Sagileti Katha Review

Sagileti Katha Review
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Director: Rajasekhar Sudmoon
Producer: Ashok Mittapally, Deviprasad Balivada
Release Date: Fri 13th Oct 2023
Actors: Ravi Mahadasyam, Vishikalakshman, Narasimha Prasad Panthagani and others
Sagileti Katha Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Sagileti Katha - Intense Trauma

Sagileti Katha (2023) Movie: What's Behind

Sagileti Katha, directed by Rajasekhar Sudmoon, is set to hit the theaters on the 13th of October 2023. The film's promotional activities have already stirred considerable excitement, with the Chicken Song gaining immense popularity and even securing a spot on the charts. The involvement of Navadeep in the project has further piqued the interest of the audience.

As the release date approaches, the question remains: will Sagileti Katha prove to be an engaging and appealing choice for movie enthusiasts? We'll soon find out if this film lives up to its buzz and captures the hearts of the audience.

Sagileti Katha (2023) Telugu Movie: Story Review

Sagileti Katha is a tale set in a quaint Telangana village, where the unfolding events significantly impact the lives of its residents. The narrative revolves around a community grappling with a relentless drought, prompting the villagers of Sagileti to embark on an annual ritual in an earnest attempt to appease their deity and invoke much-needed rainfall.

Enter Vasu (Ravi Mahadasyam), the son of Sarpanch Chowdappa (Rajasekhar Aningi), who returns to his hometown from Kuwait, accompanied by his mother. In this rustic milieu, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the enchanting Krishna (Vishika Kota), the daughter of the village's doctor and priest, Doraisamy. Vasu and Krishna harbor secret intentions of revealing their affection to the elders after the village ritual, but destiny weaves a different narrative.

As the story unfolds, we witness the intertwining fates of these characters and the unexpected turns their lives take. Additionally, the tale introduces us to Roshagadu (Narasimha Prasad), a character whose simple desire to savor chicken is consistently thwarted by the unfolding developments in the village.

Sagileti Katha offers a glimpse into the intricate web of emotions, traditions, and desires that define life in this rural community, making for a compelling and heartwarming narrative.

Sagileti Katha (2023) Movie: Artists Review

Ravi Mahadasyam delivered a commendable performance in his portrayal of a young man who becomes enamored with a village girl and goes to great lengths to win her heart. He displayed adequate expressiveness and dialogue delivery, effectively conveying his character's emotions.

Vishika Kota, cast as the resilient village girl, brought authenticity to her role. Her body language was notably convincing, and her on-screen expressions were well-executed, contributing to the film's realism.

Rajasekhar Aningi, in his role as the village sarpanch, delivered a noteworthy performance, embodying the character effectively. Narasimha Prasad portrayed a destitute individual with aspirations of enjoying a simple pleasure like chicken, and his portrayal was marked by genuine emotion. The way his dreams were consistently thwarted at the last moment added depth to his character.

The rest of the cast performed their respective roles capably, contributing to the overall coherence of the film.

Sagileti Katha (2023) Film: Technicians Review

Sagileti Katha delves into the story of a village ritual and explores the events that transpire during the ritual and their consequences. Rajasekar Sudmoon, the mastermind behind the script, direction, and various other aspects of the film, displayed passion for his story, but this enthusiasm somewhat clouded his judgment.

While Sudmoon exhibited his skills as an editor, there were noticeable pacing issues, with several dragging and repetitive scenes left unaddressed. However, his work in cinematography shone, portraying the village atmosphere with an authentic touch. As a director, he delivered an acceptable performance, though the storyline lacked novelty despite attempting to shed light on village life during the annual ritual.

The film generally adhered to a mundane and routine narrative, with the screenplay and direction offering little in terms of innovation. A more refined script with engaging scenes could have elevated the overall experience. The dialogue delivery, on the other hand, was decent but not exceptional.

Jaswant Pasupuleti's music added a positive dimension to the film, with well-tuned songs placed at appropriate junctures. The chicken song particularly captured the viewers' attention. Sanal Vasudev's background score successfully enhanced the realistic ambiance and rural setting. The film maintained decent production values.

In summary, Sagileti Katha had its moments of potential, especially in the music and cinematography departments, but fell short in terms of storytelling, pacing, and overall execution. With some fine-tuning of the script and direction, it could have offered a more captivating viewing experience.

Sagileti Katha: Advantages

  • Rayalaseema backdrop
  • Cinematography
  • Chicken Song

Sagileti Katha: Disadvantages

  • Missing Emotions
  • Silly Scenes

Sagileti Katha Movie: Rating Analysis

Sagileti Katha tells the story of a routine village ritual and the events that unfold around it. Although Rajasekhar Sudmoon had a promising concept, the execution fell short, leaving the audience disappointed. Both the writing and the craftsmanship left much to be desired. Sudmoon's efforts in the screenplay and direction also failed to capture the essence of the story.

A more polished script could have made a significant difference, enhancing the overall quality of the film. Unfortunately, this opportunity was missed, resulting in a lackluster cinematic experience. Considering these shortcomings, Cinejosh gives Sagileti Katha a 2-Star Rating.

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