Sabari Review

Sabari Review
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Director: Anil Katz
Producer: Mahendranath Kondla, Maharshi Kondla
Release Date: Fri 03rd May 2024
Actors: Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Ganesh Venkatram, Madhunandan, Jabardasth Phani, Shashank Siddamsetty, Rishika Bali, Mime Gopi, Keshav Deepak etc..
Sabari Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: Sabari - Watch For Varalakshmi

Sabari (2024) Telugu Movie: What's Behind

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is renowned for her versatility in portraying various genres on screen. She is especially shining bright with her impactful characters in Tollywood. Her upcoming film Sabari, directed by Anil Katz, has piqued the interest of audiences and critics alike. The film hit the screens on May 3rd. Let's delve into what Sabari has in store for movie enthusiasts.

Sabari Telugu Movie: Story Review

Sabari's story is all about a young woman who singlehandedly fights against all odds for her self respect and also tries to save her daughter from clear and present danger along with fighting her inner demons. Sanjana (Varalakshhmi Sarathkmar), relocates to Visakhapatnam along with her daughter Riya (Baby Niveksha) following unforeseen happenings in her life in Mumbai. But more trouble awaits her as she comes to know that Riya's life is in danger.

What are those startling developments and how her husband Aravind (Ganesh Venkatram), her friend, advocate Rahul (Sashank Siddamsetty), ACP Ramesh (Madhunandan), psycho Surya (Mime Gopi) are connected to it, form the rest of the narration.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar's Sabari: Artists Review

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar delivered a heartfelt performance, aiming to deeply resonate with audiences through her role. She adeptly portrayed a spectrum of emotions, skillfully conveying her character's frustration, anger, and unwavering love for her daughter. Her performance was characterized by a strong sense of determination and resolve, evident in her expressive eyes and compelling body language as she confronted and battled adversities. 

Ganesh Venkatram portrayed the role of an arrogant husband driven by a quest for prestige and status, adding layers to the storyline. Sashank Siddamsetty's portrayal of the supportive lawyer was convincing, showcasing unwavering loyalty to his friend in challenging times. Mime Gopi's depiction of the psychotic character chasing the baby was disturbingly authentic. The remaining cast members also delivered commendable performances, effectively enhancing the overall narrative.

Sabari (2024) Telugu Film: Technicians Review

Sabari, penned by Anil Katz, attempts to emphasize the bond between a mother and her daughter. The narrative begins intriguingly but with slow-paced proceedings at times hinders the tempo. But, it succeeds in keeping us on our toes with interesting narration. 

The story gets predictable, but it is the screenplay which has various elements with a wide array of subplots that keep up the interest.  It would have been great if the plot focuses more on the kidnapping and the mother's fight for her daughter. But, Director Katz introduces multiple angles that, although potentially interesting, feel familiar at times. 

The first half predominantly delves into Varalakshmi's character's current and past circumstances, while the second half revolves around her solitary battle to rescue her daughter. The film has a few standout moments, but the predictability at times is the draw back. But, Varalaxmi's conviction in her performance made things work to some extent with the narrative and keeps taking new twists and turns. 

Gopi Sunder's songs are situational, and the background score effectively complements the storyline, enhancing several scenes. Nani Chamidisetty's cinematography adeptly captures the scenic locations. However, Dharmendra Kakarala's editing leaves much to be desired. Sabari has decent production values. produced without any hesitation in believing the story sincerely.

Sabari Movie: Advantages

  • Varalakshmi Sarathkumar
  • Few Scenes
  • Cinematography
  • BGM

Sabari Movie: Disadvantages

  • Predictable Plot
  • Slow Pace at times

Sabari (2024) Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Sabari unfolds an emotional drama, aiming to tug at the heartstrings with its portrayal of mother-daughter bonding, anchored by Varalakshmi Sarathkumar's splendid performance. However, despite Anil Katz's efforts, the film falls short of leaving a significant impact, with slow pace proceedings at times. Varalaxmi's refined performance with a couple of compelling sequences have potentially elevated the film. Taking these factors into account, Cinejosh gives Sabari a rating of 2.25

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