Saamanyudu Review

Saamanyudu Review
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Director: Thu Pa Saravanan
Producer: Vishal
Release Date: Fri 04th Feb 2022
Actors: Vishal
Saamanyudu Rating: 1.5 / 5
Saamanyudu Punchline: Not a film man!

What's Behind

Kollywood hero Vishal enjoys a decent following among the masses in Tollywood. His film Veeramae Vaagai Soodum is releasing in Telugu as Saamanyudu on February 4. Let us find out what impact he made on movie lovers.

Story Review

Porus (Vishal), a hot-blooded young man aspires to become the police. He appeared for the written exam and awaits the results. Porus tries to fight for justice opposing the wrongdoings instantly but his father, who himself is the police asks him to maintain restraint for the fear of not getting the police job if he gets into the wrong side of the law.

However, trouble brews when Porous thrashes a person who teases his sister Dwaraka (Raveena Rai). Things go out of hand when Dwaraka goes missing and shocking developments take place. To find out where this leads to and what is the connection to Anwar (Baburaj) , watch Samanyudu on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Thu Pa Saravanan who directed the film tried to showcase how middle-class families stay away from all the problems for their well-being even when they are troubled for the fear of plunging into more problems and how this leads to a point of no return. Though the concept is good, he failed to come up with an interesting story, screenplay, and direction.

Right from the start till the end, the narration looked routine, old-fashioned, and uninteresting. None of the scenes or sequences are elevated and viewers lose interest within minutes into the story. The runup to the interval block is interesting and the second half is a little better compared to the first one. However, the routine sentiments and actors passing through the motions did not help the cause at all. Dialogues too looked routine and monotonous and everything looked directionless. Thu Pa Saravanan failed to elevate the characters of Vishal to make an impact.

Vishal slipped into the role tailormade for him. However, there is nothing much for him to do in the role. He did such roles many times earlier in his career and so he came with the same expressions and emotions and also his body language is the same. He is realistic in the role of a middle-class man. He got nothing much to do in his role. He performed stunts and action scenes quite well. However, he looked aged and age started showing on his face.

Dimple Hayathi is confined to an inconsequential and silly role. She got limited screen presence and appeared in a few scenes in the first and the second half. Raveena Rai did well in the role of Vishal's sister. She did the role of a typical sister role. Baburaj performed well as the main antagonist. Tulasi is good as a middle-class mother. Yogi Babu played Vishal's sidekick and he is ok. He got nothing much to entertain viewers with his antics. G. Marimuthu,V. I. S. Jayapalan,Akilan S. Pushparaj,R. N. R. Manohar,Elango Kumaravel, and Kavitha Bharati performed accordingly.

There are only one or two songs in the film and Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score is good in bits and pieces. The cinematography of Kavin Raj is ok. Srikanth failed with his editing. There are many drags and repetitive scenes that slowed the pace. Production values are ok.


Vishal to some extent

Few twists


Story, Screenplay, Direction


Weak narration

Rating Analysis

Vishal is known for his thought-provoking action-packed films. His film Saamanyudu generated immense interest with the tagline 'Not a common man'. Thu Pa Saravanan and Vishal failed with Saamanyudu as they offered nothing new to the viewers. The same old serial-like narration, lack of twists and turns played the spoilsport. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 1.5 rating to Saamanyudu.


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