Saadhyam Movie Review.

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Saadhyam Movie Review.
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Behind the Movie Saadhyam: Successful pair Priyamani and Jagapathi Babu are on a hat trick as their last two ventures fared very well and both of them are known for their wonderful on screen chemistry. Sultry heroine Priyamani to lead from the front and much publicized as a movie with a different subject ‘Saadhyam’ was an awaited flick. Let us see, how did this fare?

In the Movie Saadhyam: Suhani (Priyamani) is a timid girl who fears of everything that comes in her daily life. Starting from the watchman till her boss, she is afraid of every one and everything. One fine day after working till a late hour in the office Suhani starts back to her home and fortunately saves Krishna Prasad (Tanikella Bharani) from a deadly accident. As a return favor for Suhani, Krishna Prasad offers his revolver with just one bullet to go all out and kill any one person whom she hated the most in her life.

Suhani, the timid introvert is on the adventurous journey to give her best shot. First target is the childhood friend Anita (Keerthi Chawla) who continuously cheats Suhani for her better future from school days till professional career. But Suhani forgives, because Anita is already punished by god because she is mentally retarded now.

Next Suhani’s target is boy friend Sandip (Jagapathi Babu) who loves her madly but at the final moment escapes away Suhani’s life. Suhani has no chance to waster her bullet because Sandip is already dead in brutal encounter as he is a CBI officer which is unknown to Suhani.

Unable to kill anybody, Suhani goes back and surprisingly kills Krishna Prasad. How is Krishna Prasad related to Suhani’s life? What is the relation between Krishna Prasad and Sandip? What was Krishan Prasad’s role in Suhani’s family life? Is Sandip really dead? form the interesting climax.

Values of the Movie Saadhyam:
With such an innovative story line in the hand provided by story writer Shyam, movie could have been a nerve breaking thriller. Unfortunately weak narration mixed with more crude performances from the main cast and unestablished characters, the movie is a big let down. Screenplay could have been still better as Priyamani’s character doesn’t find the full justification. Direction by Karthikeya Gopalakrishna is totally a bag of flaws. Narration went on a very weak note discouraging the audience with out any thrill element generated. Cinematography by Maro Palini Kumar is not the first class work. Editing by Gowtham Raju confused the patrons with uneven flash back episodes. Best part of the movie is Music by Chinni Charan that too applicable only to the songs but not for the background. Dialogues by Madhu and Karthikeya are fine in glitches. Especially during the romantic love thread between the lead pair, their pens have worked well.

Performance wise Priyamani as an introvert doesn’t fare well. Key scenes like revealing about the death of Jagapathi Babu or loosing the gun at Keerthi Chawla’s residence Priyamani looked erratic with dumb face. Just the saving grace when it comes to Priyamani is her most skimpy outfits and skin show in the songs which might go well with mass audience. Overall when the movie revolved only around Priyamani, one could expect a more brilliant performance from this dusty beauty but failed. Jagapathi Babu looked handsome but nothing significant role wise. His comic timing was cheered in few scenes. Keerthi Chawla has got a good chance to perform in a dance number but no expressions. Tanikella Bharani has done a small role and that is good too. While Kota, Pragathi fit their roles very well, it was Sattenna, Venu, Gundu Sudarshan tried to evoke laughter.

Out of the Movie Saadhyam:
A good and interesting story which could have thrilled the audience with some nerve breaking moments has been narrated in a pale manner. Director was a total failure when it comes to utilizing the skilled actress like Priyamani. Strictly speaking, most of the audience never convinced in the initial scenes that Priyamani was a timid until she herself revealed. Neither the costumes nor her looks nor her body language was supportive to her character. Trying to woo the audience with Priyamani’s curvy body, director seems to have forgotten the basic fact about the characterization of Priyamani. Lyricist and Music Director Chinni Charan can be looked after in future projects as songs like ‘Suhaani..Sumadhuramaina Kahani’ and ‘Na Jaane’ are wonderful.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Saadhyam:
Jagapathi Babu and Priyamani’s night mare of a failure is Saadhyam with this ‘Saadhyam.’ Hittu Asaadhyam.

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