visualized and narrated by director Shankar Dayal. Major loop-holes in scripting made the film look pale and dull with no energy. Actual storytelling lacked in pace with lengthy and extended episodes boring the audience. Same applies for frail background musical score of GV Prakash Kumar. Cinematography of PH Muththaiah is bright while Sreekar Prasad’s editing is deficient in crispiness. Dialogues are bone-dry with perfect Tamil flavor felt throughout. Production values of Bellamkonda and Studio Green are good.

Performance wise, Karthi was confident into his character. His wonderful screen presence, simple mannerisms and perky smile balanced the drawbacks in narrative. Praneetha was just for name sake limited only to songs. Cake walking characters offered Prakash Raj and Kota are nothing novel. Kiran Rathod (Vasundhara) as keep of Prakash Raj was seductive. Santhanam’s comedy was a literal drilling. Roja failed in a purpose less character while Radhika has a few good moments. Cameos of Anushka and Andrea Jeremiah are unobserved.        

Out of the Movie Sakuni: In fact, political subjects of this genre are to be dealt with high efficacy. Shankar Dayal could not offer a special recipe because of failure in building the required excitement. Those portions of second half which demanded a magical touch have turned unsubstantial. Director’s perceptions on current Political situations are quite amateurish. He should have avoided taking too many liberties. Karthi’s strength till now was superb judgment of a script. All his past flicks were hits because of refreshing scripts. Story wise ‘Sakuni’ is an appreciable attempt but on the whole as a film, this isn’t appealing.        

Exact story moves forward only 15 minutes before interval with entry of Radhika. Rest of the first half is meant for just funny entertainment with presence of Karthi, Santhanam and Praneetha. Perhaps, the key characters of Bhupathi and the plot of State Politics are introduced in the very start. Second half which has to be promisingly gripping lost the nucleus with inept twists and turns leading to an expected climax. A Political satire needlessly has to concentrate on Current Affairs and Trends in present day Politics which was missing here. Commercially, ‘Sakuni’ might bank upon openings due to Karthi’s craze in AP. Final BO stamina will depend upon how public reacts on this Political Satire.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Sakuni: A Weak Game-Plan.

                                                                Reviewed by Srivaas

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